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Johnson & Johnson, deadly drugs and the FDA

Topamax & Birth Defects

If you've been a reader of my blog for any period of time you know I'm rather vehemently opposed to the pharmaceutical industry and their cohorts at the FDA. The corruption for cash culture at the FDA has been in place for decades and gets more blatant with each passing year.

Drugs that never should have been approved are approved by a corrupt FDA that farms employees to pharmaceutical company boards for big payoffs after they green light their deadly drugs for mass consumption. The latest revelation is "Topamax" an epilepsy and migraine drug that causes birth defects in newborns and has been linked with many other deadly side effects. The drug industry plays a deadly game with the FDA - let us have a few years running time with a drug, then reveal its dangers after we get to make our initial billions of dollars. So each drug approved finds its faults revealed, or is pulled altogether a few years later, after the body count is high.

Criminal negligence, fraud and the doctoring of data is done with almost *ALL* drugs that have been approved or are waiting approval at this moment. The drug industry is a *TRILLION* dollar industry. The media lives in fear of them because they are the single largest advertising revenue ALL media outlets receive. That means an angry pharmaceutical industry will withhold advertising dollars and their long tentacles will go out of their way to damage careers, ruin companies and generally act like the classic psychotic unprincipled bad guys in any film.

The scientists employed in big pharm are, unfortunately, idiots. The proof is in the pudding. The drugs on the market simply don't work, don't work as advertised or work with deadly side effects that are worse than the original condition. The scientists know nothing of quantum wave interaction between the molecules of the drug they have concocted and the DNA of the cells they interface. They study only "chemical" reactions which is like studying the foundation of a house by looking at it from a Google overhead map view - completely inefficient and hopelessly incomplete.

When Topamax interfaces with human DNA the wave forms start distorting the genome and these distortions damage adult cells but particularly any fetus imbibing this toxic brew in the mother's blood finds itself with birth defects and in this instance predominantly distortions of the cleft plate, lip and nose. Why was this drug approved? Who signed off on its approval? Why did Johnson and Johnson submit such a hazardous drug? If they claim they didn't know - how incompetent are their research procedures not to test the drugs on pregnant women? Instead all pregnant women who are prescribed the drug by their doctors get to find out the drug was dangerous after they give birth to deformed babies who will live their whole lives with the mark of big greedy pharm on their cleft?

Of course J&J knew about the birth defects, just as they know about the breathing difficulties, seizures, interference with the nervous system function and all the rest. But in a trillion dollar industry, where every new drug represents BILLIONS of dollars - life, hey - it's simply not that important. Like I said, the classic bad guys straight out of a B movie - the ones with no ethics who try to cover up their misdeeds only to meet some cruel justice in the end.

We have a medical industry that is driven off of pharmaceuticals. Heck, doctors practically jump at the chance to offer pharmaceuticals as if they are each patients private drug dealer. Doctors now have become, basically, glorified prescription givers. You tell them what's wrong, or they tell you what's wrong and then they throw a prescription at you. That's the "cure" and treatment today.

Sure, it's a broad brush I'm painting with here today, but it's necessary.

I've seen the future. I've experienced the quantum wave treatment machines that can eliminate any disease - even cure cancer - in a single treatment. The future of medicine is not chemical - its electronic, because the human cell, nervous system and brain is really electronic. Epilepsy doesn't get intelligently treated with Topamax or any other pharmaceutical. Epilepsy is caused by the discharge of electrical energy from the quantized field through the cerebral cortex and into the brain. This discharge is not caused due to a chemical imbalance, it's caused because the individual has in the past experienced a violent shock and this shock now manifests with this burst of energy and the subsequent effects of a discharge into the brain. Loss of bodily functions, coherent thought and all the rest. Intelligent treatment involves isolating the original shock -in this lifetime or previous ones and working on balancing whatever extreme biases exist with this shock. Epilepsy is a mental illness spawned by previous experiences. It's not a biological defect and any biological markers of the disease are merely the byproduct of this traumatic shock.

If, for example, someone is shot in the head, or suffers blows to the head that result in their death, this surcharge of energy is recorded and carried with them. When they find themselves reborn, the forming fetus already shares a field with all this previously recorded data. The new body receives quantized signals from this indestructible quantized field of energy - timeless and for all intents space less. So the person is born epileptic and they relive these traumatic happenings with these surges of electrical energy. They get to relive their death - or quite often - others deaths they have caused, which also create serious field imbalance and feedback.

In the future, machines isolate these past experience and can even portray it on a screen like an ipad. The patient gets to actually view their past - beyond their birth and into previous lives, because these signals are recorded and accessible in their own quantized field. All events are so recorded and accessible and the doctors of the future work with patients to treat the originating causes of their conditions - not just the symptoms. Once the patient understands the cause of their seizures, they already diminish in intensity and duration. With more analysis and balancing of lingering past biases and emotions, their epilepsy is often completely cured without any needed physical alterations. Once the quantized field is more balanced, these discharges stop.

It hurts to travel from the future back into the past. Visiting a "modern" hospital is like traveling back in time to watch a bloodletting. Not a soul inside any hospital in the world of 2011 knows what a quantized field is, that each person has one and its relationship with the human body through the cerebral cortex. No doctor or surgeon inside takes into account the past lives the patient is reliving and which are manifesting in the present. They don't know that the first thing to do is to get the patient on equilibrium and to positively engage their minds, generating positive waveforms that start to balance that stored, imbalanced quantized field experience. I know all this and much more and seeing the suffering hurts. I feel almost guilty knowing all this, like a man with a truck full of antibiotics visiting a village decimated by bubonic plague.

Modern pharmaceuticals are throwbacks to the potion peddlers of the middle ages. Caveat emptor indeed.

I lift the curtains on all these things here. One of the planet's few (and I'd like to think uniquely creative) windows into the future. I provide the reader with plausible deniability because absolute proofs of these things could be quite damaging for those who aren't ready. "He's crazy!" Is kept readily available for those who will have need of it. For those who don't - the world and their future become much more interesting indeed. So much information. An evolutionary trajectory can be altered almost overnight.

The sad truth is that most can't follow or comprehend these things and its like I am speaking Latin - backwards. A quantized field of energy which stores all our experiences is to modern science a hypothetical construct at best. They can't see it. They don't have the equipment to detect it or measure the signals it broadcasts, so therefore it doesn't exist.

These machines will exist and, these posts I make here on this blog actually speed up the day when they do. I often wonder does the chicken or the egg come first? Do quantized field or "soul" viewers as they will be called and the quantized treatment of disease, come into existence because I posted these in the "past" or do they exist no matter what and these posts merely hasten the day, by opening a few bright minds to a whole new universe of possibility they didn't even realize was just over the horizon?

Whatever the case, pay close heed those of you who read this post - because your reading it is no accident. Everything is frequency relationship. If you read this its because experiences in your quantized field are compatible with this information. So don't pass up what's proffered here - a window to the future. A means to solve all your own illnesses, understand the sickness process and get a 500-1000 year head start on the future of medicine. I've held my tongue in the past and paid the price. I have to be here in the past to make up for my own transgressions. I get to live in the dark ages of 2011, where the cultural highlights are "lady gaga", "Justin Bieber" and "reality television".

Yes, I'm in hell. I look around at the emotions, the barbarism, the lack of knowledge and what passes for human pursuits and I have my own great test - trying not to bias all this negative. Believe you's tough. And some of the toughest moments can be found looking at pictures of the deformed babies caused by human ignorance and greed and knowing how unnecessary it is.

Then I remember it is necessary. This world has to go through its dark ages. Good can only emerge from evil so that it has a point of reference. No evil - no good. The universe and its relativistic framework makes even a hell world, a paradise from a certain perspective. So the pharmaceutical companies will keep churning out drugs and doctors will keep prescribing them. They will think they are doing good and from an even more primitive age, it can be viewed as good. But billions will die over the next century, many will die early the from side effects of pharmaceuticals, damaging radiation therapy and medical malpractice. The doctors Hippocratic oath will be turned on its head and centuries may pass before the first quantized field signal receiver is developed. Until then the masses will believe in one life, various archaic religions and the soul will still exist in the unfathomable position of being merely "hypothetical".

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