Saturday, March 12, 2011

Japan Quake, Secrets and Consequences

The 8.9 earthquake that created the tsunami that has caused so much destruction and loss of life is quite horrible, but the underlying secret that it covers is even more horrible.

This earthquake was not an accident.

Yes, you heard me correctly. This Earthquake was sponsored by the ongoing North Korean nuclear test projects that have been disrupting the fault lines in the region for the past five years, with devastating results for Japan. The most recent underground tests in their development of a fusion bomb have been playing havoc with the faults and this Earthquake and ones to follow will be the result of these pressures applied to the tectonic plates which are administered during an underground atomic blast.

Did they intentionally do this? No, I don't believe they did. Ignorance is again the culprit as it is in so many human ventures. California for years suffered more common Earthquakes while underground tests were being performed in Nevada. The reports that linked the quakes to testing have remained unpublished for fear of a host of lawsuits or worse.

Man doesn't realize yet that all things seek balance. When the energy of a nuclear blast is absorbed by the tectonic plates, it is released elsewhere - channeled off a nearby fault to re-establish balance. The Russians were working on a project that used this type of "natural" warfare that could pass as a natural disaster and South Korea has in just the past month recognized increased radiation emerging from their northern border. Whether North Korea inherited or acquired some of these Russian white papers via China is unknown.

As usual, here you get the story behind the story. Lifting the curtains on this particular human tragedy is painful, but it is more painful when I here this being identified as a "natural" disaster - when the truth is very twisted, power hungry minds are quite culpable.

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