Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Obama Doctrine - Libya, Brazil, Oil ,George Soros and Religion.

Okay, time for some more curtain lifting. Today, I am going to discuss the Obama Doctrine, which is really the Soros Doctrine and quite eye-opening and bizarre.

So far, President Obama has followed several motivations in all his actions as President. While basically he coasts through the years with not much focus upon anything or anyone, the one steady thing is his support of high oil prices. Whether it be blocking off-shore drilling permits tapping our own abiotic oil offshore or trying to destabilize the Middle East using the US military and other assets - though only nations with major oil fields - Obama has shown consistency.

The Soros Doctrine is simple in its bottom line: The west must be weakened. The 3rd world must acquire more wealth. Soros' hedge funds and organizations buy and have bought up large quantities of crude oil, merely to keep them out of circulation. He does this so that the price of available oil remains high as nations like China, Japan and the US compete for available quantities.

Obama's election was bought and paid for by Soros' money. Soros has wanted a puppet US President he could put into office for over a decade. He tried with John Kerry, but failed. Obama, who spoke eloquently at Kerry's convention impressed Soros as an even more hungry and pliable personality who could go the distance and do his bidding. So Soros via his "Move on" organization spent 300 million dollars to get Barack Obama elected - and this time it worked.

So at this very moment Obama is down in Brazil securing agreements for Oil to temporarily replace the ones we were buying from Libya who now will not sell to us because of our attack on Gaddafi - which is quite understandable. Yet all this plays right into Soros hands. Whether he secures the sale or not - oil prices stay elevated, the US economy continues its devastating decline and the west is weakened all the more.

All Presidents are beholden to certain groups. However, this President is the first we have ever had who is almost solely beholden to one individual and the expenditure of a sizable portion of his fortune that made him President - George Soros.

And that man has made it overwhelmingly clear he is working against the people of the United States and Europe and has a deluded Karl Popper derived sense of how the world should look.

There is no reason to enthrone ignorance just because there is so much of it. Throughout the world, the ignorant reproduce faster than the intelligent. This has been a maxim through all of recorded history. The governments established by the mass-reproducers have been the most repressive, most violent and provide the least freedoms. The mass-reproducers live under the greatest poverty, violence and suffering. The Soros Doctrine is quite misguided in that it embraces equality where none exists. A murderer is not equal to a law abiding citizen. Enthroning the mass producers and declaring the violent noble savage a creation equal to that of the humanity produced and sculpted by the Enlightenment, the Reformation and the Renaissance is absurd on the face of it.

History is recorded with the struggle of the intelligent, peace-loving, low reproducing peoples to sustain their cultures and homes against invasions of violent, unintelligent high-reproducers. We are seeing this war being waged now in the west. And what remains of the west? Catholicism, Mormonism and the old barbaric paganism are the only ones churning out bodies and so the intelligent west is no longer quite as intelligent - paving the way for a return to the old barbaric pasts.

Will and Ariel Durant predicted the decline of the west and the rise of the religions by the year 2000. And their predictions are right on the money. We have in the US Catholicism on the upswing despite all the child molestations, rapes, murders and perversion endorsed by the Catholic church. Ignorant people can't think their way outside of religion - they don't have the brain power to do so. So excuses are made for all these "sins" and they comfort themselves that Jesus or some god can wash away their sins or forgive them. That false doctrine is what perpetuates the molesting priests and any of the faithfuls most hideous sins - from murder to rape.

So the west is compromised as was Rome after the passing of Marcus Aurelius and the last of the philosopher-leaders. We have a leader of the US, bought and paid for with ill gotten blood money of a guilt-ridden, neurotic George Soros. The last remaining intelligent masses in any nation are being watered down by the hordes of high-reproducing non-intelligent folks from all over the world who demand food, shelter and resources and who are not able to provide for themselves and so must loot other peoples, races or nations for their sustenance.

Such is the world of 2011. The poor, religious hordes - incapable of sustaining themselves must invade the west for their wealth, technology and developments. Yes, the creators of the capital of civilization are dwindling and the dependents are multiplying.

History loves a good laugh and the cycle repeats again and again. Death, pestilence and war now come to the high-reproducers to dwindle them down once again. The progress gained over the last thousand years vanishes almost overnight as western thought is first diminished and demeaned in the schools, among the very children who are supposed to carry its torch! Self-hatred is taught in the corrupt educational institutions infested by those who can't produce capital and rape the minds of the children of those who do. The schools and universities once corrupted weaken the minds of those who attend them - and the education they give is of the self-damning kind, dooming their graduates to a world of 'educated' ignorance.

And so what is the Obama Doctrine? Truth be told, he's not nearly intelligent enough to have one. He merely follows orders from the man who placed him in office. This President is more concerned about basketball than world affairs, more about playing golf than of millions of suffering Japanese or the dangers of nuclear fallout. He's ticked off Democrats and Republicans alike because his agenda is Soros agenda and not that of either party. And Soros agenda is to destroy America, Europe and Western Civilization - and Soros has made great strides in achieving this goal.

Everyone gets what they deserve. A weakened West, tainted by immorality, promiscuity, effeteness, draws unto it the fate of Greece, Rome and England. Ripe for invasion, outnumbered by those who loot its wealth and technology. If someone as idiotic and neurotic as George soros can topple the West - it doesn't really deserve to stand, does it? If the ignorant masses and the Matt Damon's of the world could be stupid enough to buy into Soros' slogan "Change" and be naive enough to believe it meant change for the better - they deserve the President they voted for.

If the ignorant keep clinging to religion to comfort them in a world they can't handle or comprehend - like some simple minded goat-herders of 2000 years ago who first believed it - they deserve their religions and the shackles it puts upon their intellect and reasoning skills. If they can't comprehend the evil of religion and of a god who punishes randomly most of the time and vindictively the rest of the time, they deserve that god and nothing better. If their lives are lived in a form of self-delusion that is their choice and they only have themselves to blame.

History is unfolding and the storm of global poverty, disease and war is a spectre upon the horizon now. Indeed evil does exist. It exists as a relative state of ignorance.


So religions, governments and peoples are evil in the direct proportion to their ignorance. The modern Catholic pats themselves on the back and can look down their nose at the "fanatic" Islamic suicide bombers, hardly taking a moment to recall their faith is the one that invented the inquisition, the witch and heretic burnings. They can worship a Pope that perpetuates human misery and ignorance among the ever more primitive, ever more poor Catholic hordes by keeping birth control a sin.

Yes, ignorance is all around us. You folks, my readers get to have the curtain lifted on all this ignorance - in the hopes you can sculpt your own little corner of the world a bit more intelligently.


  1. Anonymous6:50 PM

    Your analysis is excellent and delivers critical insight into the current administration, yet your own ignorance of the historic reality and inevitability of CHRIST muddies the message. If you would define evil as ignorance, then the greatest ignorance is not to understand the ubiquity/lethality of sin and the essentiality of CHRIST in salvation. Consider that CHRIST HIMSELF exposed human religion as humanity's vilest endeavor, and study the Gospel in detail. You will find much to support your contempt for religion and much to condemn the depravity of narcissists like Soros and Obama. If religionists calling themselves "Christian" have mistreated you in the past, I challenge you to look past such suffering and see the Truth of CHRIST Himself, who has given us all of the power and meaning at the heart of the Western Civilization whose betrayal you rightfully lament. I will pray that GOD call your heart to new life in CHRIST so that your heart may catch up with your fine mind and that both your heart and mind may join the battle for humanity. You could be a superb warrior in this greatest struggle.

  2. Anonymous10:39 AM

    i will say that i very much enjoyed this article. i might even remember this blog in future and see what else you have to say.
    i agree with everything you discussed, HERE--inspite of the fact IAM a diehard socialist--but at least i acknowledge my own hypocrisy.
    i admit it, IAM too personally involved in the libyan "situation" to find objectivity and i suppose as soon as it tips in favour of "democracy" i will have to look more carefully at who manipulated the wizard this time.

    ps, to anon; praying to god/allah/jesus/yahweh, etc. etc. in these times is akin to fiddling while rome burns. but....whatever gets you though the night, star light.


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