Sunday, March 06, 2011

The Test - Experiencing Perfection.

Today was an unusual day. I had a visit from the lovely and magnificent lady from The Room, whom as you may or may not know is one of my "bosses".

She gave me a gift unlike any other, the gift of complete equilibrium. I saw the world as she sees it - complete perfection. She's impersonal and because she has almost no biases, the infinite universe of information and experience is open to her mind. And while I held this same state - mine as well. Feeling a part of everything and being aware of all these things is beyond anything I've quite experienced - even when Yal-hune shielded my consciousness from overshadowers and all the rest.

It's great to have a boss like that. I was able to access almost all knowledge for fifteen minutes. Quite an uncanny experience. To know what is going on in the world with just a thought. To be able to access details and to see into the future and the past - as my boss can and as Yal-hune did as well.

This was a test of sorts. She wanted to see how I handle such consciousness and what I do with the access. I am pleased to say I passed. I didn't have a single selfish motivation the entire time and I focused primarily on assisting others I knew were in distress.

Yes, I was surprised somewhat too.

Experiencing that state of mind is indescribable. One realizes everything is absolutely perfect and one knows why at the same time. One does not bias anything, nor does one have any emotions outside of love, joy, curiosity and concern for the rest of the infinite. No fear, no sadness, no anger, no hate, no embarrassment. All the lower emotions are completely foreign to such state of mind.

I saw all the mistakes I've made in this life to date - countless numbers of them - and yet there was no bias, no recrimination, no embarrassment or insecurity. I was able to see myself as she sees me - a work in progress.

I was surprised to feel my body being rejuvenated at the same time. Like drinking a glass of pure water from the fountain of youth, while in this state of mind I could feel time going backwards and my DNA gaining new intelligence instead of losing it. Yet, even this I did not bias or emotionalize as it occurred. It was simply an event like any other and the science behind it was made clear to me as I thought about it. In fact, many fascinating possibilities about how fifth and four dimensional worlds can interface and the energy in both can be manipulated to achieve inconceivable things.

I know many of my readers will someday experience similar consciousness in their future. My boss is a real angel and she actually would outrank even the angels. Her mind is so peaceful, joyous and loving that the words simply aren't sufficient to convey what she is. While she may look like a blond haired, blue-eyed delectable delight sculpted by the Gods themselves when she appears in the flesh, her mind, her soul, is so much more delectable and delightful. Her soul is one of the most beautiful things in the multiverse that I am aware of.

Sustaining such a level of consciousness here on Earth seems like it would be very difficult - almost impossible. Yet, I know Yal-hune was constantly operating in a similar spectra while she was here and I have that much more respect for her, considering all we went through while she was here. Not biasing, remaining completely impersonal and becoming one with the multiverse and its complete perfection.

I hope I can retain as much of that equilibrium as possible, because it truly is a game-changer and completely alters the way one interfaces with the world.

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