Monday, March 21, 2011

Middle East Primer 101: Libya Soros Obama Iran Brazil Oil, etc.

Today is going to present a slightly different sort of blog entry. People come here for views outside the box, inside the box and between the molecules that make up the box. This particular entry will give you the questions YOU should be asking right about now and the answers to those same questions.

QUESTION 1) Who are the Libyan Rebels?

This is an important question to ask yourself as we spend BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars shooting missiles into Libya in an attempt to kill Gaddafi. It's assumed, naturally that these Libyan rebels will then be elevated to power and control Libya. There are lots of sub-questions that need to be asked under this main banner question, "Who are they?"

What are their goals?
Who is financing and arming them?
What are their religious affiliations?
What are their plans for Libyan oil?

The answers to all those questions isn't forthcoming from the media or from the White House - mainly because most don't know and the one's that do, don't want YOU to know.

The Libyan rebels are the same folks who were paid mercenaries fighting US forces in Iraq. They are Shi-ite Muslims with a fanatical bent and will travel wherever a revolution or insurgency is needed - for the right price. Some are Al Qaeda plants - others answer to Iran. None of them are leader material unless the leader you are looking for is a paid fundamentalist mercenary.

Question 2) Why Libya & Not Somalia, Sudan or _______ (Insert Mass Murdering Nation Here)?

The answer of course is oil. Oil is up. And that's the bottom line for this Operation Odyssey Dawn. The Odyssey, as my educated readers surely know, is the tale about Odysseus on his return from the fall of Troy as told by Homer. Odysseus' name means trouble and that's what this mission is - a total boondoggle for the US and not worth our time or our military's effort and exposure. Odysseus conducted pirate raids, slept with sorceresses and lost all his men. He was the worst captain in history and only cared about his own survival, sacrificing his people left and right. As you can see, someone has a sick sense of humor in DC or wherever the orders came for this dangerous farce.

Question 3) Who Gains from an Attack on Libya?

The answer is simple. George Soros does. His hedge funds all amazingly will do very well. But hey, profit isn't illegal and is certainly not a crime - unless of course you have to murder all sorts of Libyan people to make that profit. If you take a look at the various Soros family of hedge funds and keep track of their timely purchases and sales it reads like a road map of what Obama is going to be doing next week, next month and next year. Buying a President certainly isn't cheap ($300 million), but one quickly makes back all one spends - and more!

Sure, others gain too. All those Arab nations saying they support the attack on Libya have only one thing on their mind - oil prices. If they can hurt Libya, get a Shi-ite government in there that will sell only to China and other human rights violators and not to the US - they win. Their oil becomes that much more valuable and the US comes begging to OPEC to notch up production. Libya has been selling oil peacefully to the US for decades now, but Obama and the "spontaneous insurgency" in Libya has changed all that.

Question 4) Is George Soros Psychic?

George Soros has gone on record saying that the bloodiest revolution will be in Iran. Predicting bloody revolutions and profiting from them seems to be his calling card. But anyone paying attention realize Soros doesn't play odds, he makes his fortune cookies come true by spending a percentage of his capital, manipulating those around him and by buying Presidents and other useful tools.

So when is the Iran uprising going to begin? Chaos is a revolutionaries best friend and a mercenaries mask, so I guess we should expect it pretty soon. It will emerge "spontaneously" of course! Of course Libya is a road map and a learning curve. Gaddafi was not going to give up without a fight either, so lessons learned in Libya will be put to use in Iran.

Then again, since he really seems to be supporting Shi-ite domination of the middle eastern bloc, his Iran rhetoric just might be another diversion. Look instead at the key hedge fund purchases and their interests and you will have a more intuitive road map of the Poppist agenda of liberating the noble savages from the evil Western world. Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Bahrain and the other Sunni led oil nations are likelier targets of a Soros funded insurgency. Look at the companies dumped and what nations they do business with and you will have your own Soros/Obama Magic Eight Ball to consult for predicting the next invasion or bizarre policy position.

Question 5) Why Leave Japan Hanging?

The unpardonable and shameful US response to the Japanese earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis is something for the record books. Millions are in jeopardy, millions of men, women and children have low food supplies and are in danger of starvation or malnourishment and our government is holding back? Why?

It's that wonderful "humanitarian" Obama again. This week was scheduled for missile strikes on Libyan cities and he hasn't yet received any orders to assist Japan. After all Japan is part of the West, even if it is in the East and the West is evil and must fall. So this isn't even about murdering Japanese people through callousness - it's about destroying Japan economically - and by stalling aid, Obama and his communist educated boss has done that superbly.

There are more questions you should be asking, but for now this is more than enough. 21st century history is performance art and right now the overpowering crescendo is called "The Unraveling of the West" - the composer is an ex-communist party man from Hungary and the conductor is a formerly unknown small-time corrupt Chicago politician.

The good news is neither will succeed. The critics are rather unforgiving of the poor performance and the curtain on this one is not going up, but coming down.

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