Monday, October 05, 2009

Trip Through Time (Part 20)

I head back to my office on the Fortezza card operated elevator. The thick polished titanium walls and doors, designed to survive a nuclear blast and shield one from the radiation, make this one of the heaviest elevators on Earth. It moves amazingly quick when one takes this into account.

Yal-hune is waiting for me inside my office. I programmed her card to have access to my office, so she can visit me whenever she wants or find a quiet place away from the attention.

"And I appreciate it."

"How are you Yal-hune? Everyone is so busy trying to wrestle information out of you, I don't think too many have asked about you and how you are adjusting to life on Earth. Compared to what your world is like, this must be like traveling to hell amongst a bunch of gorillas flailing around."

"I'm fine, thank you for your concern. I told you, I have trained and studied for this task for hundreds of years. I am thrilled to be here on Earth."

"Thrilled? I'm curious...what would you and your brother done if I had said 'no...sorry...extraterrestrials need not come to Earth.' Would you have stayed on board? Would your brother have dematerialized and the two of you fly off?"

"We knew you would say yes."

"You knew? How?"

"We know you. I know you. Like I have said, I know you and your goals better than you know yourself. I've studied you since you were born...your unique synaptic frequency appeared here on Earth. It acted as a homing beacon so we could find you. Other worlds, the overshadowers worlds, found you immediately too. They knew we were monitoring them and you."

"Could they monitor you?"

"No, our world has better shielding and technology. We could monitor them and they could not monitor us. Don't forget - most of our citizens don't need technology to monitor another world. With just a thought they can travel to any world they are aware of - and even through time to another world...and in fact, that is why I am here now...I want to travel with you through time?"

"Time travel? With you? Where and when!"

"I want to show you the future."


"Fifty years from now. I want to travel with you to October of 2059."

"Will you still have your powers and abilities?"

"Yes, wherever I am those are present."

"Why 2059? already know the future don't you? You know what's going to happen here! You do. I can feel it in your thoughts. know soooooo much."

I feel a strong mental push. My mental probe meets a wall far thicker and stronger than titanium.

"Don't force your way into my mind, thank you very much. The future is flexible. There are no fixed outcomes, only a number of very likely outcomes based on the path energy has traveled before."

That's why you knew I would say yes...isn't had seen all this?"

"We've seen a number of versions. Most have you saying yes. Very, very few had you saying no."

"This is giving me goose-pimples. And I don't get goose-pimples easily. You know what happens tomorrow...what will happen ten years from now...fifteen...a hundred. You know when this world will die...don't you?"

"Yes. At least many likely versions. If enough energy is significantly altered, the paths of time might turn out differently, but by itself, we know the futures of Earth."

"By itself?"

"The energy needed to alter the history and outcome would need to be generated by others outside the physical atomic time-stream, living in higher dimensions."

"Woah. So it's pretty much a done deal?"

"Yes. However, this world has attracted the attention of others in a position to impart enough energy to alter the outcomes."

"Okay. So 2059? What is special about that date?"

"Nothing particularly special. You may want to see what fifty years from now looks like so you can see what things might need some attention NOW. You might also be surprised to see what your own actions, on your current course, bring about."

"You're really giving me the hibey-jibeys now. But, sure...I want to see it. Who wouldn't? Will we need anything?"

"No. Prepare yourself."

She finishes the words and my mind comprehends them and suddenly it feels like I am falling asleep - or fell asleep and suddenly woke up. I suddenly feel like I have lost track of time. My body tingles just a bit.

I look around. Yal-hune is standing in a different garment. A long flowing black gown and her hair is wrapped up in clothe the same material as her gown. Only her face is visible. I look down at myself and see my Ralph Lauren Polo pants have disappeared and been replaced by a pair of black pants covered partially by a long black shirt.


"Yes, I configured clothes for us that would be suitable. Our old clothes would attract undue attention and worse."

(End Part 20)

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