Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Timely Discussion (Part 31)

Yal-hune flies the craft and, true to her word, the warehouse is empty of all remaining contents within 10 minutes. I placed Techs 9 and 13 in charge of both A & B Teams and the flights back, as I intend to travel with Yal-hune in SDAI's latest transportation acquisition. Position and power does have its perks. As I look up at the silvery craft, suddenly, I realize I don't miss my Hummer at all.

I grab my laptop and satellite link-up and set it up in a corner of the now empty warehouse. I brief THOR on some of the events that have transpired and my largest concern - that elements within our government are actively working against human evolution and development. I think about how humanity seems to be retrogressing. Tattoos, piercings and ear 'gauges' make 2009 city-dwellers and their children closer in appearance and intellect to the aborigines living in straw huts found all over the Earth 3000 years ago.

Coincidence or by design?

The entire push towards classically 'degenerate' activities has crystallized in my mind and I can thank Ketta-Nu-Ma for that. As he forcibly entered my mind to extract information, he left some clear impressions that only now I can decipher and understand. Each young generation over the past sixty years, since the 1st atomic bomb blasts, has been particularly targeted by the Norchans. The internet has been a goldmine for them. Like a virus, degeneracy has become an epidemic throughout the world, but particularly in the United States - because it has been the technological leader for the past 60 years. The internet has the potential to educate each human to levels of great intellectual development, so they have instead turned it into a tool for wasting time, proliferating profanity, pornography and personal insecurity. Apps like Facebook, Myspace, Youtube and the rest are, by design, tools used to foster the most shallow, superficial outlook and interpretations of life. Training youth to judge their happiness based upon their popularity - and conformity. So the internet, like television before it, has been turned into a tool to degrade the human intellect en masse. The Norchans have been amazingly successful.

Well - until today.

Today represents a new turn for humanity - a new chance. We need to develop a new plan that can counter the human slide - and I will ask for Yal-hune's help.

Yal-hune is in my mind.

"You are biasing something fierce. Remember ALL events are good and evil. What you perceive as a slide into aboriginal appearance and behavior is not necessarily evil. All cultures have cycles - this is inevitable. The beginning is violent and primitive then it rises to a peak which is non-violent and sophisticated and then it descends again back to violence and primitive perspectives. It does this and then it regenerates to start the cycle anew. You are trying to defy the nature of energy when you think you can force others to become more intelligent."

"So I should just let the Norchans win? Let them and all the rest wait until the tattoo covered, disfigured generations of a backsliding humanity are eagerly embracing thatched huts and human sacrifice while pounding jungle drums and don't know what an atom is?"



"Yes. Your mission is not to save the US or the World. You know you can't. The people incarnating into this world at this time are themselves compatible with these things. Those who are not compatible, will not pursue them. When society and culture descends low enough it will trigger another upsurge - you wont have to do anything and, in fact, your efforts to 'save' humanity will only embolden the Norchans to push harder - and believe me, they will have far more success in controlling the youth of today and shaping the world of tomorrow than you can ever imagine."

"I just can't let it go. I want a nation that keeps progressing. I want a world that keeps evolving - constructively. Is that too much to ask? If another world was actively working to turn YOUR planet's inhabitants into mindless sheep - what would you do THEN?"

"We went through our primitive periods of up and down. Millions of years worth. Earth has to go through it too, the 'degeneracy' you decry is only degenerate from your point of view. For others it will be a valuable learning lesson. If America must fall on its face in a depression with future generations that can't think their way out of a mouse maze - so be it. The point of progress will eventually resurface - no matter what the Norchans do - because the way all energy functions demands this behavior!"

"Can't I prolong the cycle? Can't I keep America on top for another 1000 years?"

"Energy is very specific and you can't alter the laws of physics. If it is America's turn to decline - there is no possible way to alter that cycle. You merely have to not bias it negatively."

I turn back to the laptop and my e-mail to THOR. I feel frustrated and sad all at the same time. I know she is right. She has science on her side. Everything inside me though wishes I could avert the dystopian future heading towards the world like a runaway train.

"This is the danger all who know a bit more encounter - they begin to think that they are smart enough to alter the laws of physics. That somehow they can be the exception and change the universe to their liking. In the process, of trying to 'save' others, they destroy themselves. On your world, your culture has developed a strong hero worship. It builds up those who 'save' others as heroes worthy of adoration and emulation. Fictional characters such as Superman have influenced millions of humans into a false construct. No one can truly save another - ever. The person falling off of a building has that experience because of an energy pattern in their field structures. A person can catch them or pull them back, but that energy will STILL exist and will return again - unbalanced. All of life is filled with balancing actions. This conversation is one. Superman is actually harming people - because he blocks their own internal balancing mechanisms. If such a Superman existed he would attract unto himself others who would interfere with his life completely - because that is what he is really doing with others - interfering."

"So no one should push a baby carriage out of traffic?"

"No. That is not what I am saying. Everyone with a developed consciousness tries to preserve others from harm. But one must realize that you are not really saving that child from harm, that this cycle of energy will loop around again so that the child can confront this cycle and balance it. Once you understand energy, you look differently at all things. No longer can you view things as only positive or negative. In this more complete perspective you find a balanced path and your actions become more intelligent. A Superman with this knowledge would cease his activities at once and redirect his efforts towards balancing his own imbalances - because this is the only way he truly assists the infinite universe, by himself becoming a very balanced and developed expression of energy. This way all around him will interact with this balanced energy and it will offer them an opportunity to balance their own worst imbalances."

"Sort of what you are doing here with me?"

"Yes. If my equilibrium is used by you to create your own, then I have helped you help yourself. This is the secret humans have long sought and few have found, the secret of life and equilibrium. They scramble left and right, filled with desires and goals and do not realize these things are all about their own quest for balance. The stronger you have a drive to 'save the world' or 'save America' the easier it is to see you are imbalanced on this topic. You will have to look within and realize that your desires are often compensatory things to make up for imbalanced pasts. The doctors of today were often the butchers of yesterday. They are often drawn to healing because of unbalanced guilt. The policeman was often a criminal. The artist a vandal. All these things go completely unrecognized in your world."

"So you are saying I have destroyed worlds and nations?"

"Have you so quickly forgotten your pasts? Yes, you have contributed to the decline of nations and worlds. This is why you are here, in this position, with a desire to save people - people who have absolutely no interest in being saved by you. Like then, you feel you know better what they need then they do themselves. This erroneous view has led you down destructive paths and you have often become a 'benevolent tyrant' of some sort. And why? Simply because you failed to understand the physics of life and its component energy structures!"

I hate this. I really do. She has taken all the joy out of my goals and plans in two minutes of conversation. She makes it impossible to get satisfaction out of these things we are recovering and even my job now seems pointless. If I can't save anyone - what am I doing this for? Why does SDAI even exist if it can't really avert the downslide of the United States? What I really hate is that I know she is telling the truth. I realize my progress depends now upon me giving up all my lifelong cherished ideals and notions. I have to turn my life upside down and stop trying to save others, realizing such efforts are misguided and motivated by guilt.

Oh god! Suddenly, I realize that my strong attraction to her has to be based upon the same imbalances. My urge to protect her has to emerge from pasts where I have harmed her. Please let it not be so, I don't think I could bear that.

"You are having your epiphany, and it is painful, I know. You need not have harmed me, only others like me to find me so attractive. But it is true. You have been much like Ketta-Nu-Ma. In fact, his attitudes seem tame to ones you held about 'lower worlds and beings' at one time. And while you have evolved much since then, you still have much to balance in this regard. Your desire to save Earth is born out of your guilt at having harmed it, or elementary worlds like it. You have been the one whose thumb has kept some worlds stagnant and retrogressive. And you felt as completely righteous and full of yourself as Ketta-Nu-Ma."

Each line she delivers is like a blow. My entire life is shattering like a wrecking ball is pounding against it. If she doesn't stop soon, there will be nothing left.

"No, you can take it. You've dished out far worse. Even as you try to speed up others evolution, you have drawn unto you someone like me, who does the same thing to you."

Its hard to believe just a moment ago I was with her in heaven and now it seems like she has taken me to hell. But I know why - it's that balance thing. I could only partake of such ethereal and wonderful beyond words moments with her if I also experienced the reverse. Balance. That's the secret. She has given me more to think about than I really wanted.

"And you have done the same for me in times past. Yes, you have lived many wonderful and constructive lives alongside the destructive ones. You aided me numerous times - and now I am here for you, on this world, when no one else on Earth could tell you these things. Balance is not torture - it is wonderful. You will find that as you live, think and act with greater balance in your life that you can handle absolutely anything the universe can throw at you. And the universe will throw larger and bigger challenges at you! Much larger. Some beings hold the fate of whole galaxies in their hands as they use equilibrium in ever greater challenges with ever greater stakes. Such beings make these things you and I deal with seem mere trifles. But they are not, because in our position they are equally important."

I walk over to Yal-hune and she looks at me with great compassion. While one part of my life is shattered, another part of me still stands to replace it with something better.

"Thank you Yal-hune. I know I needed to hear this, even if i did not enjoy hearing this. I hope I can retain it. I know by default I will return to my old ways of thinking."

"Of course - but I'll be here to keep you in line."

She laughs her adorable laugh inside my mind. I realize I love her even more, if that is possible. She is truly an angel. She knew I needed to hear this - and right now - when the MIMIR technologies were recovered. She is trying to help me avoid repeating past mistakes. I think she has been successful. I have lost almost all interest in saving the world - or America. Everyone has to save themselves. I fully understand that now. My actions, trying to implement more advanced technologies, would only interfere and backfire, harming those I intended to help.

So much to think about. Even now, as I prepare to fly back to Shamballa with Yal-hune in an EMF craft I was desperately trying to find, that over-positive bias of the craft has completely disappeared.

(End Part 31)

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