Monday, October 05, 2009

Extraterrestrial Awakening (Part 19)

Tech2, Thor and Heimdall are all in conference with me in sub level 7.

Tech 2 reports,"I found one of the cached assets of MIMIR. A warehouse in Colombia - of all places."

"Is one of the EMF craft among the assets?" Thor asks immediately.

"Hard to say for certain. The manifests are written in alien language even Isis has not yet been able to crack. We simply know the location."

"Why on Earth would anyone leave some of the most valuable assets in the world in Colombia?" I ask.

Heimdall, a contact within the Agency, answers. "Because we have a lot of assets there right now and no one in their right mind would go down and poke around warehouses in Colombia."

"Jesus!" Thor rolls his eyes, "Who owns the warehouse and property at that address?"

"It's Agency owned property, through a dummy corporation - and you'll love this - the name of the dummy is Eco-Planet Enterprises."

"Does the Agency even know it's holding those assets?" I ask.

"Probably not. We have a ton of warehouses in Colombia, with all sorts of assets in them, as you can imagine. It was easy for Project MIMIR to put them away without any attention." Heimdall paces the room and looks at his watch repeatedly, as though he has somewhere else to be.

"We should send 2 C-130s down there to pick the stuff up and a team to retrieve and fly back the craft - if it's there." Thor says.

I know I am the only one in SDAI who has flown in the EMF craft, with Shayla as pilot. She showed me how to navigate it and after one has flown a craft that can take you from USA to Iran in five seconds - there is no going back to conventional jet engines. Much of MIMIR's top personnel disappeared and faded away like dew in the morning sun and the rest weren't very tight in the loop. Which means I have to go to Colombia with the team to retrieve the craft.

"Ok. I will lead the team. We will use the typical Agency flight corridors and use Agency channels, as is necessary. However this is all above top secret and I want any paper trails generated regarding this pick up to refer to spare mechanical parts and cargo. No mention of MIMIR, even the address I don't want mentioned. There will be folks who are also looking for this stuff - some working for the Agency - and I don't want to leave them any bread crumbs, understood?"

"You got it."

Yal-hune is suddenly in my mind.

"I'm coming with you."

"I had counted on it. If I can't fly the craft, I want someone who can. You already know what's in the warehouse don't you. You could have told us where it was all the time...I sense it. You knew all the time!"

Thor looks at me and sees me smile.

"She's in your head again...isn't she"

"Yes, how did you know?"

"You always get this grin on your face when she talks to you. It gives it away."

"I'll have to work on that."

"Yes, do. Others might find it nonplussing and disturbing when discussing matters of great import."

"Yes. I knew where the MIMIR assets were. But, I am not going to interfere in these matters. You have to do your own work. From my point of view whether you have access to these materials and craft is neither good or evil and so I work from a position of neutrality."

"Surely, you see how they can benefit us and help us to progress?"

"Yes, but at the point your minds are at, your behavior and actions make equally clear that much of those things you seek will be misused, used to develop weaponry and further divide man from his spiritual heritage, throwing him back evolution-wise instead of progressing."

"You don't trust me?"

"It's not a matter of trust. I know you better than you know you. I know your pasts. I know who you have been and your track record."

"You make it sound like I'm a galactic criminal!"

"That's not that far off..."


" used to live on the planet of the overshadowers YOU were one of the world's leaders who negotiated with the advanced worlds. It was on YOUR watch when the technologies were misappropriated and used also for great negative purpose."

For a moment, I can't even think straight. Everything seems a blur. But her words strike a note inside and I see glimpses of a life long forgotten.

"Yes. You are starting to remember now. Yes, YOU viewed Earth as a threat. You felt all savage worlds were threats and needed to be isolated. Your rhetoric and others even more negative intent set up the overshadowing process into place. And while you didn't advocate overshadowing of the masses, you still bear the yoke of responsibility and what's more poetic justice than to be overshadowed now yourself?"

I'm just speechless. It's true. I know it is. I can't even fathom it, but I feel it inside.

"That's why you are here on Earth - the very planet you felt was hopelessly backwards and destined for dissolution. You needed to make amends and work constructively to assist all those whose evolution you, indirectly, interfered with. You needed a new perspective. As a human you now have the perspectives you used to lack. A certain compassion for those who are not yet quickened. A 'humanity' that was lacking in your outlook."

Tech2 looks at me, "Are you alright. You look ill."

"I'm fine. Just a bit of new information from Yal-hune, which I am still processing. Meeting adjourned. Tech2 set up the mission and I want the details laid out in four hours on my desk. We want to move very fast on this one."

"You got it." Tech2 walks out and Thor and Heimdall are chatting in the corner of the room.

"That's the REAL reason, you picked me to land by isn't it?"

"Yes. You are the focal point. If you reverse your past actions, Earth has a much better chance of recovery. If you don't, and simply repeat your past mistakes with advanced technology, things will not look too rosy. Who better to defend a world from overshadowing than the one who is partially responsible?"

"It's overwhelming. I never have ever seen myself as the guy with the black hat."

"Not black - grey. You thought you were protecting other worlds from Earth. You knew Earth's history and the betrayal they had performed on other worlds during the latter days of Lemuria. You felt justified. All evil acts are not evil to the ones who perform them. Justification is always present in one form or another."

"You mentioned Earth's betrayal of other worlds? What did they do?"

"The spacecraft and technologies some visitors shared was taken and used against the very aliens that visited."

"And this happened in Lemuria?"

"Yes. Towards the close of Lemuria as a civilization. This betrayal further isolated Earth and Earth has been quarantined since - no half ways advanced world will come anywhere near Earth, unless for observation. You used this as justification for Earth's isolation and treatment by your world. You held very opinionated and low views of the Earth - and again - because of those imbalances, here you are."

It all makes sense, but in some horrible, nightmarish way. I see why Yal-hune is here and at this time, trying to help me help Earth and free humanity. No wonder the overshadowers have targeted me so closely - I must be one of the top threats. Someone who might turn the tables on them now that he's human. It's so weird, it seems like something out of an old Planet Stories pulp -except this is too weird even for that.

I have lots to think about as we move forward. I can't let the technologies be used negatively again. I have to make sure humanity moves forward and matures on a proper course. But, my god, the Herculean labors were far easier than this task. An overshadowed world that will tune out, or be overshadowed, when told the truth. Aliens watching and viewing and able to thwart my every move. It's like playing a chess game where your opponent gets two moves for every one of yours. How can one win? It's impossible.

"Nothing is impossible. When you work out your karma, balance you pasts, everything else will fall into place."

"I'll try."

"I know you will. I know you very well."

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