Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sunrise in Colombia (Part 28)

The trucks are rolling and we leave behind a ten man team to protect the two planes, though there shouldn't be any problems. This airport is very small. A runway and a few hangars. A C-17 Globemaster is also en route here and should arrive within two hours - a gift from Thor, who wants to make sure we have plenty of space if the two C-130s aren't enough.The C-17 can haul 170,000 pounds of cargo and added to the two C-130s brings our carrying capacity to about 250,000 pounds. If there is anywhere near that much stuff from MIMIR to haul, it will be like finding the lost city of Cibola and hauling back galleons full of treasure.

We have the latest GPS location trackers which should give us directions straight to the warehouse. It is almost dawn and traffic is extremely light. The warehouse is in downtown Leticia. A few minutes from the border of Brazil. We are driving down Avenida Internacional, which has trees planted in the center divider which are just starting to catch sunlight from the East. In less than a minute we come to a stop.

"Team A is in position and ready to approach."

"Here we are. Remember we don't know if this place is guarded or has a security system in place. Approach with extreme caution. Team B will approach from the south. Team A will approach from the north. Unless you meet armed resistance, I only want the disruptors used - understood?"


Disruptors are a trade name for the stun guns used by the Agency for non-lethal combat. Light years in advance of tasers, they use proprietary technologies to incapacitate combatants without permanent harm.

I turn to Yal-hune, "Is anyone in there?"

"No. The warehouse is unoccupied. There are signal transmitters on the doors. Anyone who opens them triggers a signal beacon."

"Where does that signal go to?"

"You're not going to like this."

"What? Why? Where does it go?"

"It goes two places - but only one of them is here on Earth."


"Yes. One of the receivers for this signal is a spacecraft. The other is an alien living in Brazil, in the rain forest region. He is a teleporter and could be here instantly. As a matter of fact, he is aware of my probing. Prepare yourself! He comes!"

"A Team and B team return to the vehicles!"

The men scramble back quickly and B-team jumps back into the Pepsi truck with me and Yal-hune.

A whirling dervish appears out of nowhere. Dust and debris are flying and suddenly in the center of it a being materializes. He is tall. 7 feet or so, maybe 7'3". He is imposing and he doesn't look happy - which concerns me. Aliens that share lower human emotions are certainly not like Yal-hune.

"I am Ketta-nu-ma. This property is under my protection. You may not take it."

I look at Yal-hune. She is in my mind.

"He is a Norchan from planet Kettiley. A troublesome world that violates other worlds that are still in their infancy."

"What are his powers? Can he hurt you? Who sent him to protect this warehouse?"

"He is powerful. But he is not as developed mentally or spiritually as my world. He is armed with his world's technology. Your weaponry would be completely useless against his clothing and equipment. Someone inside MIMIR was the equivalent of an interplanetary spy. When MIMIR folded they were the ones who redirected these materials to Colombia, with the intent of keeping them out of human hands."

I sense him trying to violate my mind and it is painful. My mental shielding is not enough to keep him from ripping information from my mind! Aaaaaghhhhhhhhhh.

"Get out! Get out of my mind!"

My mind asserts itself forcibly and locks down. Yal-hune suddenly erects a green field around both vehicles and suddenly my mind can relax. But my thoughts come painfully like someone punched my consciousness in the breadbasket and it is recovering.

"You humans are such pathetic beings! Galactic basket-cases so needy, your 'best' military forces need a female protector from a weak world of hypocrites to protect them!"

He adjusts his weapon which looks like a small polished brass baton and for the first time I am scared. Not scared for myself, but for Yal-hune. I realize if anything happens to her, because of this mission - it is my fault. I authorized it. I pursued the MIMIR artifacts and technologies.

"Sir we've got clear shots! Can we engage?"

"No. Your weapons will be useless against him! Hold your fire!"

"Useless. Yes. Just like this whole planet. A useless ball in space filled with hardly sentient garbage!"

Yal-hune speaks.

"Ketta-nu-ma, you are in violation of galactic accord. Earth is a quarantined world and your interference with the government of this world reflects upon your world and if you do not leave will incur serious consequences. Even as I communicate here with you this entire scene, since your arrival is being broadcast to my home world, the confederation council worlds - and yours. As I speak to you your Planet Leader has denied any authorization for your presence here. You are here illegally and must leave."

"Ooh! Serious consequences! I don't know what is more pathetic. These drooling humans or you - an intergalactic Jane Goodall whose life is so worthless she is wasting it among the animals. Yes, I will leave. You've shown the galaxy just how much you value your non-interference ideals! The consequences will be serious - for Earth and all animal worlds like it!"

Ketta-nu-ma starts to vanish. The whirling dervish that seemed to surround him dissipates into nothing.

I turn to look at Yal-hune and she looks somewhat distressed. I start worrying that I've blown it for her. That because she interfered to protect us, she has violated her world's own non-interference policies. I sense she is communicating with her world and her world's space fleet. She allows me into her mind, just inside the doorway so I can observe what is transpiring. She is communicating with her brother about the rogue Norchan spacecraft that is in orbit around the Earth. Apparently there are confederation spacecraft in our solar system ready to intercept and forcibly teleport their ship if they do not leave voluntarily. The sheer technological power of these things suddenly is made full clear. Our atomic bombs and technology are like stone arrowheads and bearskins. Our spacecraft are like log rafts next to an oceanliner.

In a moment it is clear her communication is complete. I suddenly realize the time differential. The Norchan leader could respond to the situation because even 30 seconds here is almost a week on some of these other worlds. She can have hour long discussions in a fraction of the time. I realize her thought processing speed is much like a computer processor. While we can entertain a few hundred thoughts a minute. She is capable of 100 or more times amount when interfaced with someone of her own level.

The green field dissipates.

"You may proceed."

"Is everything OK? Will you get into trouble?"

"No. My interference was permitted when dealing with another alien. Their world has technology far in excess of their mental and spiritual development. When you see Ketta-nu-ma, you see the future of Earth if given technologies while still functioning primarily from lower emotions."

"B Team approach and open the warehouse doors."

Yal-hune and I approach with B Team and one of the Techs blasts the hinges and locks with a refrigerant. Another Tech takes a sledge hammer and shatters the lock and hinges. The lock and handle shatter and the door falls open after two more blows.

Yal-hune and I enter first...

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