Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Flying with an Extraterrestrial (Part 23)

"Our tests were completely off the mark. You're not like any alien we have ever encountered. We shouldn't have tested what you can do, because our imagination is only so broad. We should have asked you, 'Is there anything you CAN'T do.' "

"Energy manipulation is a stage sentient life eventually enters. On my world even children can manipulate energy with their minds. It is a very natural development. What seems like magic or super-normal to you and humanity, is simply a physics equation in action. Flight, force fields, teleportation and even time travel all are developments which sentience learns to master."

"Can you walk through walls?"

"Yes. How do you think I exited my ship? That materialization you perceived as more 'graceful' was performed by my mind. That is why it seemed more graceful. Machines are less graceful and are always inferior to what the mind can do. The most technocratic worlds have no material technology! Everything is controlled and manipulated by the minds of the beings who reside there."

"I want to thank you Yal-hune. I don't know how anyone could ask for more from life. You make everything so wonderful. I know it sounds sappy, like a Hallmark greeting card, but it's true."

"Flying with you is pretty nifty too."


"Be happy I only draw back slang from that period into my conversational lexicon, I could use phrases like 23 Skiddoo - for me, anyways, they are not that 'old' at all."

"Where are we going?"

"How would you like to see the Earth?"

"I am seeing's amazing."

"No, I mean from out in space."

"Out in space?"

"Without a spaceship."

"You can do that? And block out the radiation, provide us with air to breathe and not get distracted and have us die horribly in space?"

"Yes. Are you game?"

"I'm game. I trust you."

Suddenly she heads up and I see the green field around us expand to an area the size of a big SUV. We are getting higher and higher and we have reached a point where the blue of the sky is vanishing and it is becoming light dark the blackness of space is around us and the entire sphere of the world can be seen. Part of it lies in shadow and the other glows brightly as the suns rays bring it to life. It is beautiful beyond words. The continents, the oceans and the clouds below.

I start to tear up and cry. I'd seen this before somehow, here with Yal-hune. One of the strongest and most powerful Deja-vu's I have ever had. I breathe normally, feel no cold or radiation.

"I never thought I would make it into space. And certainly not this way - the best way possible. Let me ask you something Yal-hune - what do you think of when you see the Earth?"

"I have seen many worlds and each world is beautiful in its own way. Earth is a small planet, but it has its charms. It is hard for me to separate the planet from the sentience that resides on it. So when I see the Earth, I think of humanity and so in some ways the planet looks like a child to me. Here let me show you."

She transfers the feelings she has straight into my mind. They are wonderful feelings and seeing from her eyes makes me feel a deep joy and an awareness of the infinite diversity of sentience.

I reach out to Yal-hune with my mind and share with her my feelings, which include my love for her. She extends her hand to me and it appears as though a flame is extending from it - a gorgeous scintillating white flame of the most beautiful energy I have ever seen. It is part of her soul - joined with even higher beings. I reach my hand towards her and I feel something welling up inside me, a majestic feeling, a clarity, an even greater love and understanding of life suddenly fills me up and my hand touches hers. Suddenly, I see not just the Earth but a beautiful vortex of light that is reaching down and forming it - giving it life and feeding its core! I see the flow of ceaseless energy from a dimension of light of beauty and wonder not just beyond words - but conception.

I turn to Yal-hune and she is completely white energy. She is almost translucent but filled with a sparkling sea of white light, with what seems like a billion sparkling stars.

"This is the way my energy body truly looks - and yours."

I look at myself and I am sparkling white energy now too. I see her return to her normal appearance and the transition is magnificent! Watching the white energy encapsulate into the atomic structures! A sight no human has ever beheld before while in a flesh body.

"But that is enough. Too much, too fast is not good either. Let us return down to Earth below and see some of your 2009 actions and their consequences."

(End Part 23)

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