Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dreams (Part 25)

"Prepare yourself."

I don't tell Yal-hune that I don't really know how to prepare myself for time travel and molecular realignment with the space-time continuum. But I close my eyes, figuring that such an action qualifies as preparedness.

I feel that now familiar sense of time displacement. A drowsy, dozing feel, and then it is gone. I know we are back.

"Yes. We are back. How do you feel? Stand still, let me look at you for a second."

Yal-hune peers at me intensely as though she is looking for something.

"I'm scanning for atomic and molecular abnormalities that might have been engendered by the trip through time. Sometimes little distortions can cause problems as cells don't age properly because they are not in alignment with the energy anatomy and the constant stream of data it projects into each cell."

Yal-hune lifts her hand to the back of my neck. Her touch is ever so gentle as she brushes her palm across it. I feel a warm sensation and some other things that are hard to describe. But I do feel much better as a result.

"What are you doing?"

"You had a group of cells in your cerebral cortex that were oscillating out of synchronicity and I adjusted their fields. Nothing major, but it would keep you from being 100 percent."

"Thank you. You are a healer too, aren't you?"

"Every Planetary Emissary that goes out is very qualified and must be able to do all sorts of things. If our average citizens have X percent of skills, we have to have X plus another 35 percent. So time travel, advanced energy manipulation, healing and all the rest are within the Planetary Emissary's standard training."

"Anything else need any fixing? I'd much rather take my chances with you than any doctor on Earth."

"Well, let's look."

She peers at me again and then she closes her eyes.

"Give me it straight doc..."

"You are fine. A few minor imbalances that you need to address yourself."

"Ok. Thanks, Yal-hune. I know that ever since you disembarked from the craft my body has been helped. I can feel it."

"Yes, your cells are all oscillating at a slightly higher fundamental frequency, leaving you feeling a bit more clear, energized and refreshed."

"Thank you for the trip. I will take your advice and try to be more balanced about regarding technology, and I will do my best to try and undo whatever damage I've already done to the future. I've been wondering about some things, and now seems as good a time as any to ask them."

"Go ahead."

"Do you dream? You know, like humans do? Bad dreams, nightmares and that sort of thing?"

"Yes. I dream. My field resists obsessional influence and so I don't have the nightmares and bad dreams normal humans do. All my dreams are informative and educational. Dreams permit the subconscious to flush some of the things it stores and let them be reviewed while one sleeps in a new and fresh way. Upon awakening one can review the dreams and see if there are thoughts, actions ore emotions that need to be addressed."

"I know. I find my dreams are very educational when looked at closely."

The intercom buzzes. For the first time my mind acknowledges the fact that I have been gone - or have I? I look at the clock on the wall and realize no time has elapsed. The entire journey took almost no time at all.

"Tech1 here, what's up?"

"Maybe nothing, maybe something. The sensor arrays really went all crazy for a moment. Like every sensor suddenly detected something and then nothing. So far no one reports anything, but I thought I'd let you know."

"I think I know what it is. And I think the sensors will be fine. Run diagnostic tests if it happens again."

"Okay sir, will do."

I remove my hand from the intercom and look at Yal-hune.

"It was a temporal flux. When we left, a small wave of time displacement was created which expanded. Like a ring formed by a drop of water."

"Is that bad?"

"No, temporal rings occur all the time...pardon the pun. One ring interferes with another and for a period while the rings interface time is distorted. The sense of time during these things then is changed. The day that last forever and the day that races past - all these things are the results of time rings and influence consciousness."

"How do they influence consciousness?"

"Because your consciousness is the one thing that can identify the difference. Consciousness recognizes that the clock is moving slower even though the second hand seems to tick like before. It realizes that it is getting more or less thought and 'consciousness time' in each minute."

"So time isn't really fixed?"

"No it isn't. Time is a subharmonic common denominator to space and atomic matter. When the galaxy rotates, solar systems pass through constantly new and changing subharmonics. These energies are completely unknown in this time. However they influence every single thing. You, me, the planet, its lifeforms and the sun too. The entire galaxy as it hurls through space is also constantly changing. These new and unknown subharmonics add a constant new input into each galaxy. I know its hard to imagine and conceive."

"You're right. It is."

She smiles. She's in my mind - sharing her understanding with me one thought at a time. I see it all so clearly now - of course. Like gears in a watch and yet the gears all can move at varying speeds when they interlink with other gears.

I can't help myself and give her a mental kiss on the cheek. It's all I can do to keep myself from holding her in my arms and kissing her passionately. I can't begin to describe how my body knows just how much it wants her. Each cell is screaming its attraction to her. My cells aren't dumb - they know she is a prize. The hormones are pumping and the glands are all hyperactive when she is near. Every time she enters my mind, it strengthens it. Like my brain is now reprogrammed to desire her more and more. And ever since she showed me what oscillation is, my body has acquired new tastes - and desires her mind. I can't help thinking about all she can do, and its all too easy to see her as a goddess from another world. Her mind is beyond sexy, it is a fundamental desire and attraction beyond mere reproductive urges - my mind realizes she is healthy for it and it craves interaction with her.

"You really need to see me on equilibrium too. If you bias me over-positive, you will be drawn to circumstances which show you that knowing me is not all positive."

"I already know that...I have already suffered since you arrived. To know that someone is so out of one's league, and yet to be so pathetic as not to care and still make a constant ass out of oneself. I see others do it around you, and yet I do it too. It's torture to be in constant confessional and be reminded all one's goals might really have been completely foolish and destructive.

I hate being needy around you. I hate that I hate anything, especially when I know my life has been absolutely wonderful since you entered into it. I want you all for myself and yet I know you are here for the world. Even as I say these words I think of Lois Lane talking to Superman in the film Superman II. I remember how I thought she was acting stupid and she should easily have known that. But now I see how she felt. Even when I transcribe events for my blog, I am jealous that my readers get to know you too. Yes, it's crazy. Completely crazy. But it's a real feeling. What's sad is I think part of me would have liked to remain in 2059 with you - I would have enjoyed living the life of Gabriel and Maricruz Vasquez in a future dystopian ghetto worse than any of Ayn Rands worst nightmares, if it permitted me to be alone with you as husband and wife."

"I know. It is hard for me too. Because of my development, most will react to me in similar ways. I try to be there for each in a unique way. Remember - it's all good, even the frustrations, deflation and unquenched desires."

"Logically, I know this. Emotionally I am in total denial."

She gives me a return mental kiss on the cheek and, with it, some perspective in my mind for me to review.

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