Sunday, October 25, 2009

ET Coverage on CNN, Fox and Google News (Part 33)

All the MIMIR artifacts arrived safely. The appearance of Ketta-nu-ma is impossible to leave out of the official transcripts and logs and already some private communiques in my inbox, from positioned people in the Agency, want to see more "anti-extraterrestrial" weaponry as a result. Fear is the worst possible of all motivations. Enough people witnessed his appearance, that the tales will grow taller over time as the details of Operation Sleipnir get re-imagined.

Good news travels fast, my position and prestige within the Agency got a huge shot in the arm with the acquisition of the MIMIR artifacts and craft. THOR responded to my secure E-mail and is en route for a visit. He wants to meet Yal-hune and see some of these artifacts first hand. While THOR holds no current positions, he still has sufficient active clearance levels and connections with the Agency to make things happen. Many folks are more loyal to him, even out of office, than anyone in the new administration. This new administration, almost 10 months in, is still, largely, out of the intelligence loop. When folks see the Agency as an enemy, or a sacrificial lamb for the public altar, instead of a very useful tool, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The fiascos in Iran and Afghanistan are a huge distraction, when the world really has much larger issues to confront. I wonder just how much influence the Norchans and others have over the nuclear crazed madmen like Kim Jung Il or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. It seems a natural that nuclear proliferation is a primary goal - how easier to get the world to revert than to trigger a nuclear holocaust? And the lower the synaptic fundamental frequency - the easier these folks are to control. It's a scary thought that some leaders on Earth may be walking/talking puppets for 'evil' extraterrestrials. One wonders just who is really behind Obama's decision to abandon Europe and the missile shield? Suddenly, Earth politics has taken on a whole new nightmarish dimension. It seems more fitting for some bad science fiction film and should be impossible in real life.

I have had some of the Atlantean books brought to my office as well as a few pieces of art that captured my eye. My 102 year old 1st edition of Arizona Nights, complete with art by N.C. Wyeth, now has some really old company on the shelves. Isis and Encyclopedia Brown are working with a team whose job is to start to translate some of these many texts recovered and see what history, technology, medicine and other invaluable data can be obtained. Metallurgists are working on the many new alloys obtained and seeing if they can be recreated, or a useful facsimile, with our existing elements and technology.

"We need to speak"

Yal-hune is in my mind with a sense of urgency that is unmistakable.

"Sure. Come on in to my office."

She appears. Teleports 3 feet in front of me and startles me.

"Whew! Scared me there! What is it? What's wrong?"

"I thought you should know that two new executive orders emerged 5 minutes ago, after the transcripts of Operation Sleipnir were briefed to the President. The first permits the capture and, if necessary, elimination of all discovered extraterrestrials and the second initiates a McCarthy era interrogation of all intelligence agents for data that might lead to the identification of any aliens currently working within the government. Your simple email has already created serious ramifications."

"It's nothing to worry about. The government has had orders like that on the books (and off) for some time now."

"Yes, but now they have a new urgency. Ketta-nu-ma's appearance has changed the entire casual attitude many in the government have had towards alien life. No longer is it a matter of 'disclosure' or greys that mutilate cattle, now the enemy is tall, humanoid and impervious to earth weaponry. Gort, Darth Vader and Emperor Ming have now all come to life in the person of Ketta-nu-ma and the Norchans. Fear is spreading and that is never a good thing.

"What did you want me to do...lie about his appearance? With as many troops saw him, there would be no way to keep his appearance completely secret. It would have come out anyway and then my honesty would be compromised and I'd have a big blot on my integrity and trustworthiness."

"No, I just needed to tell you so you knew how seriously others are taking this development. Some are trying to get authorization to get me apprehended again."

"What? You are the one who saved us from the Norchan!"

"Yes...and they are intent on retaliating by manipulating human affairs."

"What should I do?"

"You must make your own decisions. Humans really are unable to discern their own thoughts from ones placed in their living room of consciousness. This is why the Norchans and others have such success. Just as now, where a paranoid anti-alien reaction can be the very result the 'bad' aliens orchestrate to serve their own ends."

"Do you want to meet the President? Do you think that would have a positive effect? I'm not anywhere near as connected with this administration, as I was with the previous administration, and probably am viewed only slightly more favorably than Fox News, but I bet I can still get you 5 minutes."

"I don't think that would be beneficial. Actually, meeting an alien, in such a setting would suggest making a public acknowledgement no one in the government wishes to make. As it stands, my general anonymity is an advantage. As long as many believe I am more rumor than reality - that works to my advantage."

"I keep forgetting that this is not just speculation on your part - is it? You can see the outcomes of such decisions, can't you?"

"Yes. In futures where my presence and alien life is acknowledged, the world undergoes a dramatic shift because the Norchans, and others, unleash their full controls over humanity and create all sorts of havoc. Cults emerge which compete with traditional religions, many world governments start persecuting suspected 'aliens' or those who know something and a paranoia and fear in the masses which is unprecedented as new stories and fears are propagated and concocted. Murders of suspected 'aliens' replace the old southern lynch mobs. Literally, millions suffer extremely or die over the next several decades who would not have otherwise died."

"That's awful. All because of confirmed extraterrestrial sentience?"

"Yes. That's why the desire to go slow. Show a microbe or two and prepare the masses for benign, harmless and inferior alien life. Let's face it, if video footage of the 7 foot plus Ketta-nu-ma made ET coverage on CNN, Fox and Google News, the world would be terrified silly. Here the best covert ops in the world are being told to stand down because their weapons are useless. Overnight, the horror of nuclear Armageddon, which the world lived with for fifty years, would be replaced by an even greater horror of aliens that are vastly superior to humans in stature and technology."

"But if they saw you, that fear would surely be tempered and greatly reduced. Especially if they knew even more superior aliens were looking out for us."

"Yes, but it's even more complex. If I make a public appearance and acknowledge alien life, the quarantine of Earth will effectively be violated. Other alien races, other worlds, will race to Earth and start their own programs of exploitation. In a few short years, Earth would be crawling with aliens - most of which would have negative intent for being here. deniability is still Earth's defense against an onslaught of aliens. Humanity would be completely subverted and eventually consumed - like letting lions enter the cage the zebras live in. The Confederation Quarantine is the only reason Earth and humanity has made it this far. You don't realize this. You take for granted the security humanity has here. Humanity is like a goldfish in an aquarium full of pirahnas. Once the quarantine is violated, humanity is in serious jeopardy."

"I never thought about it like that. For years, I've looked forward to the confirmation of alien life. When I found out Shayla was an alien and working for the government, I was stunned and pleased. Yet, I still wondered why she or the government didn't go public. Amazingly, I never discussed it with her, as we were too busy. Now, I see those charged with such are protecting humanity - not intentionally trying to deceive it. They know most everyone understands the universe has sentient life out there, and if not officially acknowledging it keeps humanity safer - it's a pittance to pay for such safety."

"Yes. Your life also turns upside down, even more than it already has, if my presence is public. You can't go around in public, you have stalkers, multiple foreign governments seek to kidnap you to get to me - and more. Each future time-stream, which includes such public knowledge, has many rather distasteful outcomes. The Earth's destiny is, quite literally, drastically altered and humanity forever lives in the service of other aliens - sort of like the many slaves, which exist even now, on your world."

"Wouldn't your world protect us?"

"No. Our non-interference directives and beliefs are too powerful. We know that interference would lead to interference on our own world. The only worlds that would offer to protect the Earth - would, not ironically, be the same worlds Earth would need protection from."

"So I guess the message is 'be careful what you wish for?'"


"I will try to back pedal a bit on the Ketta-nu-ma thing. The troops are already ordered not to divulge what they did or saw to anyone and my initial report can be unclear. For all I know it was a 7 foot tall Colombian with a thick accent who appeared during a dust storm - that was living in the warehouse and shouting at us foreigners. And whenever I mentioned alien - I really just meant foreign national."

"Deception comes so easy to you. You seem to have a lot of experience at deceiving others and twisting the truth. I'm not sure I should be hanging around with you. Do you know any honest, decent humans I can hang around with?"

"Well, there's always Encyclopedia Brown - I'm pretty sure he will hang with you."

"Don't look now, but your human insecurity is showing..."

"Is it? How careless of me. But anyways - back to the subject at hand - I'll do what I can to muddle the matter."

"That's probably a good idea. I'll keep monitoring the fallout of all this and let you know if there's anything else you can do."

(End Part 33)

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