Sunday, October 18, 2009

MIMIR'S Treasures (Part 29)

I stand in the door way with Yal-hune. All sorts of crates are able to be seen. Some items too big to be crated, sit with large white tarps over them. In the distance I see what looks like one of the EMF craft I rode with Shayla in - the shape even under an enormous tarp is unmistakable.

Yal-hune motions me to pause.

"What's the matter?"

There's a time displacement field set up in this facility. Another few steps and we would have entered it. Your world has alarms and vaults, other worlds use time displacement fields.

"B Team hold your position. The facility is booby-trapped. Repeat. Hold your position. Do not enter."

I turn to Yal-hune.

"Time displacement fields?"

"Yes. You enter them and you come out in a different time - into a world much older. This has the tendency of making theft very undesirable. Who wants to leave the world they know behind only to enter a new one, with no friends, family or acquaintances?"

"So anyone who walks in here...and steps a few more steps towards these crates would leave our time?"

"Yes. Based on the vibration of the field this is set for twenty years per minute. Anyone stays here for even ten minutes to take a crate out and they emerge 200 years into the future."

"Is that even possible?"

"Yes. It is."

"How do they know that the building will remain 200 years in this location?"

"Because the field acts to protect this structure, or at least that part influenced by the field - by changing its rate of molecular vibration. Once the field is shut down, the contents are subject to normal destruction, age and whatever else time does to matter."

"So this structure exists almost infinitely as long as this field is up?"

"Well if the planet were destroyed, the device which enables the field would cease to get power. So if the planet is destroyed the plug is pulled. Though this rooms contents would be one of the very last things to go."

"You knew all about these things didn't you? The Norchan, the time field - and whatever happens next, don't you?"

Yal-hune smiles at me and with her finger brushes it under my chin playfully.

"I thought you, Mr. Von Doom, didn't want to know everything?"

"Okay, I know it is impossible to know everything. I take it all back let me know if you think I can handle it."

"Okay. Yes, I did know about this potential future. The appearance of the Norchan figured prominently in many futures with this MIMIR property. Some were far worse futures where your teams get killed by the Norchan or lost in time. Several had YOU getting lost in time and emerging a thousand years in the future totally out of place with your life."

"Can you deactivate the field?"

"I'm not certain yet. This was designed to halt all those who can't control their own fields and even those who can to some degree. It is Norchanian technology and would halt a Norchan - or a Human. But it was not designed for those who carry their own altered fields with them and can cancel incoming signals, as I can. The device is positioned on the Northeastern wall. In a worse case scenario, even if I am time displaced I can return to this time with hardly any effort. Wish me luck!"

I give her a sudden passionate kiss. I didn't even know I was going to - it just happened so quickly I think it even caught Yal-hune off guard. I suddenly feel closer to her, than I ever have. Maybe its the proximity to this time field, or maybe its watching her handle the Norchan with an attitude, with almost no emotion.
I love her so much it hurts.

"Behave yourself...we are on a mission...remember?"

"She's right. Here we are facing who only knows what and I'm acting like a teen with a crush."

"I'm going in."

"Good luck!"

Yal-hune walks forward her green field up - and both her and her field shimmer - then vanish.

"Yal-hune! Yal-hune!"

I am freaking out. Did she intend to vanish or was this time displacement field too powerful for her? Will she be able to disable it?


I see someone walk out from behind a row of crates 50 yards in the distance, it is Yal-hune - thank goodness!

"I disabled the field generator."

"Any other surprises in here? I still don't quite get it - why did the Norchans want to keep this stuff out of human hands?"

"There are artifacts here which can quickly alter the technological balance when researched and reverse-engineered. The history of the galaxy is filled with horrible wars that begin when a world with lower sentience inherits advanced technology. The Norchans have a covert program which is designed to insure such worlds stay comparatively primitive."

"How kind of them."

"A team and B team commence removal of warehouse contents."

The teams move in rapidly and start to load stuff into the trucks.

Yal-hune gazes around the warehouse and I know she can catalogue the contents of these crates without even opening them up and looking inside. The men start removing tarps from some of the items and one item immediately catches my eye - a silver spire.

"It isn't..."

"Yes. It is. One of the original Lemurian silver spires that broadcast signals which quickened the intellect of the masses. MIMIR unearthed it in Africa. The alloy is almost indestructible in Earth's field environment."

I walk over towards the spire and Yal-hune accompanies me. The spire is beautiful - gorgeous beyond words. It has a texture that defies description - but which moves as one looks at it as light plays through its molecules.

"Can this be put back into operation?"

"The spires were a system. One alone does not function. All are needed to function. They play off each other and their location also needs to be correct. Each spire was built for a specific portion of the planet and when the entire group were in place their harmonics complemented each other."

"Sort of like a wind chime - where each metal tube is a different length so that a different notes can be played simultaneously?"

"A crude definition, but fairly accurate."

I realize this is going to be a real treasure. Humanity can't begin to know what has been found here and what it means to our evolution as a sentient species. I begin to wonder what MIMIR was doing with all these things. So many things Shayla never told me.

"She did what she felt was best. She knew your future - and your pasts. Our little trip into the future should have illustrated why she kept many of MIMIR'S finds secret from you. Even now you can't help but view all this stuff here positively. You are not on equilibrium. I look around here and see neither good nor evil. I see things that by themselves have no bias. However, I understand their infinite capacity for both good and evil if handled by those who do not possess the same equilibrium."

"I understand."

"You think you do. You will eventually."

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