Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dawn of a New Cycle

The last twinkling stars of night have been outmatched at their own game and the rays of sunlight stretch across the sands of the desert bringing a new dawn.

The world is a new place this morn. It's new every morning but today there is a more tangible difference. A new cycle has begun and an old one has drawn to a close. The folks I work for, in the lighted room, have been busy orchestrating the rise of this next curtain. Very busy. I am privileged enough to be a small performer on this grand stage.

I could describe to you how each world is governed and managed but it would be hard to believe. I shall skip the details and just share the basics. This world, like all elemental worlds is maintained much like a classroom. It has teachers, pupils and all that is necessary for rudimentary learning.

This morning a new dawn has arrived and with it a whole range of opportunity for learning. This new cycle is a tougher one. It is the equivalent of a revised curriculum. The changes will see many fall by the wayside as others climb and reach new peaks of understanding, ability and expression.

Economically, the world will undergo another transition. The west and the east will achieve greater parity. The level of education will universally decrease and yet a new breed of exceptionally gifted will emerge, aided by the Internet and the gift of electrification Nikola Tesla created for the world a century ago. So with a dark ages will arrive the seeds for a new renaissance. With the disappearance of the middle class and a growing western poverty, the initial appearance of the world's state will seem bleak to the casual observer. They will lament the passing of the western wealth, education and morals that brought a standard of living to late 20th century dwellers that was the envy of most previous human history. They will be shocked at the emergence of the new city-states wherein the wealthy live out their lives behind electrified gates and armed watchtowers to ward off gangs of looters.

Yes, all this will come as a shock to some. They will get depressed and will not see that this is the nature of ALL civilizations: Rise, Fall and Rebirth.

Sometimes man needs darkness to appreciate light. They need to eat a bitter meal before they truly appreciate the bounty they have grown accustomed to. Western civilization has grown soft. It rears its children to idealize other cultures and to disdain its own. It has opened the gates to barbarians willingly and lets them shape the new laws and morality.

The world will recover.

New minds will grow up in this new darkness and they will learn of the past. They will wonder how it could be that their ancestors gave away their refined culture in some mass nihilistic movement. They will learn and will rebel against the barbarians as surely as the renaissance minds rebelled against the darkness of their own times. Their brilliance will shine like the sun as it rises above the horizon. Boys and girls of unparalleled wisdom will rebuild.

A new "western" culture will be rise from the ashes of the old. It may not emerge in America, Europe or where one might expect it. It may emerge in China, Russia or India. It will likely involve young minds from all these places and these folks will be the heroes of a new renaissance. They may die or be persecuted for their ideas and beliefs. They may have to fight against the most powerful totalitarian religious systems that make the previous inquisitions appear like a picnic in the park.

There will be new Leonardo Da Vincis and new Joan of Arcs to rally the spirit of those who have given up and to open eyes to ever new technologies. The Protestants may be outnumbered but new Protestant movements will emerge in all of the dominating religions, religions which force man on his knees to answer to the will and bidding of another.

Yes, it is a beautiful new dawn. It will be even more beautiful than the last one. More souls are at stake, the challenges and obstacles will be that much tougher and the heroic nature of these young women and men who will bring about this new dawn will outshine all previous efforts combined.

When the sun has lifted and the light of this new dawn illuminates the minds of even those who never look up, then shall we see a culture unparalleled which dwarfs the accomplishments of our present western civilization.

A hearty good morning to you all!

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