Friday, August 29, 2008

My Decision: McCain/Palin

My support for a Presidential candidate this year was going to depend heavily on the vice-presidential candidates chosen. For those who are paying attention, illegal immigration is the lynch pin event that is destroying wages, the economy, healthcare and general quality of life all over the nation. And it is an exponential factor which, as devastating as its influence is now, will only increase phenomenally over the next ten years and throughout the rest of the 21st century.

John McCain's solution for this issue was the failed path to citizenship program - another failed amnesty by any other name. Obama has had no solution and has basically reinforced the idea that these "undocumented" invaders are de facto Americans anyway instead of citizens of a foreign nation stealing work and money.

So VP picks became crucial to helping me make up my mind because this issue will probably not be successfully addressed on the national level by either party. The statistics and demographics are such that no one wants to call an "undocumented worker" an illegal intruder from another country whose children will bury America.

Obama opened my eyes with his choice of Joseph Biden, the ultimate career politician.


Please repeat again, please?


How is picking the man who made it possible for credit card companies to extract the last few dollars from the hands of bankrupt and starving families a change? Much less a change for the better?

Obama showed his true colors.

Obama is the architect of the status quo. A pretender with no experience except to schmooze and preach like his spiritually bankrupt pastor of 20 years which he has now disowned. He offers no change at all. The Democratic platform this year reads like Ellsworth Toohey's collectivist blather that denounce the individual in favor of the collective. It appeals to the lowest common denominator and the "second handers" of the world who live as parasites on the rest. "Individualism is a recipe for failure" - what? Since when? We can't take a collectivist thought. We can't breathe a collectivist breath. A man doesn't feel collectivist pain. There is no such thing as a collectivist job. The second handers may like the rhetoric of being more than they are - but the Democratic platform wants to pin them to individual failure, forever. Then it bathes them in collectivist propaganda. Their wallets are just as empty and most of them can't quite figure out why collectivism never delivers in a meaningful way. They wonder why their attitude toward individual accomplishment has been poisoned - why they attack those who are successful and not those who keep them from being a success? That is the Democrats' secret. They poison their constituency and enslave them all while telling them they are great, they are caring, they hate the rich & successful, they want "change." Their message: a mass of untalented failures is better than a single successful talented man/woman and that the successful man/woman is evil and a threat to the collective. Yet what is the real goal? All collectives have always been poor, uneducated and individually powerless. Isn't that the antithesis of the American way? Isn't the goal a land filled with millions of individual success stories? A land where each individual matters? A land where individualism is not diminished, but championed? There is no such thing as a collective success. It is an illusion, a long-lived hoax far more sinister and damaging than those who fake Bigfoot.

For those who understand this, voting Democratic is like voting for the folks who want to club you over the head and put you in a push cart with other faceless slaves to a life of material and spiritual slavery.

So McCain's choice, Sarah Palin is also a telling one. Palin is the antithesis of the Washington insider. She is a breath of fresh air. She has all the pluses of Hillary Clinton, is assertive, female, an activist, a mother - and she is without any of the heavy baggage. She is old enough to see where the land lies and young enough to be an instrument of real reform.

Is McCain going after Hillary voters? Sure. The demographics of disintegrating America give one few large bloc choices: men, women, the poor, Mexican citizens living in America.

Obama gave up his claim on women voters when he failed to vet Hillary. He slapped them in the face, and shoved them to the floor. Sure, he has wife issues. But he should have left them behind when he became the Democratic candidate.

So my decision was made for me. Palin or Biden? That's an effortless decision.

My endorsement is, as usual, the lesser of two evils. I do not expect McCain/Palin to become a panacea for the nation's ills - only less of a burden on each American, and particularly the middle class, and EACH individual than the alternative: Obama/Biden.

Collectivism is the real enemy our nation faces, the diminishing of each individual component of "We the people."

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