Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Great Decline / Happy Holidays

Watching the world crumble into a sea of profanity, violence and suffering is horrifying from one perspective. When one knows such conditions are brought about by ignorance of certain fundamental energy laws, it shifts from horrifying to a pathos of immense proportion.

The internet has markedly brought the common denominator down. Profanity is now normal in the workplace. The amazing inability to express oneself without using the f word or one if its brethren is epidemic. Civility, the last bastion of a civilized society is breaking down. The constant evidence of crippled vocabulary skills now surrounds one everywhere. The schools are cesspools of filth, the students are corrupted before they are 10 years old and exposed to the worst filthy words and with the internets assistance have already been exposed to copious amounts of pornography, violence and mentally disturbed imagery that used to only circulate among the lowest dregs of society.

I try not to bias all that I witness negatively, even when I see those around me succumb in the battle of mind over environment. It is tough. Very tough. One can't put the genie back in the bottle when one finds out it is an evil jinn. The youth don't get a "do over" on their childhood - and they must take all this baggage with them into adulthood.

The great driving force of man is insecurity. It is the driver for conformity, materialism and escape mechanisms of all varieties. It is the force that drives the media, the news, the corporate sector, politics and even the world's educational systems.

Insecurity is the byproduct of ignorance. It can only exist in an environment with imbalanced thoughts and expressions. Fear, jealousy, hatred, resentment, greed, envy, sadness and all the rest of the lower emotional spectra all emerge from the roots of insecurity.

So as ignorance increases a culture goes into decline. The masses and their very communication is degraded. In this case it first seems quite ironic that the vocabulary diminishes at the same time technology enables mass communication in almost every spot of the world. However this merely indicates how much ignorance the world possesses and how dilution occurs when the ignorant mix with the closeted bastions of wisdom. The west is now mostly overrun by the barbarians. The violent and the profane FAR outnumber the peaceful and well spoken.

Society is the byproduct of MINDS. One brilliant mind is like a hot faucet heating up those around it and elevating their temperature. One retrogressive mind is like a cold faucet that cools down all those around it.

So the internet is like a deep freezer. Youtube, chat rooms and all the rest degrade society in short order. These mediums have not yet been embraced by the thinkers and even those who do embrace it now must compete with content that will be much more readily accessible. The intelligent stuff on the web needs to be hunted down and sought out by a mind already desirous of doing so, while the unintelligent stuff brims over the rims of billions of monitors around the world by default.

The decline will continue until the brilliant minds regroup and design a new way of heating up society. It must be done gradually. It must take into account the laws of frequency relationship. One cannot force feed sirloin steak on a newborn and one can't expect an athlete to thrive on broth. Each has their own level and their own needs. Each will have only a narrow window of reciprocity and receptivity to various forms of wisdom.

History illustrates effectively that each corrupted generation spawns an even more corrupt one. From the crooked tree a crooked branch grows. There has always been profanity and perversion. This is nothing new. The only change has been the availability of the lowest of the low content to the best hope for the future - the youngest generations of the west.

When the web first appeared in the early 80s to computer owners as proffered up by, the largest provider, COMPUSERVE, it was advertised as a medium for news, weather, stock prices and for conducting travel arrangements. The reality of the web is that it the largest pornographer in the world and that usage of it outweighs all other usage by a figure of 100,000:1. Such a statistic is frightening and validated by search engines all over the world. After that entertainment and gratuitous violence are the top usages, allowing users to insult others behind the safety of a screen and create an elaborate persona, completely detached from reality. Again, human insecurity is the driving force of all this web interaction.

Do I have a solution? No. Because for me there is no problem. I view all these events impersonally. I take no personal stake in the current levels of the masses at any given time. If I were to give the masses such power over me, I would be unhappy and frustrated without end. Such is not an intelligent approach. We must create a clear distinction between our own mind and its activities and what is occurring around us which we cannot ever control.

You too cannot be depressed or dismayed at the changes technocracy has brought about unintentionally. You must merely strive within your own sphere of influence to insure that you, and your family and friends, are aware of your own standards of conduct, language and discourse. You can act as a hot water faucet within your own sphere of influence. If many of the "warm" and "hot" minds did this, the entire world would benefit. Even if you just do it - you benefit yourself and the rest of the world as well.

There are no efforts that are not infinitely interlinked.

Do not expect a word of thanks. More likely than not all you will get is disrespect in return. Even those you love the most will not necessarily appreciate all you do for them. Such is life on this level - applause is almost exclusively reserved for things and people which weaken their minds and not those people and things that strengthen them

Happy Holidays to all my readers. I hope this holiday season finds you a bit wiser which indeed always makes a man prosperous, even if his wallet is empty. Take care of your children - look out for them. Be aware of what the world is trying to shape them into - profane materialists hellbent on escape mechanisms. Spend time with them. TALK to them. Find out what's going on in their life. READ to them or with them. Play games together and make them games that trigger and use their minds. This holiday season will find circumstances quite dismal materially for most. Millions are losing their homes. Millions more are out of work or will be laid off shortly. I know scores who have been fired now, just days before Christmas. So use this opportunity to embrace the most important thing - your family. Lose the materialism and realize the greatest gift you can give anyone is to nurture their mind.

May each of you find some of this warmth this year and never again lose it,


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