Monday, June 30, 2008

Going Green in Iran

Outside the air is dry and the heat is beyond oppressive. The Tes-Mil-X2's systems are working as designed to reflect external heat, condition the air and keep the cabin temperature 69 degrees - optimal thinking and decision making temperature.

Our SUV, a combat equipped Tes-Mil-X2, based on improved "Tesla" technology, has no need of fueling, and each body panel has been replaced top to bottom in a new type of panel which is actually an integrated solar cell, collecting and recharging the Tesla "Steinmetz" power-plant system. Operating out here in Iran, somewhere south of Kupal, it is getting the ultimate test. After a year's trial runs, on our whole Steinmetz vehicle line up, in the hottest and dustiest southwestern deserts, it has been deemed ready for service in theatre.

I'm fully aware of the irony of my unique position and knowing that if every vehicle in the US was made this way, we probably wouldn't be out here, preserving the Iranian oil fields from damage while preparing to take out the Iranian's nuclear arsenal and enrichment facilities. On the other hand, if every vehicle were made this way, every buyer would have to be prepared to fork over 6.7 million dollars to buy a car. If they last long enough, they might pay for themselves in gas & electricity savings but who has thousands of years to find out?

I guess I should share some of the technology of the solar cells so as to payback the Tesla engineers whose designs we "Steinmetz-ed" and then improved upon. Okay here goes...the secret to the ultimate solar cell is in the absorption and catalyst of specific wave frequencies. The emphasis on "specific frequencies" is important, because these measured and mapped solar frequencies with the proper catalyst produce a far greater electron release per cell, than current designs. I'm not going to give out the catalyst, but with trial and error and these hints & nudges, a bright engineer ought to be able to repeat the Tes-Mil X2 solar cell design within 20 years. A really intuitive engineer might do it in 5. A psychic engineer might have the designs mapped in the next hour. I wish you all good luck. Oh and don't forget to build it in Silicon Valley - they have a lot of unemployed engineers in need of work.

"Is now really the time to be making a log entry?" Tech5 asks with impatience, "We are almost at the rendezvous point."

"Hey, if Kirk had time to make log entries while fighting the Gorn, I certainly must have time enough while you drive."

"Yeah, but we aren't facing the Gorn. These guys are a hundred times more deadly and crazed than the Gorn ever was."

I activate our Planckor4 turret scanner and probe the hills ahead for any electronic activity and stray signals. Even a passive cell phone signal or an old style radio transmission unit that is originating anywhere within the scanners sensitive "ears."

تلك الكلاب من ابناء SDAI المتاخره.اولا ، ثم الروس والامريكان هذه. مع كل متبجح التكنولوجيا العسكرية لماذا لا تقوم بشراء الساعات السويسريه مثلها مثل بقية دول العالم يتعلمون ما هو الانتظام!

"Looks like someone is expecting us. 8.2 miles 12 degrees and closing fast."

Tess, is doing 95 plus over the desert sands and each violent undulation is absorbed and softened by a superbly designed floating frame/axle structure. Riding off-terrain has never been as comfortable and knowing that not a drop of gasoline is being consumed at these speeds is all the more satisfying.

As we approach, the rendezvous, satellite feeds guided by the stray signal already relay a visual overhead layout and principles in theater. A few armored personnel carriers, a mobile rocket launcher and at least 100 armed guerrillas await. A tent is fixed and the site shows signs of a quick mobile camp set up, probably less than twelve hours old. In the middle of this 3rd world military parade is what looks like a seventies vintage Mercedes 450sel - probably dating to the era of the Shah.

"No one expects a double cross, but with these types one can never be too careful. So eyes open out there." Tech6 transmits to the rest of the convoy.

Our Tes-Mil X2 is but one of five now converging on this location in a peripheral sweep and all are equipped with a battery of weapons that would make Gaddafi's arms dealer green with envy.

"That's why, I'm here. You dirt eaters go do what you do, I've got you covered."

The voice belongs to the pilot of America's finest, a Borealis stealth fighter/bomber, that is in theatre as back up in case things get nasty on a larger scale.

"Thanks fly boy. We will. Just don't get any flying carpets in your intake." replies Tech6.

Two of our Tes-Mil X2 SUVs pull right into the middle of the Guerrilla camp. We are immediately surrounded by about two dozen men toting automatic weapons. Only two or three of them appear to have them pointed threateningly at us, the rest hold them passively awaiting our exit. I step out of the vehicle and look for the leader who stands about twenty yards away shielded by his men. I walk towards him without hesitation and I smile and bow my head once up and down before speaking.

"هل انت على استعداد للاضطلاع بدور "دعنا ابرام صفقة؟"

This very roughly translates to "Are you ready to play Let's make a Deal?"

My Arabic is poor, but I've been brushing up.

"بالتأكيد ، ولكن آمل ان تكونوا جلبت يورو".

He tells me he is, but that I better have brought Euros. Great. A guerrilla comedian.

"Your vehicles look strange, even for American military vehicles. What's with the blue, shiny paint?"

"Haven't you heard? We're going Green."

(The rest of this transcript is actually rather sensitive. So that's all folks!)

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