Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Return of the INDIVIDUALIST!

It is a close shave. The beasts savage fangs almost make a meal of the raven haired beauty that accompanies me on my sojourn through the unforgiving jungle. I grab her with one arm and I feel my tendons strain as the beasts jaws lunge towards her. The vine in my hand is starting to give but it just has to hold out a little longer...


Okay folks, time to break the hypnotic spell of dependency the media has placed you in this election season. No, McCain will not save you nor will Obama save your best girl. You are on your own. And believe it or not that's a good thing. The media is raking in advertising dollars by the bushels as they have increased the size of the election season coverage. In the process, John & Jane Q. Public have been the victims. They have been presented with a classic false choice. Pick McCain or Obama to make everything better. Neither will do so. Neither CAN do so. The only one who can make your life and circumstances better is YOU.


Yes, YOU are the INDIVIDUALIST. You are the hero. You get to save yourself, your girl and have a happy ending so wonderful even the hardest heart will be tearing up. That's the reality the media and the politicians want you to forget. Like the con-man who asks you to play the shell game or pick a card, the media and the politicians are offering up a rigged deck that plays you as the sucker.

But now YOU are back!

Yes, now you have awakened to the truth. You are the one who makes things happen. You are the one who makes a better life for yourself and your family. You are the one who does not wait for some false saviour to solve your problems and make your life better.

In the first part of the last century men and women understood this. Their President was no more than a figure head. A leader of state in global affairs and a symbol of the nation in times of war. Then came the depression and folks wanted a saviour, a President who would fix everything. Franklin Delano Roosevelt came along and used the opportunity to strengthen the government. To socialize the economy and saddle it with a minimum wage and interfere in the Constitutionally protected right of setting your own wages. He imposed price fixes on goods and industry that lasted till after the war and stifled the economy till the dismantling of these laws was performed by Dwight Eisenhower. Then the economy took off like a rocket. Industry boomed as never in US history between 1952-1972. The US with the power of mass production and free industry built, expanded and created much of the modern world that is still in place today. The homes, cars, appliances, air conditioning & heating, television and much, much more all date to this time frame and still are in use in almost identical to the way they were then! Yes, this was the golden era for the American as an INDIVIDUALIST!

But Social Security, Wage controls and the rest of FDR's legacy is still with us and is now bankrupting the nation. Outsourcing and the hiring of illegals has only one cause - the minimum wage. The nation is now reeling from the time-delayed effect of FDR's blackmailing of the Supreme Court and trying to rewrite the wisdom of the Founding Fathers - INDIVIDUALISTS one and all.

The time has come to yank the yoke from our shoulders, deny the media the right to brainwash us and turn the masses into desperate jellyfish who seek a politician to act as their spine! Now is the time for LESS government, not more! Interference of the government is what has RUINED our economy, created this depression and before that created the husband/wife workforce, the leased, overpriced car and the insanely priced homes that exclude the majority of younger Americans from home ownership.

Yes, the GOVERNMENT is to blame. They are the con-artists who have ruined your life and then expect you to vote for them, and give them more power to make it all better!

"HA HA! Not this time!"

The INDIVIDUALIST laughs! The jaws of the media almost had him that time. He turned the TV off, he vowed never to waste more time on DKOS, Redstate, Salon or any other political sites. He was free. Free! Politicians save me? Never! The INDIVIDUALIST looked at his girl. He grabbed her and kissed her passionately, holding her tightly. He felt his spirit and strength return and knew that he would never relinquish his powers again!

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