Sunday, December 28, 2008

Project Earth

The cold winds whip through the skies, hurrying clouds to no destination in particular, howling through the night. They dip the desert temperatures to the freezing point. But what's colder than these frigid winds - is my outlook. I see desperate people doing stupid things in greater quantity than ever before. I see the wasteland of today's youth and their dismal future in a world where technology perverts and jades them long before their time. Before mental competence, a sense of self worth and broad perspectives are at their disposal.

I see darkness winning on Earth and I find it all too easy too let the darkness influence my own perspectives and pull me down thought by thought. I do not like it and refortify my consciousness, realigning my mind to receive the infinite life giving positive energies. Like a tug of war between worlds of light and worlds of dark, Earth is between these two forces constantly and the world is filled with agents of both sides. The wars, murders, horror novels, fixation on sex and the hard materialism of a society which never encountered a moral they liked enough to sustain or embrace makes my job a lot harder.

As one steps up the ladder a bit one attends classes between lives on nameless worlds which serve varying levels of mental prospectus. After that one starts to put what one has learned into practice. Life must always be a give and take. If you receive you must also give, or you will no longer be able to receive. After enough classes and after attending the equivalent of roughly 1000 years of advanced schooling, you slowly work your way to an administrative capacity. You may oversee the positive growth on a small elemental world, a large system of worlds or eventually after tens of thousands of years administering worlds - a whole galaxy may be under your direct jurisdiction.

You will see the battle around you everywhere you look. You will see whole races of beings subverted by darkness and you will see others advance rapidly and you will meet and get to know millions of souls personally. As your consciousness expands eventually you will know and work with billions or trillions of souls. There is no limit to how expanded or intelligent a consciousness can become. I know beings that are now a force for good that is all pervasive and all encompassing - and those souls who have lost their way and are now their counterparts in the lower spectra - forces for darkness that ensnare billions within their reach.

Sometimes one has to return to these troublespot worlds in the flesh - incarnate as a being in a body and work within the culture itself because there are no minds sufficiently readied to convey certain information or act as a catalyst - an agent of change. People like Leonardo da Vinci or Nikola Tesla, whose personal lives were nothing to speak of because they were not truly of this world, have spent time here and helped push forward a stagnant culture. It is a lonely existence in many ways - but only if you lose touch with those on the other side of the material curtain. All who work in such capacity have soul mates and usually a whole family of polarities that they have known and grown close to for eons. They know how to project life giving mental energies into the minds of those who put on the monkey suit and climb into the cage. They never let their loved ones forget who they are or why they are there. They work together hand in glove to keep the positive energy flowing and assisting all they can.

With this expansive consciousness one realizes each soul is worth trying to assist, each soul has a *unique* potential infinite quality of merit and this is well worth trying to nurture into realization. Eventually each soul on this world will either be godlike in their expansive consciousness and interacting with countless souls constructively - or they will become a parasitic entity losing intelligence, feeding on others and slowly heading towards that point of absorption, where not enough remaining intelligence is coherent enough to remain as part of a single being. At this point, what they were is gone and their energy is recycled into the universe in other forms.

One can choose to incarnate *blindly* into this world without the big picture, and function intuitively, or one can come in with this knowledge and re-polarize it within your consciousness. The latter is both easier in some ways and tougher in others. Easier because it permits everything to make perfect sense, tougher in that it tends to make day to day living and embracing the environment around one much more difficult.

Tonight, some of these beings on these higher worlds of light are going to send a special projection of light, love and wisdom to this particular world. A rather large projection ceremony occurs wherein the collected minds of those who administer these worlds help to inspire the residents of Earth, in trillions of small and large ways. They do this to counter negative inspiration projected by the lower worlds - energies which manifest here as wars, murders and even Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series. Yes, darkness is stronger here on Earth because Earth is closer to these lower spectra. Negative inspiration is the *default* response here on Earth. Positive inspiration generally requires much more effort to receive and act upon. Each soul will have their own battles to overcome with darkness. Each soul has to expunge the darkness from themselves and commit themselves to the conscious decision to act of light, with light and to pursue wisdom with a ferocity that is quite uncommon and unflinching in its dedication.

So be aware. When you read this blog entry, the power of the positive projection will be just as current and happen for you whether you read this on the day it was written or hundreds of years from now. The projection occurs in a timeless and spaceless place where it remains accessible to folks here literally anytime. Yes, elements of this projection will be keyed to current events and beings now alive, but other components foresee and are designed for folks who are not yet even born and events that have yet to occur.

My role is both a very small one and large one in the infinite scheme of things. Many have set up to read these words - here on this blog - and to take from them the necessary knowledge to go on into their own introspection and further their own development. Many of you who read this asked to be reminded in some small way as you would live out your material lives - a contextual reminder of sorts, so that you would have the necessary positive fortification to work out drastic pasts and free oneself of the materialistic fears and insecurities that dominate life for most here.

I will close this entry now, for the projection is about to begin!

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