Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Transformation

It is a dark and cold night. It seems as if one is all alone and ones fears come crashing down around one with an intensity that is only possible late into the night.

Somehow it all seems hopeless. One wants to give up. The struggle to remain positive in the face of all the darkness seems futile. The darkness is accompanied by a stillness. The stillness is accompanied by a loneliness. The fears now whirl around the periphery of consciousness like a tornado and threaten to tear down ones consciousness.

But then something happens. In the very darkest moment, as one relinquishes ones mind to the fears that surround one, swarming one and enveloping one, one hears a small voice in the distance. It is very faint and is drowned out almost entirely by this raging sea of fears. But it is there. And one listens.

It is a completely calm voice. It is very quiet, but something about it makes it able to be heard above the chaotic moaning of the fears. It is a clear and pure. The voice transcends all.

But the fears suddenly howl louder. Suddenly one realizes they seem to have a mind of their own. Yes. That's exactly what one realizes. The whirling dervish of fears now demand to be heard. They scream louder and louder. There is a desperation in their howls. The fears have fears.

All at once one realizes the fears are not of one. The fears are intruders, with minds of their own that wish to control ones own mind. Suddenly the calm voice speaks.

"Yes. I realize the truth now. Those fears are not me. I am understanding and I fear nothing. I will not be beaten down. I am not alone. Darkness can not harm me.

I am the one.
I am eternal.
I am light."

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