Friday, August 22, 2008

Good & Evil aka + or - (---- doesn't just happen!)

Almost everyone in the world views life through two filters. These filters are good and evil or positive and negative. All events have these markers added to them. This is good, that is bad. Lifetimes are lived here by most with this outlook. The result is, unknowingly, they chain themselves to these biases and attract circumstances in their lives that will test them until they some day realize that it is they, themselves, that have been controlling their "destiny" or "fate" with these endless strings of biases!

If we bias food overly positive and look forward with positive anticipation to every meal, this imbalance will bring upon a down side. We may become overweight or have other health issues that surface as the result of this positive overbias. That is an obvious example but what we need to know is that what we like and view as only good is also negative. ALL experiences are EQUALLY good and bad. The ones we view bad will show their good side when viewed properly. Even such classic "horrible" events as health crisis', violence and even death need to be viewed in a positive light. I know, "Did he really just say 'death' needs to be viewed positively?" Yes. Take it from one who we view and handle our impending death is just as important as any other aspect of our lives. If we bias it negative, we will strengthen the experiences and in future lives have an even tougher ride. After one masters one's own consciousness and how it views events one can face a firing squad with a smile and not hate or even slightly negatively bias those who intend our deaths. At this point, we will no longer attract such a death and will be freed of future repeat performances as victim or victim-izer. (A quick example/lesson of this is the next time you deal with your boss, parents, siblings,classmates, neighbors, etc. is to deal with them without bias! See the results!) Yes, the hate and negative bias one feels in one life can easily swell up and cause one to become more destructive in another. The murderer feels justified in their actions and usually it is rooted in multiple past life experiences swinging across the divide repeatedly of victim/victimizer.

Eventually, we see that both roles are one and the same. Two sides of the same coin. There are no true victims ever - because each soul draws unto themselves experiences based upon what is stored in their energy body or "soul" and these determine EVERY single experience AND how it is viewed on the surface of consciousness.

This is a tough sell. No one wants to believe the baby born with AIDS somehow is responsible for their condition - but they are. No soul is a clean slate. Not even the newborn arrives without a HUGE set of pre-existing conditions, likes, dislikes and relationships that they have set up to compensate and balance. Each child is drawn unto their parents as surely as a magnet attracts iron filings. At this world and at this time the relationships and attractions are almost exclusively negative ones. They were drawn unto the AIDS bearing parents instead of some other child.

At this time folks still believe in "chance." A popular euphemism states "---- happens" and this is the catchall response for circumstances or events which are classified as bad or evil.

The truth is

None. There are only infinite sets of magnetics which can be changed by each individual based upon these BIASES. If we detest being lonely, poor or unpopular we need to realize that it is our biases which set these circumstances in motion and which continue to chain us to them. All circumstances are self-created. Yes, for us, the world actually does revolve around us! Every event, person we meet and moment of our lives is drawn unto us. Yes, this is hard to imagine and much harder to accept as true. The thieve who steal our iPods, the teachers who hated us from the get go, the parents who didn't understand us - all these people and circumstances come straight out of our own "souls" or to use more accurate terminology, our immortal stored quantized energy fields of intelligence.

We are immortal. Life to life we build up and tear down likes, dislikes, wisdom and ignorance. We are the byproduct of all our pasts and this is reflecting into our current life right now as YOU or ME.

So back to the biases. We can see that, in the distant future, highly educated folks will cease to view life through one filter of good or evil and will view ALL events in their lives through BOTH of these filters simultaneously. Abundance comes from an abundance of BALANCED waveforms in our energy bodies. Health, wisdom and finding ourselves in perfect balance with the environment comes ONLY with these stored experiences now viewed on EQUILIBRIUM.

Once we realize that all our misfortunes are of our own making we will also be armed and equipped with the knowledge that will cease to attract these same misfortunes. In the future...NO one feels sorry for themselves or describes themselves as a victim...or seeks sympathy. Why? Because they know that each person is responsible for weaving their own fate and destiny. If someone doesn't understand this (and currently 99.99999999% of the world doesn't) they will be more likely frustrated, sad, neurotic and seek out escape mechanism after escape mechanism to compensate for these "negative" circumstances and will still be chained to them.

Those of us who understand this free ourselves from our past and from the roller coaster of good and evil. All of us must weave our own destiny, free of the fates or such euphemisms as "---- happens!"

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