Monday, November 03, 2008

The Dark Night Ahead

The thick fog of socialism is rolling in on this dark night. So many folks are confused, lost and yes, scared. The fog parts for a moment, broken up by the bright light...the signpost up ahead reads SDAI and you pull in, having found a sanctuary from the darkness and confusion now causing the masses to lose their way.

"Do you know the safest path to the future?"

"Sure. Here, let me show you the path on your map."

Yes, the world is in for a very dark night and only those who stop to insure they have clarity of mind and a powerful intellect will be able to go forth into the night unafraid and unhindered. For all things are relative and the darkness of ignorance is merely the flip side of the same coin which bears light and wisdom.

When you hold your consciousness far above the dross and dark political pathos and masses seeking salvation in socialist leaders who promise and pander to the frightened and self-focused masses, then you will find your path to the future as smooth riding and enjoyable as can be.

You will be able to share your insight and wisdom with your driving partner on the long, dark nights ahead and drive unhampered, your own headlights of wisdom cutting swathes of light in the miasma of darkness.

I'll be here when you need me. A place to stop, refresh and refuel your mind.

Oh, and if your girl breaks up with you after I make a pass at her while you use the facilities...that's your problem, not mine.


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