Monday, June 09, 2008

Preparing for Pandemonium

The onset of 4 and 5 dollar gasoline has transformed, almost overnight, the economic climate in America. We are seeing only the tip of the iceberg. In a week or two the first wave of inflationary price hikes will hit your local supermarket, restaurants and fast food places and even the local newspaper will probably get a hike as well as distribution costs shoot through the roof.

The fact that the DNC controlled congress has done little aside rubber stamp the "stimulus" package and that President Bush and his advisers seems unable to think up a substantial method to have a positive influence on the economy, shows that neither party has a clue on how to get us out of the coming depression which is racing at us forthwith like a 16 wheeler semi-truck with no brakes. That this happens during an election year is even more shocking and indicates that all those who believe the government can pull strings to manipulate these things, is basically all wet.

Yes, forget about the recession. We are past that point. If gas prices are not soon reversed we will be in a depression.

If we look at the runaway oil prices, we merely need to see who is bidding them up to find the source of America's depression. In the past I have tried to explain why Iraqi oil was so important to gas prices, but some folks didn't quite understand it. So I'll quote Texas oilman T. Boone Pickens to make it clearer, "We've got supply of 85 million barrels a day and demand of 87."

This is one of the reasons price can go up until demand is depressed to become the equal of supply.

A few years ago, here on my blog, I described in some detail the activities of a man named George Soros. He is a billionaire who made his billions by currency manipulation of the British Pound. He has, as his stated goal, the bringing down of America as the economic center of the world and the distribution of wealth overseas. His money powers many leftist political organizations in America whose members hate for President Bush blinded them to the fact they were being funded by a man who wanted to take their house, car, hike their gas prices and bring them down to the level of the third world.

Soros testified to the Senate last week to declare that "speculative excess" was rampant and was responsible for the costs. He should know. What he didn't say was that his Quantum hedge fund and it's concealed group of investors, was in great part responsible for the speculation and that as we speak their are investors with great capital assets who are trying to shift the wealth to Asia. They are throwing their lot with the masses of China and sitting in their Hong Kong skyscraper penthouses trying to break America's spine through it's weakest spot - OIL. Their idea is that America's century is over and now it is China's turn. It's easier to exploit and profit massively in China - which in their eyes is similar to the American frontier of 1900. The chain reaction of a US economic collapse would make all sorts of gains possible to folks with assets. Companies that are already on the market and struggling will be available for a song and a dance. Commodities and key markets can be manipulated and monopolized.

These are the guys the "neocons" have been trying to protect you from. PNAC (Project for a New American Century) was designed to perpetuate American strength and has been denigrated senselessly by folks who are only harming themselves and their families by their own manipulated ignorance. Thanks to the failure of Americans to be aware of, or understand, all this high finance manipulation, the "neocons" are powerless to stop the attack on America directly. And make no doubt about it - America is under a carefully designed and executed financial attack just as real as any terrorist attack. And unlike a terrorist attack, this directly influences each and every American. When America is hurt, the rest of the world is not far behind.

Right now, as I write this, the minds who work for America are busy working on countering the damage done ASAP. The solutions involve the introduction of new technologies, financial counter-attacks on the financial institutions leveraged against America and other things too complex to enter into in this short overview.

It's important you know what's going on. Opposition to US presence in Iraq, global warming and the rest of the anti-US propaganda you may have embraced only heartens and helps America's enemies. Panic will only spur more of the same. So stay cool and watch as an epic battle for the American people and the future of the world takes place. It should provide for an interesting ride.

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