Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lifting the Curtains on Arizona, Jan Brewer, Susan Bolton & The Cartels

As usual, here you get the real deal, a peek behind the curtain the media has covered over the ruling by Judge Susan Bolton.

The good news is that while the media has played up the temporary injunction for all it's worth on the most powerful provisions, she left intact perhaps the most important ones that will drive out illegal aliens. You need to read it from the official decision, because you just might think I'm pulling your leg after I tell you the huge impact of Judge Bolton's stealthy maneuver.

Take a look:

Aha! So any person driving with an illegal alien can have their car impounded if they have committed another infraction. That's a *HUGE* win for Arizona. Impounding a vehicle immediately is a gigantic economic blow and the provision also provides for criminal charges to be issued against the person driving an illegal. This naturally means any person driving day laborers piled in the back of a truck can be pulled over, cited and have his truck impounded. Also the coyotes with a van full of illegals can now be charged with a separate crime and their vehicle seized as well. Even families that knowingly drive illegal members of their family ( i.e. their parents and grandparents) can be cited and have their car seized.

That is the most powerful incentive for illegals to leave Arizona. The provision also makes it a crime to encourage or induce an unlawfully present alien to come to or live in Arizona. Even journalists with their pro-illegal rhetoric could be charged under this one. ;-)

Yes, before you crucify Judge Bolton as a typical judicial liberal activist, you have to see that she intentionally left the most powerful deterrents and policing mechanism in place - probably even more powerful than "forcing" each police officer to determine the legal status of their suspects, she has left the best parts - auto seizure and the ability to charge those in vehicles with illegals of a crime.

What's more Judge Bolton received pressure from all sides - the most dangerous side being the Mexican cartels and secondly Obama's puppet AG Eric Holder.

Her decision made the left feel they won - when they really didn't. It gave the Obama administration what they wanted - a propaganda piece to lure Hispanic votes and it appeased the cartels. For her, this was the choice most likely to ensure her personal safety.

Only those of you who read my blog and get see behind the scenes know the truth. Arizona won an enormous victory today which will go into effect at 12:01 on Thursday. The rest of the media will reluctantly catch on after my readers start spreading the good word...

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