Monday, July 19, 2010

Why you should avoid Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Youtube & Google.

Today, I am going to lift another curtain. This curtain is one that most will fight tooth and nail not to be lifted and will resent when it is lifted. For all too many the truth is a fearsome thing and they are comfortable in their activities and try not to think about them too much.

Regardless, I'm lifting the curtain anyway. Just kick back and enjoy the ride.

Some of the most popular websites in the world are really some of the most dangerous. In Silicon Valley, where greed and the desires for a big IPO are at the heart of the millions who work and dream there, a small group of social misfits have unintentionally created the largest invasions of consumer and citizen privacy the world has ever seen.

And now anyone with a computer has access to all sorts of personal information of strangers that would have got them arrested 15 years ago. Kids are the primary target. Kids are exploited and their insecurity is the number one money maker for these sites. Every kid wants attention and in this world of working parents and illegal Ecuadoran nannies, kids reach out on the web for sorely needed affirmation.

These companies whose founders were only interested in a fast buck, have created a miasma of social devolution. The planet is getting more obese daily as these sites suck the life out of....well LIFE.

Yes, the hours spent on Facebook, Youtube & Twitter are not returned and their payoff is in turning obese children into morbidly obese twenty-somethings whose social skills are sorely lacking. Updating their "status" or "Tweeting" what they are up to compulsively seeking comments and affirmation has created a generation of socially retarded introverts. In some ways this mold was cast by the founders of these companies - whose dossiers all reveal varying degrees of social and mental handicaps.

Like some giant force field that paralyzes youth and young adults with the hollow reward of electronic affirmation, the progress of the world keeps getting more bleak. It's not surprising that as these internet or "innernet" ventures (where the masses are kept indoors and online) make more money, the real world is falling apart and the economy is crumbling.

The auto industry is devastated, the health care industry has been sold down the river, the housing industry is shattered and there's not a visionary to be found anywhere in site. Silicon Valley, for all it's ego and parasitic and narcissistic venture capital firms has not a true visionary anywhere among them. None are intelligent enough to see the damage the web is doing to human beings - young and old. There are no real geniuses in Silicon Valley, which, despite its reputation, is actually an intellectual wasteland.

Greed creates large blinders and cripples vision. In the late 90s the race to bring thousands of worthless start-ups to IPOs was frantic. Companies were created out of paper napkins and sold for millions only to go bankrupt after their founders and VCs cashed out with the help of crooked banks and stockbrokers. Silicon Valley is a sort of geeks Las Vegas where greed and whoring your soul is par for the course. Venture capitalists are a sleazy lot with personalities and morals elevated no higher than a bookie's or that of a loan shark.

Now the government has access to all this personal data made available freely. It is stored and sorted. A web browser called a Ripper instantly goes to work to save copies of all Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, Youtube "channels" and more. It saves it to a master computers which store all this data and can cross reference it faster than Google can bring up search results. Which is not surprising as many of the engineers and programmers have been lured into public service.

So a readout can be printed out and a small book about your family can be printed in about two minutes. Your family members, addresses, ages, incomes, interests, political affiliations, the amount of time spent online and every site you've ever visited, your projected gender preference and "blackmailability" rating based upon perceived criminal or questionable activities and interests. Each family members friends and their addresses and affiliations are also listed and so much more.

Social networking sites are oxymoronic. There is no social activity going on just a bunch of people sitting alone with their computers. Facebook is to real socializing as masturbation is to real sex. (Go ahead and quote me on that line)

Then you've got Google - the oh-so-full of itself group of thugs going around photographing everything and everyone, then editing the files and presenting a sanitized version on the web. They've created a terrorists dream come true - a map that's more than a map and can be used to case any target location without even having to visit first! Now everyone can look up someones address and spy on their friends, acquaintances and relatives. They can peek into their backyards and see if they have a pool or not and what car is in the driveway. This information makes it so easy for car thieves to find their next mark. No one talks about it, but it is estimated Google maps is responsible for about between 100,000 and a half million residential car thefts since it went online. Porsche? Rolls? Mercedes? Pick and choose your target. "Do no Evil" my behind. The company is very evil and the Google Cars not only spy visually but eavesdrop on all open networks recording all this data as well. It's a sick, sick company and is a symptom of a sicker world.

Yes, the evil of these few are palpable and their greed sees no moral that can't be compromised in the name of millions (or billions) of dollars.

So do your children use Facebook? Do you? Do you tweet to the world every event in your life seeking some comment to make you feel better about yourself? Do you use Google Search for all your searches? Do you post videos of yourself on Youtube?

If the answer is yes to any of the above you may want to realize just how compromised you, and your family, really are. And make no doubt about it. There are those who will exploit this data you have provided and use it against you in one form or another sometime in your future.

Humanity has always had tremendous volumes of pure pathos, but now the pathos is visible for all to see - and record.

The world is going to seed and the personal networking sites are the pied pipers leading the children to a morbidly obese, dysfunctional and socially atrophied future. This is not the future intelligent minds have created, this is the bookies future and the loan sharks future world.

And you and your family, and the larger world, are being devoured and decimated.

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