Saturday, July 17, 2010

BP, The Spill, Abiotic Oil & The Cap

The BP engineers have finally got the well plugged for now. They are at last proceeding very cautiously with their next moves. This is a very good sign and shows that they realize the new territory they are encountering with this well tapping the earth's abiotic oil. All this experience will serve the world well in the future as more ocean wells are drilled to give humanity greater access to the Earth's plentiful abiotic oil.

As I mentioned in several entries now, oil is created by pressures in the mantle on carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and sulphur. This oil is created quickly in the heat and pressure cooker of the upper mantle and rises to the surface through the tectonic plates. California has a huge fault known as the San Andreas fault and not surprisingly oil was discovered very quickly in California and wells were quickly drilled. Before the lie of "fossil" based oil was propagated, oil engineers looked for hills and other geologic indications of tectonic plate movement. However the pressures encountered by drills increase exponentially and drills can only reach so far under the resistance and pressure they meet. So enter the ocean based well - which taps the crust under the seas so that they can access this abiotic oil deeper than a conventional land well. This is the future of the oil and energy industry. There are a TON of places all over the earth that are ripe for tapping the Earth's abiotic oil. Take a look at this undersea map:

These locations marked with an orange circle are existing or likely locations to easily tap the abiotic oil. It's very simple when one knows what geological markers to look for in the tectonic plate movement and upheaval. Where land masses have split apart due to relatively rapid shifts, one will likely find a pocket of oil that has surged up with it. Such is the case in Saudi Arabia and the new gulf well. A look at the map indicates there are plenty of spots where such oil might be looked for and tapped.

As you can see - the oil industry is going to get much larger and produce many more barrels of oil a day output than now. This is a good thing. 70 percent of the world lives in deplorable conditions and is in desperate need of industrialization, capitalism and modernization to bring up their quality of life, education and subsequent intelligence. This industrialization will make the world of the future a much richer place and the average inhabitant of Earth will be able to live as Americans do now - and better.

The media will slowly wrap up the oil spill coverage, Obama and his handlers will continue to pursue their offshore drilling ban - so as to suppress the possibilities and wealth that exists here. As much oil as leaked into the gulf is still just a drop in the bucket. Oil is abiotic and is a natural part of this planet's composition. It may be poisonous to life, but nature also uses this oil ingeniously to permit the release of pressure in the mantle and to allow for tectonic plate movement. Cartographer Mary Tharp is owed a great deal of gratitude for her groundbreaking work of mapping the ocean floors and permitting science to update their theories about how the planet has evolved and how the continents came into being. Continental drift, once thought preposterous (much as many present the notion of abiotic oil) was validated. The BP well and discovery has validated abiotic oil from deep with the planet's crust. And while the Russians and Chinese need no convincing, the west has been blindsided by a longstanding "fossil" fuel campaign which subsequently evolved into "peak oil" a shrill fraud created by a few corporations to control the future of a valued commodity.

The progress BP has made is good. When lots of money is at stake one sees that people can be motivated to find solutions and quickly build new devices to make things work. The white house, under Obama, could only point the finger, give speeches and then try and twist the event to serve their own purposes and their backers interests.

We live in a world where the few exploit the many. Exploitation is part of the life cycle here on Earth. Animals hunt and devour the weaker animals. Here, the media and propaganda are used to control your destiny, and that of your children - unless YOU educate yourself and demand changes. Yes, I can post these things and lift the curtain on many of the secrets of the world, but you must take this knowledge and use it to empower yourself and those around you.

Knowledge is power.

Repeat that several times. Why? Because it's very true. The more you know about this world and how it functions - you move up the food chain. Millions remain intellectual rabbits in the midst of a few thousand hungry wolves and lions. They are devoured by the media, the status quo and commercial exploitation. Their lives are predestined in a sense, all because they do not have the knowledge, combined with faith in their own person to rise up and move out of the food chain. The pursuit of knowledge is really the primary function of man - it is the evolutionary engine that keeps moving man forward and has created the world we now live in.

While many progressives are programmed to despise oil companies and even the average consumer who pays high pump prices now has a default negative opinion of them - it is wise to realize that oil is one of the most efficient penny to energy quotient of anything yet produced. Some wish to see only a few nations rise up and other nations evolve into slave labor nations, whose people are used for the lowest forms of labor. Such is what many politicians and corporate boards envision is the desired role for Mexico, China, India and Malaysia. They have theirs and preserving the status quo is the goal of their short perspectives, fears and puny satisfactions. Only the tiniest fraction of the Earth's wealth has been tapped. And on Earth, as everywhere, energy *regenerates* - and none is ever truly lost. We cannot lose or destroy the oil, water or minerals we recover - they just change form and location here on Earth.

So whenever someone tells you there is a "shortage" of something you will know they are either liars or ignorant of the truth. No water has been lost. Every drop of water that has ever been used to wash a car, water a lawn or gulped down to quench someones thirst - is returned to the Earth. There is no shortage of water and has never been one. There is no "peak" oil scenario. Oil will continue to be formed in the mantle and the oil that is burned up as gasoline will return to the Earth as well - in the form exhaust and its component molecules that settle on land and in the seas and the cycle starts all over again.

The masses have been sold a bill of goods with "conservation". Conservation is perhaps the most evil and destructive fraud presented to mankind - merely to thwart continued industrialization. The same folks who want to see some nations stay crowded, poor, slave labor zones are the ones who also promote conservation and speak about the evils of pollution, industrialization and birth control. This must change. And it will. The world, if it is to continue evolving must reach new technocratic heights and balance those with a compassionate concern for his fellow man.

Abiotic oil is just one of the riches that will help spur a worldwide industrial renaissance. There will be many more super cities, many more factories producing all sorts of goods. And man, growing ever more intelligent, will use these things more intelligently and the downsides of previous industrialization will be made obsolete.

So don't let the media, or the President, redirect your attention from the true significance of this event. This well and leak are not about pollution - they are about wealth. Wealth beyond the world's wildest dreams. And when money is involved many wolves will exploit you.

Now you are prepared to face them and to create your own future.

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  1. I posted two links on my ampedstatus page, one to a listing of already existing production from mother cracks, and another to reason from scientific citations about oil shale not being the source of Fossil Fuel but rather part of the abiotic scenario.


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