Monday, July 12, 2010

Curing Diabetes, Cancer and the Other Incurable Diseases

We live in a very strange world. A world where compassion and honesty are often subverted for profit. In this world everyone wants their share and more. It's in the past been described as a rat race, which is a poor way of saying that everyone behaves somewhat like a rat.

Humanity has been around for many thousands of years and only painfully slowly has man learned about his body and what he is. And to this day, this knowledge is still totally incomplete. The medical and scientific community does not understand much of the way the body functions and is missing not just the details, but the larger picture of the human equation.

The world poisons itself daily. Nicotine, Alcohol, Sugar, Pharmaceuticals of a vast variety introduce toxins into the bodies of billions every single day. Not a second passes that millions are not being poisoned.

The saddest part about this poisoning is that it occurs in what is supposed to be a technologically advanced time period. The truth is man is not much better off now than he was twenty years ago, fifty years ago or even one hundred years ago. Only a few advances have taken place in the fighting of disease and illness. The discovery of germs and bacteria, the ability to vaccinate against illness and the surgical ability to remove and replace diseased organs is about the total of the major medical advances.

Refined sugar which poisons the body is in almost all foods sold. It is just as addictive as nicotine or alcohol and just as deadly over time. It is the sole source of tooth decay as the bacteria that rot teeth can only be formed in sugar. You don't hear about this from your dentist as much anymore. The don't eat candy and sweets campaign has fallen a bit by the wayside. Now it's just come in and get those cavities filled up. The anti-sugar message makes too many other companies uncomfortable. The fact that increased weight and sugar consumption eventually leads to Diabetes in many instances is as ignored as was the fact that smoking leads to lung, throat and other cancers.

We live in a world that is killing people for a profit.

That's pretty sick. But when one is detached from it, it is much easier for companies to sell and market poisons with little remorse. After all - this is a rat race and the rats compete for the small scraps to stay alive. In other worlds they kill to survive. In that sense man is still an animal of the jungle. His animal like qualities sustain him and daily compromise and sculpt his morality.

Curing the many incurable diseases would not be necessary if so many weren't ingesting poisons or in other ways harming their bodies. Sun worshippers tan regardless of the threat of skin cancer. Smokers smoke. Drinkers drink and the pharmaceutical industry is using the masses as a huge experimental drug test group. Daily thousands die of heart attacks, strokes or other complications from prescribed pharmaceuticals. The Hippocratic oath has been compromised somewhere along the way and the caduceus has been replace by a bank account book and a brain-tumor inducing cell phone.

We have all these organizations that claim they want money to cure the incurable diseases. They have existed, in some instances for over fifty years and have collected hundreds of millions of dollars and have nothing to show for their efforts. Charity is often a scam used by the lazy to obtain easy money. These organizations are largely scams and run by scammers. You can find pictures of victims alongside a can or plastic receptacle for donation. Muscular dystrophy, cancer, diabetes and many more have been singled out as diseases of choice for spurring donations. It's safe to say that if these illnesses were actually cured there would be no revenue and no charity anymore. They would be out of business.

It's hard to imagine any organization and charity could exist with no successes after decades of funding. The public would wise up and these scammers would be run out of town on a rail. But this is not the case. These organizations have instead used their longevity as a form of status and stature. They become the mouthpiece that supposedly represents the victims of these diseases. The more one thinks about this the more disturbing it is. It is much like a snake oil salesman proclaiming to speak for the sick, when in truth they profit from the sick.

The pharmaceutical industry is out of control. They are like a child with a new chemistry set, mixing chemicals and then feeding them to his dog to see what the reaction is. The child sees the dog run around after consuming some, if he were like a pharmaceutical company would give the new chemical a name - Energiaxia! He would proceed to market it to the neighborhood after securing a patent. The fact that the dog died two weeks later after consuming the toxin will be overlooked and listed as one of the "rare" side effects.

Yes, many charged with helping man battle disease are killing man and promoting disease. Either through callous disregard, abysmal ignorance or both.

The treatment for cancer which consists of massive doses of radiation is another way the medical industry kills the cancer victim. Millions die yearly from complications from radiation therapy - which kill the body's cells and intelligent cell function. And yet these doctors still choose radiation therapy over any other kind. Why? Because the radiation machines generate huge $$$$ every time they are used and the insurance companies pay these $$$$. The hospitals do this to compensate for the illegal aliens who don't pay and who must be treated by law. This is another reason the illegal invasion must be stopped - because it is spurring the unethical and corrupt treatment practices as hospitals and physicians feel their incomes threatened.

There's so much about the human body which materia medica is ignorant of. They don't understand the cell - its matching energy body and the quantum signal transmission maintained at all times between the two. They don't understand frequency relationship and how the body is simply a mass of wave forms oscillating at unfathomable frequencies and communicating and functioning solely via wave mechanics. Where they see a kidney or a bladder they have no idea of the field of energy transmitting signals to each cell in that kidney or bladder. Each signal which tells it what to do and how to function. They don't understand the quantum signal transmissions of the body and will not understand them for hundreds of years or more. They will keep trying to cause cell reactions to chemicals - regardless of the side effects, deaths and products released and approved by the FDA for billions of dollars in a quick, several year money grab - about the time it takes until the FDA *must* acknowledge the drug is a massive poison and people taking it are dying left and right.

Yes, you must look out for yourself and your own health. Your physician, hospital and any organization ultimately care most...about themselves. So stop smoking. Stop drinking. Re-evaluate your pharmaceutical intake, cut down dramatically your sugar intake, stay out of the sun and preserve your health with these actions and a positive mindset.

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