Saturday, July 03, 2010

The Abiotic BP Oil Spill - Tom Cruise, Drudge Report & More Secrets

Lifting the curtains is always educational. Curtains have been drawn to keep prying eyes out and here, where curtains are lifted regularly, readers get to see behind the facade of the material world they live in and discover the behind the scenes machinations.

The BP oil spill is perhaps the best example of the power of the media and of the corporations to control the flow of information - even if they can't manage to control the flow of oil.

What secret are they jealously guarding? What two words are verboten to be uttered together by CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX and even industry tabloids like The Drudge Report?

Abiotic oil.

The information lockout and topic restrictions are still in place despite all the questions about this oil emerging from deeper within the Earth than any "fossil fuel" could possibly have formed. It's okay for the media to call BP a monster, to make fun of the CEO and to endlessly admonish them for incompetence. It's taboo to discuss the source of the oil itself. Abiotic oil is off limits to everyone.


The answer is money.

Actor Tom Cruise was very publicly destroyed for speaking out against the trillion dollar pharmaceutical industry, because the media receives more advertising dollars from the pharmaceutical industry than any other source. He was canned from Paramount pictures, had to start his own production company and even today his film, Knight & Day, with Cameron Diaz (Which is pretty good actually) receives less press and publicity and more pans simply because of this same pharmaceutical industry and its very long tentacles and long memory.

The trillion dollar oil industry also has very long tentacles and if you were to look at the board of directors of any large media chain you will find "plants" - no not the garden variety, but executives whose sole presence exists to control the flow of information. It is a very good investment to buy stock in media corporations and elect board members friendly to one's interests when one runs a global empire.

So this is why you wont see "Abiotic Oil!" in 24 pt headlines on the front page of your local paper or even a whisper of it in any article about the BP oil spill. In its stead misdirection is the name of the game and the focus on the "environment" is one the oil companies can deal with because it doesn't fundamentally alter the value or perceived value of the commodity they sell. So instead of thinking "Hey...wait a second...this mile deep enormous oil ocean is GOOD news and a nail in the coffin of the half century old 'fossil' fuel and 'peak oil'song and dance I've been hearing about for the past twenty years to justify high oil prices!" the reader is guided into thinking about "stopping the oil" and "protecting the environment" and supporting those who wish to ban offshore drilling.

As I've mentioned before, I'm a friend of the oil companies. I like them. They provide a useful service and have a major role to play in the global industrial cycle. Eventually the abiotic oil story will break into the major media - I'm just helping it a long a bit. Why? Well, in my position I see certain outcomes the oil companies don't. It's my job to crunch the numbers and predict just how far China and India will go to secure needed energy sources for their huge industrial sectors and increasingly better living populations. Could China be funding the Taliban? Are they supplying Iran nuclear assistance in exchange for oil? So many questions that lots of people need the answers to if they are to chart an intelligent course of action.

So how does abiotic oil figure into all of this? Well, money of course. By breaking the abiotic oil news now in lieu of ten or twenty years from now, the US gets an edge when dealing with oil companies. The Congress, instead of blindly following corporate lobbyist funding for their positions, can vote and propose legislation that is mutually profitable to the USA strategically and the oil companies. A win-win. Abiotic oil needs to be tapped in greater quantities and the gulf is a great place to do that. Oil companies need the USA's support and a good deal to insure they can still make high profits while providing more oil.

Markets can be deadly things to progress. When oil prices fall on weak demand the oil companies slow down output or compensate in some other way to drive prices back up. That's just ...well stupid. To generate demand you need a burgeoning industry. A great example is China. China is going to be the largest consumer of oil in just ten or twenty years. Oil companies want sweetheart deals to supply oil at high prices for a long time to come. Peak oil has been very useful propaganda to keep oil prices high. Abiotic oil is a fearful thing to many oil companies who fear it will create a meltdown in the price of oil.

That wont happen. The industry controls enough of the market mechanisms to keep the price healthy for the industry. When the abiotic oil story breaks something WILL happen though - increased demand and consumption. A starving man told he has a weeks worth of food left in his pantry will be frugal. A starving man told he has a full pantry will feast.

So the abiotic oil story needs to be broken now. The USA and the whole world is on a declining educational precipice. People are becoming heavier, they watch too much TV, they use too many pharmaceuticals and they are losing the drive of true Empire Builders. After WWII we had millions of Empire Builders living throughout the world - men and women who dreamed big dreams. New cities, space exploration and colonization, new technologies, longer life-spans and the curing of all disease. Factories sprung up every day, more were employed and wealth was generated via capitalism to raise EVERYONE's quality of life. The QOL index is going down. The poor are reproducing faster than jobs are generated. That leads to global depression and poverty. It leads to instability in governments, wars and it leads to a future for the Earth far worse than it needs to be.

All this because our children are taught to "conserve" and to fear shortages that don't exist: Water shortages, food shortages and yes 'oil' shortages. Industry holds back and yet the poor keep multiplying. This is why the abiotic oil news story needs to break now. We need another renaissance and the fuel to power it. It's a physics equation. Gasoline and oil provide the most power for the least expense. Abiotic oil will be the news story that helps trigger the next renaissance and dreams of the next generation of Empire Builders. We need to move away from thinking smaller and start to think big again. The BP oil spill was a form of providence. A global blessing and not a curse.

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