Sunday, August 01, 2010

Ezra Klein, JournOlist, Cabalists, Andrew Sullivan and Total Stupidity

Ezra Klein was born during the close of Reagan's first term in office and grew up in liberal California in Irvine, a "planned community" created by the Irvine Company, where ordinances against leaving your garage door open more than an hour a day will get you cited and your control-freak neighbors will report you for disturbing the sanctity of their little communtopia. Irvine has always drawn those who are threatened by individuality and who want to live in a cookie cutter socialist environment.

So it is not surprising that Irvine was the stomping ground for little Ezra Klein, creator of JournOlist - an exclusive leftist club for "journalists" to compare notes and make sure the talking points were straight and the media message uniform. It explains a whole lot. Anyone who would have to spend even a year living in Irvine would go bonkers, one can only imagine the damage such forced conformity does to a child - and in this case, the entire nation gets to see the results. Irvine, the UC system "education" and all the rest, create cookie-cutter minds the same way the Irvine Company created cookie-cutter houses. A whole city that looks like one apartment complex and inside are minds twisted into conformity-craving control freaks whose goal in life is to get others to think like them.

That Ezra Klein thought a Google group was a good way of communicating, shows how uninformed he is. ALL Google Groups are monitored and recorded by the government. Google has no qualms about letting the government eavesdrop on its servers. Google is, for all intents and purposes nowadays, a government contractor that spies on all those who use their services. So all these juicy little insights on the leftist Journolists behavior, conspiracies and such have been recorded for posterity and will only succeed in destroying various journalists and their media institutions credibility. For the Washington Post, Time magazine and The Guardian - their credibility was already worthless and their rags are better suited to be used as toilet paper for the toilet-paper free parts of the 3rd world.

Andrew Sullivan lambasted JournOlist and Ezra a few days ago and the left responded with salvos of their own in defense of JournOlist and the messages recorded in cyber-space. Andrew Sullivan's take is the correct one, however and much more will be revealed as we move towards the elections. Like Nixon's tapes, Ezra's JournOlist will serve as entertaining and revealing fodder not merely for months, but for years to come. Ezra probably was taught all about how bad Nixon was in the UC school system in his political science classes, unfortunately for him he didn't learn the most obvious lesson - don't record your conspiracies and make a noose of your own words for your political enemies to use against you.

Google groups? He might as well have just posted it on the Democratic Underground or Daily KOS - JournOlist's moral compatriots. Secure digital transmission on the web doesn't exist. Even here, the most advanced Fortezza encrypted data systems are able to be compromised.

What we are seeing here is an imploding of the leftist apparatus. Ezra Klein from the Washington Post has lost all credibility, Joe Klein, Spencer Ackerman and all the rest that have so far been revealed. I am still dumbfounded by these folks ignorance. Ezra is 26 and sort of can be excused for his stupidity, but all the rest? What we see here is the power of the culture of conformity. "A secret cabal of leftist journalists where we can plot against those evil right-wing bastards, make sure Obama is elected and twist the national dialogue to suit our agenda? Heck, I'm there!"

And now like the Nixon tapes, the agency is sifting through the transcripts to find just how much people like Obama's (now gone) budget director Peter Orszag and others in the administration (not yet identified) were involved in trying to control the media's message.

The funniest part of all this is that there are more cabals like JournOlist that are using online meeting grounds even as I write this and somehow think their words and messages are private. Apparently, none of them read Dana Priest's article on the big bad intelligence sector.

Maxine Waters, Charlie Rangel, Obama and SB1070, JournOlist - it's like a perfect storm destroying the Democratic party from within. The GOP and Tea Party can sit back and watch as these folks lack of morals, absolute self-interest and sky-high corruption is revealed to all the world. In 90 days, the nation will get their say on all this corruption and the leftist agenda. The Democratic party is scheduled for devastation the likes it has never seen.

And just wait...the best news is yet to come.


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