Sunday, July 18, 2010

J.D. Hayworth or John McCain for Senate? The Answer is Simple.

J.D. Hayworth.

Not because he is a sterling example of human being or is not a typical politician. He is a perfect example of a politician. But when compared to John McCain, also known as Mr. Sell out, Mr. Fraud and Mr. Amnesty, Hayworth appears the more reliable politician as Arizona moves forward. McCain will return to amnesty like a pig returns to the mud. He's so comfortable nursing on the taxpayers teats he wouldn't know what to do with himself outside of politics.

McCain is the ultimate opportunist and he has a track record of selling out on *every single issue* that matters to conservatives. McCain is a snake first class while Hayworth is simply a typical used car salesman.

It's really that simple. While he tries to act as a harsh border defender, Arizona is in the mess that it is because of McCain - who has always favored amnesty and has had no skill in getting our borders protected.

Sometimes a used car salesman, despite all his flaws, is more reliable than a professional viper who slithers through both sides of the aisle in Congress under the label of "Maverick" which translates in real lingo into "Benedict Arnold".

McCain (expert lifelong politician) lost to Obama. To (done-nothing-ever) OBAMA!

That tells one all one needs to know about John McCain. It would be a shame for Arizonans to get sucker punched once again when he switches and pulls the Amnesty bill out of his back pocket and starts dealing with Obama.

McCain has done far more than enough. It's time for him to be put out to pasture.

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  1. Why does no-one comment on your articles, they are really good dude.


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