Saturday, July 17, 2010

Secrets of a Time Cruiser

Okay time for an entry for the few...and not the many.

In SDAI parlance, I'm known as a Time Cruiser. Time Cruisers can visit the future and the past and use knowledge from both to shape the present. All of my blog entries here have served that purpose. They are calculated to the nth degree in advance and each person who reads them has their life changed. Lucky you.

Theoretically, all events and interactions change our lives but Time Cruisers have the ability to pull from the past and the infinite number of possible futures (which change at any given nanosecond) and use this data to create new time streams. Time is sort of like a river. It flows smoothly and carries all things forward. Everything is energy and energy regenerates. However, like any species of fruit or vegetable while all are similar and share certain properties, each is also unique unto itself. No two apples are identical, even though many share red skin, seeds and a stem.

This same concept can be applied to time streams. Some futures all share certain elements and even though the future keeps morphing, sometimes certain parts are predictable and will be shared by all these futures. Earth's future is an apple by any other name and it shares many fixed properties that act as guideposts for Time Cruisers.

In the film NEXT, with Nicholas Cage, Cage plays a man who can see 2 minutes ahead into his own future. He uses this knowledge to reluctantly save the world and identify the location of a terrorist group's nuclear bomb. In real life, time travel doesn't quite work like that. Seeing one's own future is nearly impossible. It's blocked and for good reason. If one knew one's own future, one would not benefit from the events within it. Each new experience offers up a test - a test of balance.

This is the most important lesson you can take from this entry today. If embraced and used it will make you one of the most powerful and knowledgeable persons on the Earth. The lesson is this:

All things that happen to you are equally good and evil or positive and negative. Nothing that happens to you has any less or more of both these aspects as it regards your future.

Look at that line above and re-read it several times and try to understand it. It will be your salvation.

Yes, to be a Time Cruiser one must first understand time and space. One must understand that everything is energy and this energy exists in the now. Everything that has ever been and everything that will ever be are already accessible - in the now. They exist. Time possesses them in her stream and "the now" is the boat that cruises on this stream. All sorts of knowledge awaits to be brought from the future as the now cruises through it and thereby changing the future the moment it reflects into the now.

Mastering this balanced understanding of all events in your life will give you power over them. Emotion is the weak link. It leads to perpetual cycles of unhappiness/happiness and the roller coaster of self-pity.

Emotion is created by imbalance. Good and evil biases form ALL emotions. This is good and that is evil. In the distant future, this type of thinking simply doesn't exist. Emotional reactions are viewed much as we now view monkeys in a zoo - a reflection of limited sentience. Understanding that all events in your life have been both beneficial and detrimental is the first step to true happiness - which loiters around a constant state of both contentedness and curiosity.

Earth of the distant future has many humans and all still look much like humans of today. However their behavior and the world they create for their expanded minds is vastly different and has vastly different goals than the world around us now. Returning to this Earth from that future is like returning to the middle of a trench being shelled during WWI. The disparity is that great - perhaps greater. In the future, the kindness all intelligent people aspire to possess and act upon - is acted upon. All the violent emotions such as hate, anger, jealousy and more are almost non-existent. They can be defused instantly by the knowledge of balance which they live with. This is the future humanity has long sought. The paradise formed not from without - but within. And all because of a simple principle which you have learned here today.

Yes, if you begin to live with and use this knowledge now, you will literally be living as they do well over 1000 years from now (Perhaps sooner if this blog entry has the desired effect) and you will find joy and contentedness where before you had frustration and depression. You will be able to look at your life and will be forced to find the good in all that you now see as bad. And you will see the bad in all that view as only good.

Time Cruisers understand this. They understand that balance of your own mind is the only thing they can control and it is what moves you through this universe of space and time. In your life, you will discover this as well. While it may appear as though you are the master of your destiny - you are only master insomuch as you can balance all emotions that seek to form in your consciousness as a reflection of your past with the present.

I've walked and talked and interacted with people in these futures and it is not a Mr. Spock affair of suppressed emotions. Quite the opposite, these people are genuinely incapable of hating, fearing and loathing. They laugh and are light-hearted. They do not interface with each the other on emotional bridges. This is quite refreshing and it is light years from the world of today, in which emotions block and interfere with intelligent communication. The only emotion left to love.

That's all for now...

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