Monday, July 12, 2010

Obama Poll Numbers Dropping. Democratic Party = Illegal Immigrant Party

Obama's poll numbers are dropping fast among all demographic groups. The very latest analytics indicate the GOP will not only recapture the house, but will also capture the senate in November. What has happened to so dramatically change the fortunes of Democrats who were riding high and mighty?

For starters the Democrats have rammed through the most unpopular health care scam in history. A scheme that will force people to get insurance or pay fines. A tax increase for everyone disguised as a health care initiative. That action was the first sledgehammer in the face of the citizens. But as horrible as that legislation is, that alone is not reason enough for almost all Democrats to be unelectable this November. The shocking treason displayed by this President and White House is now visible to the citizens of the republic. They see that they are betrayed and that Obama and the Democrats have bet their entire future on "Hispanics" - which translated into plain speak is illegal Mexican immigrants and their offspring. The Democratic party has looked at the numbers and has thrown in their lot with Mexico and the illegal invasion of the United States.

This is political suicide. The legal citizens never pardon treason - especially when it is boldfaced and transparent as the Obama's lawsuit against Arizona.

The people can't wait for November to express their displeasure and Obama is now officially a lame duck, one term President. He's been revealed as a Manchurian candidate bought and paid for by George Soros and those whose financial interests and political interests include the destruction of the United States as a superpower. He's an enemy of the republic whose oath was false as the rest of him.

His victory was paid for by a campaign under the ambiguous word: change. And change he has brought - change for the worse. The nation can't afford his enormous failures and attempts to destroy the economy and the very social fabric of the United States. The Democratic party has committed suicide off a cliff and Obama doesn't care if the party is upset with him. He's bought and paid for and he answers only to Soros. Socialism, diluting the United States citizens with Mexican citizens is Soros idea of speedy path to complete socialism in the USA.

Can the damage be undone? Yes. When the GOP and Tea Party have control of Congress they can enact legislation that defends the borders, revokes the apocalyptic birthright citizenship which has fed Democrats with millions of new socialist voters for the past two decades. Reversing the health care bill and much of the other legislation will be a top priority and with a super majority will be able to be enacted despite Soros proxy veto through the empty suit of Obama.

The Democrats thought Obama was their savior. None wanted to look inside Soros' Trojan horse and now they are surprised to realize he cares not a whit about left or right or America but is an employee of George Soros first and foremost. If he disobeys Soros his re-election funds will be non-existent - or worse. When someone invests hundreds of millions in you, you probably tend to wonder what might happen if you disobey. So one can feel sorry for Obama, sort of. He's fearful. One sees that every time he speaks. He's afraid. He's used to dealing with gangland politicians and thugs and is comfortable among them, but knows his actions are now under close scrutiny from his employer. Soros might fund a replacement Manchurian candidate in 2012, or worse, if he disobeys.

2012 will be the final purge of any remaining traitors to the republic. Hopefully by this time the economy can be salvaged and laws enacted to protect the republic from such Manchurian candidates in the future.

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