Saturday, October 20, 2007

The ROOM...Yet Again.

The garden is spectacular. Plants and blooms, after millennia upon millennia of evolution create the most magnificent shapes and the air is rich with the pungent delicacies of colorful blooms. The blond haired woman of indescribable beauty, purity and goodness is standing besides a bloom 2 feet across that is stunning, with purple and gold spira-mirabalis patterns and 3300 tiny petals on its perimeter and yet next to her becomes just another flower.

In this spectra knowledge transfer is instantaneous. She knew the bloom had 3300 petals and merely by looking at her and the flower - this knowledge was transferred to my own mind.

"Greetings, again. Thank you for coming to my garden on such short notice. I realize the difficulties of consciousness transference when encased in the mortal, human body. I wanted to show you some of the flowers and fauna, and at the same time explain to you a bit the things you presently need to become more aware of, if you wish to work out some of these heavier karmic payloads you have engendered over the past millennia as our emissaries to the Earth worlds."

"Yes, long before you began working for us, you were working for yourself. Selfishness was the only thing you knew. Like most physical people, self-concern is an inescapable component of their existence. They are concerned about how they come off, how they compare to those around them, how they are viewed by members of the opposite sex and how best to conduct their efforts to ensure their material existence is as pleasant as possible. You were a materialist. You recorded thousands of lives lived in such a manner. Your consciousness was built up of the same material thought patterns and accompanying emotions. You regenerated fear, sadness, loneliness, hate, jealousy and perhaps the worst, the desire to destroy that which you found to be evil."

"After many lifetimes of trial and error, you learned such thoughts and actions did not place you where you wanted to be. You were not satisfied with the comforts of a material existence and sought solace for your soul in more spiritual pursuits. After many lifetimes pursuing one religion after another, only to find yourself as barren as ever, you realized spirituality lay within you. You were seeking for assistance outside yourself, when all you ever needed was already within."

"It was after you had this epiphany and became a more selfless component of infinite intelligence, that you could come and work for us, the administrators for this corner of the multiverse. You asked for employment, and we reviewed your qualifications in much the same manner as an employer would review the qualifications of a new hire on the Earth. We were pleased with the progress you had exhibited and were comforted by your honest desire to assist those still struggling in the material planes. You were assigned the Earth world and your domain includes all time periods of its existence, from its creation to its cataclysmic destruction. You can incarnate in any form you wish, any time period of Earth's history you so choose and attempt aid all those you can."

"So far your efforts have had mixed results. Many souls have indeed been elevated from the Earth because of your gentle prodding and pointing, yet others have been harmed by your efforts, in times when you do not maintain that all-important equilibrium. So here we are in my garden, and you are again refreshed and the worries and concerns of a material nature are completely washed away. You see with that inner eye once again and recover the perspective that is denied in the flesh body."

"The Earth, at the time you a presently engaged with, is undergoing a transformation. The lower forces have redoubled their efforts to counter your messages and to steer more towards the dark paths of selfishness, but you realize that this was to be expected and is, in fact, natural. Each action of energy sets in motion a reaction. Each positive force is accompanied by a negative force. Just as you, and others like you, travel through Earth's history, so do your counterparts who try and turn the Earth into a breeding ground for souls to descend on a pathway to the lower astral dimensions."

"Look here at this plant. It seems similar to the fern plants grown on Earth and yet this plant is fifteen feet tall, has crystal-like, transparent stems and clear leaves with a bluish tint. Yes, I can read your impressions, indeed it is like a huge fountain with graceful arching curves of water streaming down. This plant has several unique properties which it has developed along its evolutionary course. The most profound of which is it's ability to reflect the thoughts of those who pass by it. As a result, when someone stands here their thoughts are made more clear to them and the resulting impression and effect is of a refreshing clarity of mind. Just as on the Earth some plants and animals have a symbiotic relationship, here these plants have evolved to clarify the minds of those who come near it, and at the same time the plant is nourished off of elevated, high frequency thought processes. Yes, in this spectra, as you know, there is no water, only pure energy. The plants pull their sustenance out of the air, and here the air is also simply energy of various types which descends to us from even higher planes of existence, it is, as the Earth character Spock would say, "pure energy" and has energy frequencies within it which would be beyond the present Earth scientists', among whom you work with, comprehension."

"So stand for a moment here and allow your thoughts to mingle among the crystalline stems and flowing leaves. Cast off all those emotion-laced self-interests which one can't help but be engaged with to some degree on the Earth. And allow this energy to flow from your consciousness here to your lower material consciousness. As it does the cells in your physical anatomy are being realigned and stepped up in their fundamental vibration. You will find it ever easier to return here to the Room and this garden whenever you catch yourself being overcome by lower emotions and lower forces."

"Yes, there will be no destruction of the dark forces. They will always exist, and must exist in opposition to that which is light. All that which is "evil" acts as a stepping stone for the formation of "good". Each Angel, Lord, Logoi and Master has achieved a certain degree of mastery over all these lower dominions. They can't ensnare him or her and cannot lower the frequency of their actions. In fact, in the presence of such lower forms of energy, the master actually increase their positive output. Such is the case now with you and the Earth. Those who read this "blog entry" will gain insight into a realm far elevated from their normal Earth life and it will hopefully act to serve and catalyze their own future epiphany and transformation from self based action to more infinitely developed actions."

I turn and look at her, my thoughts an open book and clarified by the plant which seems to change color and hue, with my own thoughts regarding my employer. The plant turns a pinkish-purple hue of the most refined nature. She meets my eyes and once again I am peering into infinity. A unique infinity - her infinite mind. Her mind is so deep, even this body she wears here is just a convenience for my own sake. She is not locked down to any such finite form. Her mind spans galaxies, dimensions and parallel universes. She has touched a trillion trillion souls in her travels and yet still her mind works for, and can infinitely appreciate, the value of each single one.

It is overwhelming. She is overwhelming. Yet her development renders such personal pronouns wholly inadequate.

"Let all those who read your words, know fully well my love goes out to them in the most infinite measure."

And yet, I need not tell my readers that. If they read this blog entry, they already know.

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