Saturday, September 15, 2007

Immortality Isn't All It's Cracked Up To Be - It's More.

Billions of folks through the ages have desired immortality. The idea of having life continue on forever is nearly universal as far as men and women are concerned. Billions more simply seek to preserve youth for as long as possible. They purchase creams, ointments, hormones and vitamins in the quest to fight the clock. In the end, time always wins. The wrinkles and grey hair accumulate and even the richest movie stars and tycoons can't buy youth.

An observant and intelligent person would realize that youth can't be bought. What's more they would learn not to bias the symptoms of aging, as these will only be attracted to one, much like iron filings to a magnet, and aging will be sped up by such negative biases.

Yet we live in a culture which obsesses about youth. Sexualization of girls now starts at age 8 or 9 and is fully made manifest by the time they are 10 or 11. The corporate empire realizes that the best consumer is the one who is still completely immature and can be swayed by the simplest psychologically exploitive commercial.

How many really lame toys have been sold by a hype commercial showing kids excitedly racing to play with said lame toy? Such commercials are always short. Anything more than twenty seconds and the kids might realize it's not that exciting at all, and is, in fact, quite lame. Such toys are bought and played with for about the same amount of time as the commercial.

But the exploitation stuff has been covered sufficiently in other blog entries. Today's topic is immortality.

Being an immortal requires a completely different lifestyle. Immortals don't follow trends. They've seen civilizations come and go and watched as people make the same mistakes, live with a plethora of inferiority complexes and then lash out at the world around them. The entire human ego and the many wars, conflicts and violence is mute testimony to this process of man constantly compensating for feelings of inferiority/insecurity.

Walk past someone who has nicer clothes and better grooming? Call them a metrosexual! Someone is in the public eye? Judge them! Your girlfriend/boyfriend breaks up with you? They must be gay!(or straight?!) An endless litany of defense mechanisms are employed hundreds of times a day by most humans - and almost no one is aware of this or why they do it. The constant little cuts into one's ego occur all day long. It truly takes the mind of an immortal to be on complete equilibrium in all circumstances and to be free of an ego. There is no such thing as a healthy ego - a healthy ego simply means one is still ruled by feelings of inferiority/superiority and a desire to compensate for them.

That's a big no-no for an immortal. You can't live forever and still be trapped in the tiny emotional roller-coaster of the material world. Naturally, this would be a big disappointment for most who seek immortality. Not being able to lord it over others or exploit one's position or knowledge seems to spoil the whole goal of being immortal.

Being an immortal means living by a certain code; a constant awareness of the inflexible principles of energy, regeneration, frequency-relationship, feedback, relativity, etc. Yes, every action is judged by this code and consciousness tallies up the relative positive/negative ratio of such an action in comparison to stored structures, experiences and values. Doing something willfully negative carries greater feedback when one knows better. Call someone a name when you are sixteen and you will still be receiving regenerated feedback from this ill-conceived action well into your seventies - or until you put such a biased cycle of regenerating energy on equilibrium again.

Immortals age, only slower. When one doesn't bias or fear aging, at thirty you'll look twenty and at eighty you'll look sixty or perhaps even fifty. However, this will not be that important to you, because you will have lost the fear and insecurity that sponsors such obsession with youth. You will not envy the young, nor pity the old - you will be on complete equilibrium and realize that life is simply a set of cycles regenerating, re-manifesting and growing more complex.

Immortality means work. You don't coast through lives. Your mind is constantly analyzing, balancing and ironing out ALL things that come into your dominion. And this process never ends. As your mentality develops the challenges and biases one faces grow in equal proportion.

Being human means living life controlled and guided by emotions and material desires. Being immortal means forsaking emotions and replacing material desires with longer lasting, immortal desires; love, caring, sharing, learning, etcetera.

In the film the Highlander, starring Christopher Lambert, and which dates to 1985, the story involves immortals killing each other so as to rule humanity. Such a film captures the escapist fantasy many folks have about immortality/invulnerability. Just as man has for many millennia given his gods human vicissitudes, so does he give his vision of immortals the same traits and petty desires spawned by insecurity. And what's more the movie's message "there can be only one" is exactly the opposite of the truth. In truth, there are an infinite number of immortals, most of which have eons upon eons ago long since graduated from material/atomic planes of existence.

No, with immortality does not come a desire to rule others or lord over others on some throne somewhere. Immortality comes with great peace of mind and understanding. The realization that ALL souls are your brothers and sisters and are a vital part of the infinite universe, makes any efforts or machinations against them the equivalent of beating oneself in the face.

This sense of separation, isolation and loneliness is another mirage that fades away. We are all integral components of the universe. Your life and mine are interconnected, even thought the connections may seem only tangential and distant, this too is an illusion. The past/present/future are one collective whole and nothing can be added or taken away without it influencing this whole.

Oh, and immortality means death - lots and lots of it. Each day has a sunrise and a sunset, just as each life has a birth and a death. Yet this is all illusion. The sun constantly shines and life never ceases. Once your perspective broadens these changes, the life cycles, etc. all make perfect sense and possess perfect purpose.

As an immortal, you will understand all this written here today and so much more - you'll have to.

And you'll be seeing me around the multiverse forever.

Lucky you.

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