Friday, October 12, 2007

Al Gore is the Second Coming!

But does Earth really need another Hitler?

The parallels are ominous for anyone really well-versed in history.

A) Self declared champion of crisis.

B) Program present to indoctrinate the youth.

C) Messianic messages and fear mongering.

D) Pre-requisite of global compliance.

E) Ideological purity demanded

F) Portrayed as bringer of Peace.

The awarding of Albert Gore the Nobel Peace Prize alongside with the UN committee studying climate change should cause most literate folks, from all around the world, to start hearing alarm bells ringing. The push to create a new ideological purity is frightening and in this case the new dogma is "human-caused global warming" and demands complete allegiance - or else. Gore has made himself the messiah of this flawed polito-scientific doctrine and his film has become the latest propaganda film to be forced onto a generation of children.

I know, already a large number of left-leaning folks who already fully believe man-made global warming is very real are ready to click the heck away from this sacrilegious blog. And comparing Al Gore to Hitler seems over the top, right? After all Gore just wants to save the people, doesn't he?

As the old saying goes, the path to Hell is paved with good intentions. Hitler did not start off wanting to kill millions of folks, he just fancied himself the messiah who could free Germany from the unfair war reparations the Allies had been collecting from Germany for almost twenty years and which had created a very real, long lasting depression in Germany. So he spoke to the young folk - this was their fight and he was their leader. Changes needed to be made. The old order was going down, and he was doing this for them and with them Sound familiar?

It should. By creating the right conditions for mass-hysteria regarding climate change, Gore has positioned himself in the catbird seat to profit from the inexperience, and relative lack of intelligence of the young and figuratively blackmail the existing governments to go along with his wishes, via a steady program of media and school indoctrination.

"Give us your 10 year olds", reads a Nazi propaganda poster, and not ironically that is the average age of the kids being dragged by their schoolteachers to sit in assemblies and forced to watch "An Inconvenient Truth" all over the USA and in other nations as well.

Germany was doing much the same. The Hitler youth were the good kids who wanted to save the world. And this is important for readers to realize and grasp: they really did believe they were good. The parallel with the many children and adults who want to save the planet is inescapable.

The fanaticism is equally inescapable. Fanatics, as we all had demonstrated for us on 9/11/2001, are quite dangerous. This is because their indoctrination is total and they have no desire, to see any other side or to balance their views. To Al Gore there is no question he now fully believes the planet "needs to be saved". His post-election period of self-hypnosis in hibernation is over and he has emerged as a fully enraged pulpit pounder.

Sure, while his own son is smoking marijuana while speeding through Mission Viejo, California at 100 miles an hour and his wife has a history of mental illness, a rational adult wonders why on Earth he isn't spending his time saving his own family, rather than proselytizing at fund-raisers and accepting academy awards from the echo chamber.

The answer is fairly obvious:

Al Gore is in the midst of a full blown escape mechanism. An escape mechanism is a psychological term and basically it is the mental release performed by folks to keep them from snapping. Almost everyone has an escape mechanism. The guy who doesn't get a promotion and gets passed over by his colleague, goes to the pub after work and gets drunk. That is his escape mechanism. The housewife stressed out by her kids and chores, runs the soap operas in the background. That is her escape mechanism. Al Gore, who lost a drawn out contested presidential election and whose name became synonymous with "sore loser" needed a HUGE escape mechanism to compensate for such an enormous dressing down - and he finally found one: Come hell or high water, he was going to save the planet.

Hitler suffered as a failed artist, his works were derided and was unable to attend an arts academy. His mother died of breast cancer and after a mustard gas attack in WWI suffered temporary blindness and became obsessed, almost hysterical with the idea of "saving Germany".

This became his escape mechanism. Hitler fully believed he was doing good.

Sure, it is hard to be frightened by the icon of Al Gore. If anything his zeal seems somewhat comical and one finds it hard to believe that anyone takes him seriously. However, from my own unique insight of history, I know many folks shared the same feelings about Adolph Hitler when he started to demand changes. And yesterday, after the Nobel committee decided to award Al Gore the "Peace Prize" I suddenly realized it was time to speak up, insert a little speedbump, before history repeats itself unnecessarily.

Millions believe Al Gore should run for President. Hillary Clinton who has craftily turned her nomination into a racist proposition, "the woman or the black man", naturally would be very unhappy if Gore were to run. Gore's far left ideologues constitute the broad outer fringe of her political base.

But Gore has been handed another soap box, a slightly larger one than Hollywood gave him, and he will not fail to stand up and use it. Hillary supporting pundits believe he would not beat Hillary, while others are convinced he would clean her clock.

Hillary is on her own escape mechanism, proving herself a bigger "man" than her philandering husband - and the real "brains" of the two. Whether her escape mechanism, due to her public humiliation, is larger than Gore's is quite in doubt. Hillary may be a lifelong, power-hungry manipulator seeking power and glory, but she clearly does not possess the state of self-hypnosis and fanaticism Gore now possesses and wears like a coat of armor.

So the reality is, Hillary probably would lose to Gore. Gore would hold the puppet strings of the young and uneducated in his hands. The same base Hillary's husband used to ride into office in 1992 after Perot split the GOP vote.

A Gore presidency would be like water to the parched throats of other folks fully engulfed in the "man-made global warming" hysteria and escape mechanism. It would also be music to the ears of foreign nations and foreign corporations; not to mention folks like billionaire George Soros who has long ago vowed to strip America of its wealth and spread it around where he sees fit to place it.

Many reading this blog will share in this escape mechanism. They will fantasize about a world where SUVs are outlawed, where the rich are stripped of their wealth and where no one can show them up or trigger their various sensitive spots and insecurities.

However, none of this truly creates balance and harmony. The warming caused by solar variance will be completely unaffected by the changes made under any treaty or protocol. The dismantling of US industry or of the automotive industry will not change, by even one inch, the size of the ozone holes - which are caused by charged particles following the magnetosphere lines of force to the planet's geomagnetic poles.

So I ring the alarm bell now, before the new laws are enacted, before new lists of forbidden items and chemicals are composed, before the thousands of fines and laws are added to the legislative books in nations all over the world. Before Gore is allowed to target and punish a portion of humanity and make them the scapegoats for the "planet's fever".

I try not to interfere with human history too much. I generally let it unfold and let folks make decisions for themselves. This event, however heralds a well-known (to me anyway) danger point in the progression of human history and technocracy.

I've now done my part with this blog entry.

The rest will be up to all of you.

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