Saturday, December 22, 2007

Defense Against the Dark Arts

Everyone who reads this particular blog entry will have need of it. So stop for a second and take note. This is not an accident, chance or random internet surfing that brought you to this page. What you read over the next few minutes will be of great use to you now and in your future.

In this entry, I am going to discuss the defense against the dark arts. Yes, the Harry Potter franchise has popularized this particular phrase and yet real life is much stranger than fiction, and what you will learn here today will be infinitely more valuable to you than the fictional wand incantations taught to aspiring wizards.

Light and dark are two sides of the same coin. Because we live in an infinite universe of energy which expresses with polarity - all events, all things, all people and each thought you take now expresses with a positive/negative relationship to all other things - both within you and outside of yourself. To defend yourself against the dark forces you must first understand exactly what darkness is. Darkness is made of the same stuff of Light - energy. A dark force has polarized negative experiences and the wave forms which comprise them are biased towards the negative polarity.

Once again: Darkness is energy polarized to a negative pole when juxtaposed against similar positively biased waves.

The universe, as a result, is in perfect balance at all times. From any position you will ever find yourself, now or in any future life, there will lie energy of infinite sums both positively and negatively biased to all that you are.

All that you are is a sum of energy. Yes you are ENERGY. All energy cannot be destroyed or created, it merely changes form.

You are evolving.

Every moment, each thought, each experience changes what you are. It changes the wave forms which comprise you. If you lose your wallet or purse, that is biased as negative. To you it represents a form of evil, darkness, something bad or merely unfortunate. This is the illusion we are going to shatter today.

Evil exists in your life only when you permit it to.

Any experience, happening event, or person can NEVER by themselves be evil, dark or negative. They need a CONTRASTING form of energy to RELATE to.

Darkness is not darkness, until something more light arrives on the scene. Hell worlds, demon playgrounds do not seem negative to those who are oscillating at this level and comprised of energy. They are completely ignorant of their own darkness. This is a very important point to remember.

All evil is generally ignorant of their evil. Every act which betrays the ignorance which spawned it can be considered evil. The bully at school, the person who embraces hatred, the violent and destructive, generally never are intelligent enough to see their actions in perspective. They find their actions necessary, and likely even good, while others find them evil. Yes, all the demons, dark forces and devils of the lower spectra think they are justified in their actions. They do not see themselves as someone more evolved does.

On this world, and at this time, you will likely never encounter true evil and will instead encounter manifestations of human ignorance, fear and insecurity. True evil requires the development of a certain level of consciousness that then falls or descends. Fallen angels are very real. A man with a club can beat someone, but a man with an atom bomb can take out millions of people.

Dark forces and the dark arts are practiced by such fallen souls. They had at one time developed to a certain level in their personal evolution from life to life and from spectra to spectra and then they lost their equilibrium and their fundamental positive bias. At this point everything they learned about energy, they use for destructive, selfish ends. And this can be quite considerable.

All the horror books, films, scary stuff, violent video games, etcetera are the manifestations of these dark forces efforts. This world is like an enormous kindergarten classroom and the dark forces are trying to recruit new members among the unsuspecting children.

To defend yourself against such dark arts, you must realize that the dark forces goal is to turn the sum of your wave forms into negatively biased waves. They want you to be exposed to violence, death, fear, hate, pain, jealousy, greed, etc. The mass media today act as tools of these dark ones. Their tentacles create such shows as Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean and other negatively inspired tools used to create darkness in the minds of the masses.

So to defend yourself against darkness you must use Light. You, who read this here today will become Masters of Light. You will become at one with the infinite and will never be able to be harmed by darkness. Light will become your shield and your sword. You will need no incantations or wands. You will direct and control this Light with your mind. You will become a luminous orb of light, blinding all darkness and when they contact you their negatively biased waveforms will be balanced.

This is very important. Once you realize that darkness no longer can harm you and, in fact, only dark forces fear, then you will never be afraid again. You will be able to stand up to all things less positive and with your positive state of mind will master and neutralize the negative that comes into contact with you.

This will not be an easy task. Because everything that you are presently comprised of will have varying degrees of imbalanced waves. All your dislikes, fears, hates, jealousies and resentments will need to be balanced. Because these will be the doorways by which the dark forces will try and take you down.

Once you pursue this path of light - be warned - the dark forces will notice you. Like moths to the flame, those who walk in halos of light are hard to miss. So you will be tested, and mastery, if you so desire such, will be achieved only after thousands of years and many lifetimes of this due diligence in maintaining a positive consciousness and realigning all that you are towards a positive polarity.

That's all for today's lesson. Most folks could re-read this particular blog entry a thousand times and they would still get benefit and realize new things after the 1001st re-reading.

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