Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Up Up & Away and All That Good Stuff!

Sometimes I feel like Clark Kent. Every now and then I reveal that I'm not exactly human and I end up freaking folks out.

Today we're going to discuss biases. It's very important and will change your life just as much, or more than those who are caught up in religion or "The Secret" or any other escape mechanism that is handy.

"The Secret" presents just another "think and grow rich" fantasy. You can't really control life like that and the selfish motivations are actually counter-productive. Sure you can think about getting rich - but your positive overbias on wherewithal is just as likely to draw poverty unto you as riches.

What you can control is your reaction to everything around you. By learning to see things in balance, you go through life without the swings of highs and lows. This in turn, builds a consciousness that more truly mirrors the universe. The universe doesn't personalize or bias anything.

Every waveform that's off-equilibrium, either to a positive or negative bias will draw certain experiences unto you. Our lives are the byproduct of all these waveforms and new ones we compound into them.

The goal of life is not to be rich, be famous or powerful - but rather to build a balanced and expanded consciousness. Sure it sounds new-agey, but in truth our minds are us - the body is just a shell. By experiencing and mastering more and more things and pushing our minds to conceive greater and larger concepts, we become more infinite - and this in turn will place us in environments suitable to our continued growth - and which will test us on what we have already learned.

And while it seems like such would have to be "designed" by some greater power - it really is just the natural function of energy. No gods ensure "eternal life", just understanding how the universe functions will make "eternal life" a reality.

Instead of chanting or prayer - understanding simple wave propagation is infinitely more useful. Understanding that balanced waves propagate most efficiently and can traverse greater distances and that our consciousness is truly nothing but oscillating wave forms is the key.

By balancing the waves that comprise our consciousness and making sure any new ones added get balanced as well, this is the way to "eternal life" and ever greater "heavens".

Billions of Christians are planning to go to heaven after they die. The place is merely a vaguely imagined paradise that promises to be free of all the "bad" things in life.

How unfactual and unrealistic such a concept is! Anyone with a smattering of common sense can see that bad/good are relative propositions and what's more, that good emerges from the bad and vice-versa!

And this is what "The Secret" misses entirely as well - that bad experiences, suffering, pain, poverty, etcetera are just as good as they are evil!

The true secret lies in realizing this obvious fact - that ALL things, ALL experiences and EVERYTHING one does in life is neither positive or negative - neither good or evil!

How many folks go around biasing everything?

"This is good, that is bad - these folks are good - these folks are bad."

All these biases are not held by the universe. The universe doesn't say "Hitler you're a bad man! You must be punished!" The universe is absolutely oblivious. It's up to Hitler himself to discover the perils of his imbalanced consciousness. He already had his eyes opened to this feedback of his biases by 1944.

We all are in the same boat as Hitler. We all carry these imbalanced thoughts and thinking processes which are filled with extreme biases.

The more imbalanced our minds are - the more likely we are to be perceived as either "evil" or "good" by those around us.

There is no good or evil - only biased waveforms and other waves which react to these waves.

How many people go through life realizing this? Not many. Although almost everyone is intuitively aware that this is the case. They constantly are forced to bring out the good in that which they perceive as bad. And the good things always reveal their 'bad' payloads forcing the realization that all the good things one desires aren't so great after all.

Folks chide me for being robot-like or unfeeling. This is just the perceived lack of overwhelming biases. Biases are strongly maintained illusions, based upon a lack of information - the result of one-sided thinking.

Emotions are much the same. Hate, fear, sadness are all the manifestations of imbalanced thinking processes. Eventually, everyone must leave their favorite emotion - insecurity - behind.

Yes, some folks die and wonder how they can be the only ones who are not feeling overwhelming insecurity, fear and sadness. Others go into the "beyond" with great fear and insecurity.

We all rationalize our insecurities and our fears. They have become prized possessions and depending on how often we use them, our consciousness and minds become veritable mine-fields of insecurity and emotion.

And where do these emotions, fears and insecurities get their origin?

Yep, you guessed it - biases!

So the simple secret to life is right in front of everyone's eyes: Master your biases - don't let them master you.

Biases can never disappear entirely, because every NEW experience will always at first be imbalanced and biased by your consciousness before it is mastered. However, by having this 'secret' under one's belt - one knows exactly what do when one finds oneself caught up in some strong biases.

That's the difference.

"The Secret" only reinforces all these false goals, and further ensnares folks into a web of biases to imprison them.

Using a knowledge of energy and the way energy interacts, can provide one with the key to a more productive, balanced life - a life more free of fear and insecurity - and at the same time become more efficient at processing data and conceiving ever larger concepts and compounding their consciousness in a manner that ensures its growth and propagation.

For folks who want a little primer on the universe and time, here's a little graphic. It explains how the universe is just pure energy and can be broken down into wave forms with frequency:

Energy=Waveforms with frequency
Universe=Waveforms with frequency
Time/space=local mass frequencies and associated fields

Energy=Waveforms with frequency
Universe=Waveforms with frequency
Time/space=local mass frequencies and associated fields

Universe & You: relate solely via waveforms with frequency.

In a nutshell it means your life and your travels through time/space are solely based upon frequency relationship. Nothing else. Not emotion. Not logic. Not fate. In this case your consciousness and body oscillate with the world/universe around you and all your experiences are the sum of these very precise, scientific oscillations

That's all for today. It's time for me to put on my bumbling Kent act for Lois again, and ask her what day it is and how a bumblebee flies.

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