Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Return of the Archons

Anyone older than 40 should be somewhat familiar with the Star Trek episode that shares the title of this blog entry.

The crew of the Enterprise visit a planet that is totally controlled by computer. A fascinating and "outrageous" plot back in the late sixties when radios still used tubes, but one which unknown to the masses of Earth - had already come to pass.

Tula invites the "visitors from the valley" to rest at her daddy's house after festival. Festival is a 12 hour combination riot/orgy orchestrated on cue by the planet's computer. The computer's name is Landru.

The mindless masses going about like robots is occurring right now as you read these words. Every day is a bizarre blend of robotization and festival. From 9-5 we work and perform repetitive tasks like automatons and our reward is to treat the next 6 hours like "festival" and immerse oneself in materialistic delights including food, sex and violence.

Yes there are very few who are not engaged in this manner of robotized and unproductive living. It doesn't matter what they do or where on Earth they do it, the repetitive cycle of toil/reward is much the same.

And just as in the episode there is suspicion placed upon all those who do not conform.

To even question the status quo brings down upon oneself the scorn of those who are "of the body" and they will do their best to reabsorb you into the body via brainwashing.

In our world the "lawgivers" look different:

Materialism is a huge cult. Toil for reward is pursued by billions.

Landru was the master architect of the robotized world and he designed the computer control to maintain peace and to keep the inhabitants occupied, albeit mindlessly occupied:

Today the role of Landru is played by many:

These Landrus want your money, time and most of all, your unquestioned devotion to the cult of materialism.

In an earlier posting I mentioned FOFOFU. (Google it if you missed that posting) This is still the sane alternative to the cult of materialism.

Today's Landrus reach out towards the children, trying to hook them before they are even ten years old to be good materialists - to be "of the body". By the time these children are 18 they will be die-hard materialists seeking the acquisition of all sorts of goods and products and they will, like robots, follow every new trend and material item that Landru tells you, you should acquire and use.

The media will condition them well. Their teachers will help Landru turn out millions who shout "I'm unique and special!" simultaneously and teach them that it doesn't matter how they look on the outside so long as they all think the same on the inside.

We already live in a world that mirrors Landru's idea of "paradise".

Yes, if reading this particular blog entry irritates the living heck out of you - you can assume you have already been "absorbed into the body" and will need a miracle to escape the cult of materialism that occupies billions on this world from around age 5 till their death.

Peace be with you friend, joy and tranquility...are you of the body?

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