Saturday, July 23, 2005

Prosperity in China & Mexico

China has removed the lock with the US dollar.

It will be interesting to see how this changes the face of the world's economy. Chinese prosperity has been a double-edged sword. By embracing capitalism and wealth we see how a communist nation slowly opens up the door to western ideology. For direct contrast we can look at North Korea and how universal poverty, except for the very top ruling body, keeps western ideology at bay and the hostile rhetoric at a maximum.

China and India will be competing for technological industries seeking cheap labor. The 2.2% raise will even the playing field a bit.

The idea occurred to me of establishing uniformly devalued currency for struggling nations for a period of several years at a time. For China, such a policy has poured unprecedented wealth and spurred industrial growth and modernization in the nation. How about Mexico? For decades now millions of Mexicans illegally cross into the US. President Vincente Fox has even put out a manual on how to successfully illegally enter the US! They have a holiday for illegal crossing! Why? Why this absurd and humiliating behavior which makes Mexico the bad joke of the western world?

Poverty & Corruption.

Mexico needs to develop industrial base. It needs to be capable of employing its Catholic hordes whose only success is in creating large families which suffer under the yoke of poverty.

Mexico is destroying the US with its organized and endorsed invasion. It is time to put an end to it. Sure, we can build walls, increase patrols and establish checkpoints, but these are stopgap measures that don't address the most fundamental reason why the hordes are sneaking, crawling and dying to get into America.

Increase Mexican wealth exponentially, destroy the opportunities for corruption while creating legitimate employment and the Mexico nightmare will once and for all be solved. How do we start such a industrial movement? How can we turn Mexico into the new China?

Fix its currency for fifteen years.

Could it really be that simple? Could all the headaches, crime, poverty and death be stopped by such a simple act? Could America be saved? Could Mexicans eventually stay and work in their own country proudly and profitably?

In a word:


Spread the idea around. Discuss it with your friends and encourage the Mexican and world's governments to embrace the idea. This one is important. If the US takes the lead in accepting such a fixed value, the industries will come running to Mexico. Exports will soar after ten years or so and current unemployment levels should be reduced by 50% or more.

This same policy can then be applied to other poor problem-nations for a similar 15 year period. The effect is one of encouraging investment, modernization and employment. Some times the answers to difficult problems are presented in unusual ways. Spreading the wealth can only be done when NEW wealth is created. Taxes never create new wealth. New wealth and prosperity comes from industrialization and production.

Desired Goods + needed labor = wealth for the whole world.

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