Tuesday, July 19, 2005

US-India relations

The Directorate has some interesting comments on the Rove affair and India. It's apparent that full-press diplomacy is going on to help strengthen the US strategic outlook.

I don't know if China is the real goal of this strengthening effort as The Directorate suggests, or whether we simply want to support a non-Muslim nation in the region. A friendly India facilitates strategic significance between the militants taking arms up in Malaysia and the Middle East. China only envies Taiwan her factories and wealth. As China grows wealthier off of its exports and builds more modern factories, Taiwan retains only symbolic importance to the Chinese agenda. In ten years, I suspect we will be having more problems with well-equipped fundamentalists in Malaysia and all over the east. A strong US-India relationship seems mandatory.

Imagine a modern India, complete with air force, navy and nuclear missiles with US guidance systems. They are a natural to become our allies in the region. Saudi Arabia and other Muslim nations have always tempered their support, due to the Israel issue. Even the new Iraq which is getting cozy with Iran cannot be counted on as a long-term ally of the US. Religion gets in the way again.

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