Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The Unseen World

The television, radio and cell phone signals are invisible and bounce around and through you at the speed of light. These signals carry data, intelligence and information.

Environmentalists talk about smog and greenhouse gases. I have never once heard one talk about the smog created by human thought.

What? What's he talking about now?

Human thought creates a layer of smog, just as real as any created by a sooty factory or a smoking automobile. It contains the residue of past thoughts in any particular location. The conservation of energy principle tells us that no energy can be created or destroyed, but that it merely can change form.

Thought may originate in your consciousness, brain and body, and their associated fields, but it does not remain there. Thought emits just like a cell phone signal. It is a form of radiation.

This radiation is lasting. It lasts as long as radioactive gamma radiation, sometimes longer. The signals embed themselves in material artifacts. Just the same way radioactive particles contaminate a region after a nuclear detonation. A house and its furnishings carry this thought-form byproduct and to those who have the necessary development, these signals can be extracted and identified. Every fight, fit of laughter and sad moment that happened in the vicinity of this couch is recorded. I wouldn't fill my house with antiques on a bet. All these old pieces of furniture emit their own smog and without discernment a happy home can be made unhappy in short order. Any of you that have a bit of sensitivity may have visited an antique mall or an old home/hotel and experienced a very discomforting feeling. That feeling is your consciousness interacting with thought-form waste residue from all these objects and places. Yes some places are cleaner and others are sewers of inequity.

Your home, who has lived there before you and how you furnish it will determine the signals, nature and extent of the smog you live with daily.

Where folks are happy and enjoy themselves, this radiation creates an atmosphere of more positive thought-forms. Where sadness, unhappiness or violence has taken place - you will find a negative, detrimental smog. Indeed, old tenants are never fully moved out.

Yes, the shadow layer of human smog is quite real. It is not often discussed in polite circles unless the speaker wishes to have his/her sanity questioned. The physical universe still holds many surprises for all of us. Einstein discussed 4 dimensions, but many theorists are putting forth many more than just 4 when describing the totality of the infinite universe. Indeed infinite numbers of dimensions may be more apt.

Religious thoughts obsess many. In the middle east the region has its own smog layer of hate. And in the financial districts a smog of greed is quite palpable. The red light districts are polluted with sexual obsessions and perversions. How much these things influence you depends upon your own mind and sensitivity. If you are the type who walks into a room where two individuals are fighting and you join the fray, then you need to watch out.

All is attenuation. Your consciousness is a receiver. It can't be turned off and it picks up signals from the words you read, the pictures you see, the shows you watch and your immediate environment.

Mankind has known this sort of influence exists subconsciously and likes to tear down places when the smog of human misery overwhelms a region. In China, Feng Shui was a decorating and building philosophy used to adapt objects and people to their environment. It's primitive and lacking complete knowledge of all these signals, but its a start.

Just reading this blog, for even the short time that it takes to read this entry has radiated knowledge into your mind. If you don't buy it, that's to be expected. But you'll be on the alert from now on and you will be looking for it.

Some things, such as generational hatred in the middle east, will make just a bit more sense. Same with suicidal children who had everything to live for but choose to follow in another loved one's suicidal footsteps "inexplicably".

Yes, this shadow layer is dealt with by some folks unintentionally. They choke on the waste products of human thought. Other folks are environmentalists of a sort - and work on mitigating the effects of this smog on the health of humanity.

That's me...an environmentalist dealing with far more consequential types of pollution.


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