Thursday, September 08, 2005

So what's going on in the world?

Lois Lane offers that observation after having a super memory erasing kiss from Superman in Superman 2 from 1981. She missed out on the surrender of the Earth's governments to aliens from the Phantom Zone and everything else.

With the advent of hurricane Katrina, it has seemed like there is nothing else going on in the world. The hurricane has taken center stage both for better and worse.

Unfortunately, for anyone watching the media, it is painfully obvious happy endings are not what folks want to see - much less what the media and the liberals who steer it, wish to see.

From that same film, we have the true goal of the recent hurricane coverage:

It's hard to tell who is more desperate: poor displaced New Orleans residents or the political left at trying to score points from a natural disaster?

I think the latter have proven the most desperate. Sadly, until you see a paper with the headline above on your driveway, you will be bombarded with hurricane clean up, rescue and human interest stories 24/7.

Sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, more sex and then violence, violence, violence, scandal and tragedy.

That is the American publics viewing interests in order of preference. The media gives them what they desire and generates revenues doing so.

You may read on other blogs both left and right about the culpability for the hurricane and the flooding. Here, you will get one answer. Hurricane Katrina was caused by the sun as its rays interacted with the earth's atmosphere and oceans.

The rest is just political tug of war and is not worth even ten minutes of your time.

Bickering is another national pastime though, so even if you are above assigning personal blame to natural disasters, expect to be mired in debates by others who are certain our cradle-to-grave caregivers in the Federal government somehow are obligated to keep a rescue helicopter and pilots, police car and officer, fire engine and firefighters, food and water on standby for every American - and have the aforementioned resources available to respond within hours for every resident.

Asinine you say?

Of course.

Unfortunately, asinine reasoning is simply par for the American media, and those whose grasp of things is limited to what the media places in their heads during their reve-News generating activities.

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