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National Treasure & The Illuminati

A lot of folks come here because this blog isn't like other blogs. All blogs are unique reflections of the authors who key them. However most folks use them as a diary or as a reflection of popular topics. This blog is a unique dispenser of information.

Today we are going to discuss National Treasure. Most of you have probably seen the film now that it has been released on DVD and video. If you haven't seen it, there will be some references that might spoil the film, so you may want to stop here, rent it, watch it, and come back later to read the rest.

In National Treasure we have treasure hunt for treasure which supposedly was obtained by our founding fathers and hidden away by groups such as the Illuminati, the Freemasons and the Knights Templar. These organizations have long held certain folks imagination and the belief that treasures have been hidden around the world. You may expect me to pooh-poo such notions, but that's not what I'm going to do. There indeed are many treasures lost throughout the earth today. Not just one - but millions of treasures, large and small have been lost and await discovery.

The Dead Sea Scrolls were accidentally found and their discovery shed new light on Jesus and the Essenic orders who held his beliefs long before he was born. Some of the greatest treasures are not jade statues or gold sarcophagus', but are the secrets and wisdom mankind had acquired and then subsequently lost. These treasures are passed on from generation to generation via books and each generation has the opportunity to rediscover these riches for themselves.

Today, I shall share some of these treasures with you. It will cost me nothing, in fact my net worth shall only grow as the result of this dispensation.

In the film, Nicholas Cage discovers the time needed to observe a cast shadow from the back of a hundred dollar bill. This particular bill with Independence Hall on the back was designed in 1928. It would have been pretty hard for Benjamin Franklin to leave clues to the treasure on the clock-face.

But, believe it or not, Benjamin Franklin did leave clues to our collective treasure. And some are indeed now portrayed in our currency. Benjamin Franklin designed the great seal for the Continental Congress and he was a very clever chap with very unconventional beliefs. Let's take a look at the seal:

Most folks are familiar with "In God We trust", but that first appeared in 1862 and only after 1955 became the national motto as Ike distanced the US from the atheistic USSR. In God We Trust was not Franklin's motto. Far from it.

The conventional understanding of the seal goes like this: The pyramid is unfinished because our nation is unfinished. The eye is the eye of god and he approves of this undertaking--a new order. The western side of the pyramid is dark because the west was largely unexplored.

That's the conventional one. The real meaning is a bit more complex and was left by Benjamin Franklin for every American who would learn it's significance.

The pyramid with the eye is the symbol of the Illuminati and the Freemasons. George Washington, Goethe, Franklin and countless others were members of Freemason Lodges. It has a distinct meaning you must be aware of it is the value of the spiritual over the material. The pyramid represents the material path we build,stone by stone, throughout our lives. As we build our lives we reach a point where we have... illumination! Yes, this is why the Illuminati used this symbol. This eye which is often interpreted as the eye of god - is not god at all! It is your eye. When you reach illumination your eye is opened. This eye is known as the third eye - the all seeing spiritual eye. The spiritual eye is not connected to the pyramid because your spiritual self is detached from your material one. The "new order" referred to was not just the United States, but rather the type of men who had achieved illumination and brought the United States into being in 1776.

Yes, the illumination is each American's most priceless national treasure. Material wealth, is meaningless and it is not a little ironic that this seal would be placed upon currency--in essence reminding each American that the money they hold in their hands is truly worthless!

In the film the brick is removed from the wall and a pair of spectacles are recovered. The writers were well versed in Freemason folklore. A woman, Elizabeth Doneraile, had removed a brick and observed a Freemason Lodge meeting going on inside her fathers home. Upon being discovered she was initiated into the Lodge, one of the earliest women to be so initiated. So the "spectacles" or instruments to "see" being tied in with the "removal of a brick", were well researched nuances that give the film its hints of realism and inside jokes to any Freemasons watching.

The Freemasons believe in the value of the spiritual over the material. They do not share any one god or deity, but rather are all just aware that there is something greater than the material life. While there are many variations of Freemason thought, this element is universal to nearly all of them.

Our founding fathers lived and held these principles dear. They sought illumination and inspiration throughout their lives. Where they could--they shared this wisdom with those who were ready. And for those who were not, they left many symbolic messages to be discovered and understood when their own illumination would arrive.

E Pluribus Unum.

Of Many, One.

This was also a coded message and was far more significant than the latter-day "In God We Trust" which actually contradicts it somewhat. Of many, One has several meanings you should be aware of. The first is the significance of the individual, in this case--YOU. The Illuminati realized that the power of many was solely dependent upon each individual realizing their own potential and achieving their own "point of illumination." That's why the eye is in a pointed triangle to symbolize this point of illumination. The other meaning is also very important. This is that God is made up of many. God is the byproduct of everyone combined. This was another little secret encoded into the seal awaiting understanding by the generations of Americans who would see it. In God We Trust which came much later would really mean we trust in ourselves when we take E Pluribus Unum into account.

Illumination awaits each American.

For you, my readers, today is that day. Your national treasure has been revealed to you. You will never be able to hold money in your hands again and not be reminded of its lack of true value. You will also realize that even as you build your material life you must start to prepare for your spiritual life which shall eventually supplant it.

Benjamin Franklin knew this. His self-written epitaph written when he was just 22 years old clarified his true beliefs.

B. Franklin, Printer
(Like the Cover of an Old Book
Its Contents torn Out
And Stript of its Lettering and Gilding)
Lies Here, Food for Worms.
But the Work shall not be Lost;
For it will (as he Believ'd) Appear once More
In a New and More Elegant Edition
Revised and Corrected
By the Author

Word has it he's indeed returned and may even have a blog of his own. But there are still more than a few secrets left out there for you to uncover without my assistance.


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