Monday, April 25, 2005

Why Idolatry & Ignorance Still Rule Mankind

The happenings of the past several weeks are further evidence that primitive man's favored pastimes of idolatry and ignorance still find favor with billions of people alive on the earth today.

The human animal is a fearful one. He fears for his survival over all other things and this subconscious and conscious fear motivates him to do some very strange things.

The recent passing of the Pope and the election of his successor perhaps illustrate this pageant of human idolatry better than anything else. The control the Roman Catholic religion has had over billions of pliable and undeveloped minds is frightening. The new Pope says he prayed not to be elected. He was. What does this say about his ability to sway his god with his prayers? Its farcical. Yet millions will cry when they touch his hand and will pray for him and do all sorts of other ridiculous things because they have not the discernment, intelligence or strength to break free of their idolatrous behavior.

Mankind's fear has manifested in idolatrous tendencies. He has always sought something larger than himself to comfort him. He needs a man to play dress up and make-believe and to wave a jeweled staff around. This gives him comfort. The promises of an afterlife of ease if he maintains this ridiculous behavior allay his worst fears in the wee hours when he begins to think of his mortality.

The Roman-Catholic religion insures their survival among the religions of the world with its position against birth control. Poor families with many children are their target market. Mexico, the Philippines, South America - wherever poverty, suffering and ignorance are most in evidence so will you find the Roman Catholic religion walking hand in hand with these folks keeping them ignorant, fearful and poor.

Fear makes people do strange things. The emperor of organized religion has been going around naked for centuries and yet few have pointed this out to their neighbor for fear they would be laughed at, ostracized or stoned to death as blasphemers.

I see all this pagan ritual and the submission of so many minds to a standard bearer of ignorance and it saddens me. I know how much these folks will have to unlearn before they can truly make any headway. Billions are destined to repeat and regenerate these idolatrous actions and each time they do so they weaken their own mentality, their own ability to discern right from wrong. They will incarnate again and again in this pit of clay and will follow false leaders who pick their pockets and worst of all--empty their minds.

It should be patently obvious that the new Pope is no closer to any god than the old one was. In fact, it is clear he's a throwback to the 19th century--a Pope who is even less enlightened spiritually than his predecessor and will more forcefully suppress enlightenment, keep the masses in the dark and maintain a 19th century outlook of the world.

More poverty and more suffering shall be his legacy--as is part and parcel the legacy of every Pope.

It's nothing to be outraged about. It's nothing to protest. It's merely the state of the world today. The Protestants are dwindling in number because they were just a bit too enlightened. When it comes to religion--the most ignorant, controlling and idolatrous ones shall prosper.

True spirituality lies is not dispensed by organized religion. True spirituality must be sought out by each individual on the basis of their own introspection and self-analysis.

The "spiritual" worlds are more properly simply worlds in an advanced spectra relative to our own. The beings that live in this spectra can't be evil or mean simply because such expressions resonate on a lower bandwidth. Prejudice, hatred, selfishness and fear are human traits and do not exist in these advanced worlds. The beings that do live in these worlds have long ago outgrown the elemental beginnings of sentience and have evolved to a point where they are functioning more infinitely--in tune with the infinite cosmogony.

There are no gods. There are no controllers of the universe. There are only an infinite number of beings at infinitely varying levels of development. As the masses here learn a bit & see the fruits of their religious leaders actions, they will outgrow their old faiths and slowly supplant idolatry with logic and reason. They will not seek comfort in fitting in with the beliefs of the majority of their community but will seek out their destiny and future on their own terms--unrestrained by the pagan ignorance which leaves so many living in poverty of body and mind.

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