Friday, October 07, 2005

The Room Revisited

I've got a very interesting job. My employers are multitasking, results oriented hands off bosses. They leave me alone to do my work, for the most part, for good or bad. In many ways it feels like being a freelancer.

There are some important people in the world. Not that they are better than other people, but let's just say they are very accomplished individuals who make a difference in the lives of many people. Some are leaders, scientists, educators and a host of other occupations - all sharing an integral influence upon the rest of humanity. Some of these folks are the company's clients.

It's a large company. I've not even begun to visit all the various headquarters and satellite offices, never mind meet even a fraction of the employees.

So, being called to return to "the room", merely because it is out of the ordinary, is always somewhat stressful. On my last visit, I received a, shall we say, less than favorable performance evaluation.

The world is in a perilous position, perhaps more so now than it has been in sixty years. This underlying fact overshadows all the work the company does.

Time means little in the big picture. It's actions, deeds and results that are the true measures of time. In this regard, some good things are coming for humanity. Things which will, hopefully, be sufficient to offset the coming bad things.


That's part of my job. I'm here to keep a certain balance. When this balance is upset, it's a sign I, and others, are not doing our jobs properly.

So here I am, with you, as I am about to return to the room. How is this possible? It's another one of those timespace things. It's complex and involves a comprehensive understanding of physics in four dimensions.

"SDAI-Tech1. Good of you to join us. We see you have brought a few friends."

"They are here as guests. I invited them. I think their presence will be useful."

(To be continued...)

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