Monday, December 07, 2009

Unbelievable (Part 58)

The interior of the spaceship is antiseptically clean. Everything looks completely new - as if it was just made. I'm sure there's some scientific reason for this. The atmosphere has been prepared for me and I notice absolutely nothing different about the air I breathe, except perhaps it seems a bit fresher or cleaner.

Tho-rey is imposing, but nice. I can see how he is related to Yal-hune and the family resemblance is there. This is the third, and longest, time I have been in his presence and I am just now starting to get a feel for his personality. He reminds me in some ways of the Techs in Shamballa. The ones that were dedicated to their work and lived their work. Their lives were inseparable from their job, such was their dedication.

My mind is working faster and my senses are keen. There is a distinct difference between this ship and the EMF craft we obtained from the MIMIR artifacts. Something about the 'feel' that is hard to put into words. This craft has many more fields in play and is clearly much superior in its inner workings. I probably wouldn't have noticed this before, but now I am alert to all sorts of things I never noticed. I feel Yal-hune's aura penetrate me and I can identify all this data that it carries within it. I realize how exciting the infinite universe is - constantly offering up new and improved versions of sentience. We humans can't begin to imagine what it is we are missing out on.

"This machine contains access to our collected information banks. It is about five hundred trillion, trillion times larger than every bit of data on your planet's world wide web. As you can see, we don't intend to transfer even a fraction of this knowledge into your mind. We will start with the most infinitessimal amount regarding the sentient worlds, the Confederation member worlds and existing alliances."

"I understand and I appreciate everything you are doing for me."

They guide me into a seat. The seat is very comfortable. More comfortable than any chair I have ever used. Tho-rey brings a small crystalline object that looks like a pair of completely transparent glasses.

"You wear these when the data transfer begins. These will moderate and monitor your cerebral cortex as the signals are processed."

Yal-hune turns to me.

"You are sure you want to do this?"


"Well, knowledge such as this can be boon and burden."

"Define the burden part."

"As a human you have certain values and conceptions. Life as you know it, is based on the activities humans have pursued. Many worlds are vastly different and the types of sentience which exist are equally diverse so -"

"What are you trying to tell me?"

"Well. If you think you are unsatisfied with your life now and you only vaguely know of what's out here, there is a strong probability once you know even the tiniest fraction, you will find Earth intolerable."

"Intolerable? You manage it fine and you know all these things. What you think I'm going to turn to your brother here and say, 'If you wouldn't mind could I hitch a ride to this wonderful planet near Betelgeuse?' - is that what happens to folks who can compare Earth with other worlds?"

Tho-rey smiles. "Actually, that's not far off. Many beings from many worlds when educated somewhat find their current existence impossible to return to. They seek travel to other worlds, they can't stay on their home worlds anymore. Many crews of space vehicles are rostered by those who found their only satisfaction in exploring the galaxy."

"Well not me. I'm human and proud of it. No matter what I become aware of, Earth will be my home. Billions of my fellow humans need to know some of these things and I don't intend to let them down by walking away. Besides with your sister on Earth - Earth is one of the most beautiful, most wonderful places to be in the entire galaxy."

"I see why she likes you. Your human spirit is rather unusual. Very well."

I take the device and place it over my eyes. Tho-rey and Yal-hune are smiling. Then the information starts to flow in. I realize I stop thinking, and merely observe as the flow increases.

I see Yal-hune talk to her brother, but they are distant, far away and I can't decipher any meaning. Time is also losing meaning and I can't tell if a minute has passed or a million years. It feels as if both are true. I catch one word being uttered by my lips, repeatedly as the data flows through.


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