Monday, December 28, 2009

Never Forget (Part 69)

The sound of a million thoughts all singing is something words can never describe. It's beautiful beyond measure, powerful beyond comprehension and inspiring like nothing one can imagine. It's an emotional feeling. Like listening to the most beautiful anthem. It is wonderful.

Issha-la is singing with them and although I would like to sing too, I don't know the words.

I try to pause my thinking, because here it's as if I were shouting during a symphony. Its not polite and distracts from the harmony. So I merely listen with my mind.

I see a procession entering this enormous chamber in the distance. A group of women and men, 100 or so, wearing some sort of ceremonial garment of pure white. They wear headgear similar to Issha-la, but it is taller. They sing another song which coincides and complements the song sung by the masses in the seating areas. Again words fail me - the song and their voices is so beautiful.

They walk in unison and in tempo. As they reach the center dais a blue sphere appears. I realize at once our world - Earth. The 100 break into two columns from one, split and form a complete circle around the hologram of the Earth. They are spaced evenly apart and continue singing while facing the Earth.

The hologram is far more detailed and precise than a hologram could be and I realize it is some other type of projection mechanism. It is about 100 yards across and rotates just as does our Earth.

Issha-la turns to me.

"It is your Earth. This is how your world looks right now. It is not a facsimile, but rather a real time data conduit as transmitted by our many craft, satellites and data recorders which watch the Earth."

"So what is going on?"

"The group that just entered are those whose development earns them this position. They are those whose minds are very clear and who can conduct enormous amounts of energy without distortion. They function in this capacity and this is one way their training manifests and is put to usage. Each also has lived on the Earth at some time. This past experience permits them a more keen insight and their consciousness, with these past experiences stored, better facilitates transfer of energy to the Earth. And no, do not worry, we can speak without interrupting, your bubble which I now share acts as a barrier - so think freely and ask any questions you wish."

I watch as another group emerges, a smaller one of perhaps 16 or so. They wear another garment that is white and green. They sing yet another song, or more accurately- another layer in this existing symphony of minds.

Issha-la is smiling at me Her smile is a really enchanting smile. I feel good just seeing her smile at me - so powerful are the feelings her mind emits.

"Go ahead and ask me - where Yal-hune is. You've thought about her only a dozen times or so since the ceremony began."

"Okay..yes, I've tried not to ask, but that only makes me think about it more. I'm sorry. Where is Yal-hune?"

"Nothing to be sorry about. Yal-hune will be out with the next group."

The song continues and the melody is hauntingly beautiful. The third group emerges and I spot Yal-hune among them. The group is small, only 4 people. Yal-hune is wearing a unique garment that is white, green and yellow. The colors are wavy and look like a flame across her torso.

The four are singing yet another layer to the song an their voices - or thoughts - are slightly louder or more dominant than the rest.

"Who are the others, with Yal-hune?"

"Each of the four is currently living on Earth or stationed there."

"You mean in the spacecraft and monitoring stations?"

"Yes. They are the closest to Earth."

The four take their places at 90 degree intervals around the Earth. As the last pauses and all four are in place, all those in the seating area stand up. Issha-la stands as well, and I follow her lead. All raise their hands extending them in front of themselves, pointed towards the Earth.

A million balls of light appear between their palms!

The 100 raise their arms above their heads and all at once the balls seem to travel towards the 100. Enormous and brilliant, beyond my eyes ability to perceive, balls collect over the heads of the 100. The balls are like 100 small stars - so intense is the light and energy they possess. The balls merge into each the other and a whole ring of light seems to be formed as it becomes impossible to discern where one ball begins and ends.

The song reaches a crescendo! A million minds sing and the note is pure and beyond my minds ability to fully conceive.

Yal-hune and the other three extend their arms over their heads and apart like they are getting ready to hug the big planet before them. Suddenly the energy from the ring funnels like a refracted laser towards the four. In turn, it emerges and beams down upon the Earth like a spotlight of the most intense white radiant light! The Earth looks like it is a sparkling white globe! What's more I can sense that this light is really descending upon the Earth and its inhabitants. These million plus souls have channeled this light, from their minds, into the Earth! The Earth is bathed in light and Yal-hune and the other three start to change color! Yal-hune is bathed in a green flame-like energy. The others are pink, yellow and light blue respectively.

"What is the significance of the colors?"

"Each color has a certain property. Pink is healing energy and is directed towards all those who are ill, all those in the medical profession and those who research or work towards healing others. Yellow hued energy is directed towards those in the educational arena, whose lives are dedicated to teaching or sharing knowledge. Light blue is directed towards science and those involved in scientific pursuits and lastly green is directed towards those whose lives are geared towards leadership and governance. Specialized energies are channeled which are keyed to these various segments of Earth's societal fabric."

I watch as the Earth scintillates, sparkles and shimmers in various hues. It is the most incredible light show I have ever seen and I feel this enormous wave of love towards the Earth from all those in attendance.

The thought song becomes more quiet and then it ends entirely. I realize the ceremony is over.

"Yes. These ceremonies do not take too long. The Earth has received an enormous amount of positively charged energy"

"What does the projection do?"

"All those on Earth are positively impacted. Some who are particularly sensitive will feel the energy, others will merely get a small pick-me-up. Each will receive according to their ability to absorb and use this energy. It may spark the birth of a new positive novel, a song or inspire acts of reconciliation. It will manifest in a billions upon billions of different ways. When you are ready to return all you need to do is depress the red button on your wrist teleportation unit."

My mind is somewhat euphoric from the ceremony, but this thought breaks it up.

"Do I have to leave now?"

"You can stay awhile longer."

I look at Issha-la and realize I don't want to say goodbye. I want to get to know her better and many others here!

Issha-la smiles and walks towards me.

"You are just beginning to get your mind in order. You will realize someday soon that even when your body is not here - I am but a thought away! There is no real barrier. On your world the masses live with imaginary barriers, which become real as they give them power. Our world is many, many light years from Earth and yet it is also as close as we are now. You need only think of me, or anyone here on Htra-deg and if your thoughts are clear enough - we will hear you. Once you develop your mind and filters better, you will be able to hear our responses as well!"

"Do I know you? Have I known you? You seem so familiar. Your smile, your eyes and that 'look' you keep giving me."

"Yes. I was chosen as your guide not merely because of my relative proximity to Yal-hune, but because you have been one of my assignments."


"Yes. Yal-hune wasn't the only one monitoring and projecting to you in trying times. Several are always assigned and involved in such positive assistance activities. No one ever works completely alone here."

"Thank you Issha-la. I knew it was something like that. I owe you a lot. As I see you now I can see all those positive thoughts you have placed outside my consciousness, for me to reach out and embrace over the years. You've been sort of like my conscience - you're a veritable Jiminy Cricket - only much lovelier."

"No need for thanks. I Love you and it has been my pleasure to help you to assist yourself."

"Everyone here is so full of love. It's hard to fathom it all. One part of me would love to stay here, but I realize my place is back on Earth."

"Yes. You chose to incarnate there. You did so for a specific purpose and reason. It often takes great strength to be born on Earth once one is aware of these many truths. That is why we assist those who travel there with such purposes and missions to fulfill."

She smiles and puts her unique frequency marker indelibly within my consciousness.

"So you will be able to reach me wherever you might be. Now it is time for you to go."

"Thank you again, Issha-la -'s crazy after this short time, but I realize I love you. I guess it really isn't that short a time as you have been with me all these years."

"You are just learning of infinite love. You still personalize it, compartmentalize it or confine it to those you have personal physical relations with. But you will understand it. And when you do you will realize it does not cheapen the love you feel for another when you love someone else as well."

"I see that now. As you thought about it, it made it so crystal clear in my mind. I've acted ridiculous. I LOVE YOU Issha-la. I will shout it from across the galaxy! You are wonderful and have been nothing but wonderful to me. I only hope I am able to be as wonderful for you as you have been for me, when you need someone."

"Each thought you extend is real. When you think positive thoughts they are as tangible as hugs and gifts to one whose mind can perceive them. Now go and take my love with you. As you may guess many here take great interest in your activities and when you transcribe this for your blog - which I assume you will - you will be aided in part by me and others here who will assist you. You are our voice on Earth. Through you we can share these truths and awaken others to their true selves and of the reality of life lived in other parts of the galaxy."

Issha-la walks over and kisses me on the cheek. It is all I can do to keep from crying buckets. I don't want to leave this world, but I must. The red button is flashing and I realize I must go.


I depress the red button and Issha-la disappears from view along with the wonderful world of Htra-deg. I am back in my bathroom. The clock has barely moved at all. Was it real? I look at my wrist and see the device and still see the note stuck upon the mirror.

It was real.

A Christmas trip I will never forget.

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