Friday, December 18, 2009

The Third Visitor (Part 64)

While I wait for the third visitor, I wonder just how time and space alteration influences my cell structures. Do I age during these trips or is it really being altered so that consciousness perceives time differently?

My consciousness since the neurotransmitter treatment is different. I sense more. I realize the nervous system alone does not really sense things, but rather the energy fields that comprise consciousness are where sensory perception occurs. And while some of these fields are generated in the brain synapses, the synapse actually merely interface with our quantized field energy body, wherein lies countless stored experiences, lifetimes, memories and more - a connection with the infinite universe itself.

My senses alert to any change, I try and rest. It's hard to fall asleep with all that has been put on my plate in the past 1/2 hour. Then I feel something in the bed with me. It feels like a woman's leg next to my own under the blanket. I turn and see a woman like no other lying next to me. She is white as a ghost, more white than the lightest albino. She has white hair and even her eyes are completely white - I can't even make out an iris, yet I somehow know she is looking directly at me.

She is completely naked.

"Tough night dear?"

I am at a loss for words. She is snuggled up against me like she has known me for decades. Her body feels super smooth, soft and warm.

"You are the 3rd extraterrestrial?"

"You were half-expecting an ex-wife to whom you owe alimony, I just thought I'd play along with your expectations. Isn't this how husbands and wives share space in the bedroom?"

"Who are you?"

"I'm the extraterrestrial of Earth's future. Well - more than one future, actually. My name is Tis-mi-ish."


"Yes Tisss-meee-isshhh."

It is a very beautiful name. The way she says it, is like a song and there is a meaning to the song. Her name has some sort of fundamental frequency that reaches out and grabs me. It is very powerful and unearthly. She takes her hand and brushes it across my cheek. A jolt, like electricity, but much nicer runs through me.

"You ready for the trip or should we lie here a little longer?"

Part of me is embarrassed, another part is quite comfortable and yet another is thinking about the ramifications with all the others I care about as I lie here with a complete stranger, a complete extraterrestrial stranger, in my bed.

"You think I am a complete stranger? No. Even though I am from the future - you already know me."

"Ah the old time paradox thing that Kepra-la described."

"And much more - you know me because we have lived on my world together."

"As husband and wife?"

"We don't exactly have those type of relationships on my world of Eeslaan. And besides you were my brother once on Eeslaan."

When she says the name of her world my recent data transfer kicks in. I know all about Eeslaan, from its oceans to its people and the fact that its axis runs horizontal in the same plane as its orbit around its sun - an older red star. One part of the world always faces away from its sun, is subsequently very cold and needs to be artificially warmed. The social structure is based on complete individual liberty and there are no marriages or religions. I recall she mentioned she was my sister and suddenly this position we are in seems, all the more, inappropriate.

"Cue the human perspective! That was a long time ago. We are both different people with vastly different bodies. Once a world understands the reincarnation process they see that even 'perfect strangers' that find themselves attracted to each the other are almost always past relatives: Father, mother, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, grandparents - the list is endless. Besides, only on Earth does one have to fear the birth defects and mental impairment which often accompanies sibling reproductive offspring."

Again the information kicks in about quantized pairing of DNA molecules to create 'safe' babies - regardless of the similarity of the genetic material.

"Are you ready to leave?"


I say the word quickly, but one part of me doesn't want to leave and wants to just lie here beside her, enjoying her presence, conversation and yes her unique body which I have just become familiar with - the other part fears how this looks to those others I care about - including Yal-hune and Kepra-la. Like I am rather shallow and can be swayed by a pretty, albeit extraterrestrial, body and face.

"Don't deny yourself. Human pairing treats monogamy as sacrosanct because it assists the family structure stability. On other worlds, where such family structures don't exist, sharing yourself is only viewed as a mistake if you do not truly care for that person. Such is the nature of my world. Denying attraction is pointless. You eventually meet these people again, even if in some future life, where this imbalance will need to be addressed. The intelligent sentient being acts upon their feelings and gets to know better all those around them. Very quickly they find there are only a few for whom they are really compatible and they spend most of their time developing these relationships. You and I are quite compatible and have known each other for thousands upon thousands of years - you just don't remember any of it - but your 'higher' self composed of fields and the body they support, know the real situation."

She adjusts her body, pulls down the covers somewhat and faces me fully. Her body is absolutely beautiful. I'm reminded of Yal-hune's 'sacred geometry' comment and I realize Tis-mi-ish has her own unique and sacred geometry at work. Her skeletal structures are different - both the rib cage and her neck is somewhat longer. She seems more graceful, like a human with some of the harsher edges taken off.

Tis-mi-ish smiles and suddenly I feel a strange thing happen. I realize she has reached some state of consciousness wherein she generates a strong physical and mental bond with me. My mind is attached to hers, similar to a telepathic union, but this one also has some physical aspect I can't yet identify. She is already embracing me with her thoughts and there is a gentleness unlike anything human I have ever experienced. Her body has the power to adjust itself to become more compatible with whom it interfaces. Almost as if her cells know how best to interface with my own. I realize this is some advanced physiological development and that evolution really develops an infinite number of ways to regenerate.

She, literally, glides across my body, her skin is so smooth there is almost no friction. Her torso, which looks as though it is made of pure white milk, is reading my cells as she does so. Her white hair falls against my skin and as my cells react to her presence, I feel her skin change it's chemical composition. At the same time it releases a pheromone genetically tailored to my body and my cells. Unbelievable. Her body has put me into a euphoric state, almost mesmerizing me and she now is in my mind with her thoughts. It is almost completely unfair. My human body has none of these abilities. I can't return to her the pleasure her body has all of a sudden given me.

"Think again."

"She is in my mind, explaining how the change in her cells works two ways and that when her cells change for me, she experiences the greatest pleasure and union with me as well."

And its true. Instantly, we are like the perfect couple. Our bodies, our minds joined as one and yet complementary. The strength of her feminine polarity is intense and we strengthen each the other with each movement of our bodies - each thought.

Suddenly the room changes. We are not in my house and not in 2009. I realize her body has triggered the change. She has abilities, much as Yal-hune, and needs no technology to take me into the future.

"Welcome to 6370."

We are in some sort of bed - but it has no mattress, no frame and consists entirely of molecules held in place by fields. The walls are white and the floor is transparent crystal of some kind. I look down and see the ocean through the floor some 1000 metres below. This structure is levitating and not connected to the ground.

Tis-mi-ish looks into my eyes with her white eyes. She smiles, "You might like this future."

She kisses me and her mind shares its dreams. Literally, I see her dreams, desires and aspirations. They are wonderful, wild and I want to help her fulfill them. Her white cheek brushes against mine and she whispers into my ear, "Remember."

A wave of memories and feelings wash over me. A world of floating cities, different goals and that is home to several other worlds' beings. Suddenly I know this place - my home. This is my home! I designed it and it can be navigated around the planet as needed. The oceans are beautiful and the skies are gorgeous. And Tis-mi-ish...she belongs here. This is her world too, she is one of the races Earth permits to reside here. It occurs to me that she is of this time, 6370, and that she returned to the past to fetch me here.

"You are my husband. At least the you that incarnates in 6334 will be my husband." She kisses me again and then again, ever so gently. Another euphoric wave of ecstasy washes over me and through me. Her soul is so good and gentle, her actions so noble and her heart so loving. I see why I married her, she complements me and I complement her.

"So Yal-hune orchestrated this?"

"Yes. She knows you very well too. You have many polarities across this galaxy. She loves you, as I do and you should not underestimate her. She is far more than you even begin to realize. She has done this for you."

"She is trying to help me save myself isn't she?"

"Yes. You see truly. Your pasts have taken their toll and your life in 2009 is a key turning point. She chose to interface with you at a time when you most needed a little example."

"This is a wonderful future. In Dickens' Scrooge the 3rd ghost shows Scrooge his terrible fate if he stays true to his path, this doesn't quite follow the plot."

"Yal-hune asked me to do this and show you that you have many wonderful futures to look forward to. You focus so much on the depressing, distressing and distasteful aspects of your current time period that you are letting it poison your soul. This is just a tiny taste of the beauty and wonder that will be Earth's future and yours.

I get up from the energy bed, walk across the crystalline floor and look out on a sunset that sets the ocean below us glimmering. It is beautiful beyond words. Tis-mi-ish walks across and makes a gesture. A gentle breeze flows through and the air is as fresh and clean as any air I have ever breathed. Her white body creates a silhouette against the sunset and the beauty of her form is highlighted. I reach out with my mind and suddenly I realize there are no overshadowing elements! No fears, no self-doubts - no insecurities constantly bombarding their way into one's mind.

"In 6370 there are no overshadowers bombarding the Earth. The Earth's thought form obsessions waste energy and discarnate entities are also corralled and kept from influencing the people. This Earth is very clean and free."

"Wonderful! What are the challenges that 6370 faces? There must always be challenges."

"Yes, but those are for another time. Now it is time we get you back."

"Will I see you again? I mean in that life of mine of 2009?"

"Probably not. But you never know."

"I'm here...aren't I? The future me...your husband. I've just arrived."

"Yes, you are in the teleportation booth."

"I love you...and I will not forget you. Give me a kiss when you see me will you?"


Tis-mi-ish starts to cry and its tearing me apart. Suddenly this wonderful future is one of the most painful things I've ever experienced.

She kisses me and I am back in my bed in 2009. The clock says 2:02. I feel one of Tis-mi-ish's tears on my cheek.

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