Monday, December 07, 2009

...The More They Stay The Same (Part 57)

I wake up refreshed. It is raining. The first real rain the desert has seen in some time. Yal-hune is already up and is dressed in an Giorgio Armani wrap skirt with a asymmetrical coat, both in white and she looks delectable.

"You can see the future...were these things part of it?"

Yal-hune turns to me and smiles.

"The future resets itself for me when some major new event transpires. The appearance of Lal-atha was unexpected. and reset the many futures of Earth I was familiar with. However, I am used to this constant resetting. That is why one can never view the future as fixed, as there are always influences that un-fix it."

I throw on my hipster style leather jacket and a pair of Ralph Lauren Polo pants. Since Yal-hune arrived I have paid more attention to how I dress and my appearance. It's hard to be standing alongside the most beautiful woman in the world and look like one belongs there.

Yal-hune walks over and kisses me. She takes my breath away and more. Her kiss carries a payload of energy that jolts me - a very pleasant and completely overwhelming jolt. She loves me.

"Your interior is much more beautiful than your exterior and your exterior isn't all that shabby. You keep forgetting I've known you when you weren't human. I've seen the forms you can support with your energy anatomy. You look human...and are human...but you are not really human."

"Is that why all these things seem so familiar?"

"Yes. You've lived on hundreds of worlds in this galaxy. Some of them very highly developed. You back slided a bit - not as much as Lal-atha, but enough to place you here on Earth - overshadowed and living a violent, primitive existence. You did this so you could learn and balance past mistakes."

"We've been together before, right?"

"Yes. You've been a close polarity for many thousands of Earth years - which translates to millions and even billions of years on some other worlds."

"God you're beautiful."

"You see me through the eyes of one who knows me. All those shared past lifetimes create these shared wave forms within our energy bodies. This, literally, binds us and makes us more compatible. So when I look at you or you look at me all these wave forms and bonds come into play. Let's go. My brother has prepared his ship and we will start your first lesson."

"I'm as ready as I'll ever be...let's get this show on the road!"

In an instant I feel my body change and this time I keep my eyes open. A bright flash occurs and I am suddenly beside Yal-hune inside a large room. The walls are white and glow with a slight pinkish hue. Tho-rey is there and looking as serious as ever. He smiles. He is reading my thoughts or they are broadcasting loudly.

"As loudly as if you were speaking them through a megaphone. Yal-hune has told me you want to be debriefed on the state of the galaxy, it's history and the various races that exist. This is a tremendous amount of data and your human brain is not as developed or ready as some brains to upload this quantity of information. So we will start very slowly and we will also strengthen your neurotransmitters - synaptic nerves and accompanying cells that process signals in a range of frequencies."

"Will that hurt?"

"No. Just like lifting weights to build your muscle size doesn't really hurt - strengthening your brain will, likewise, not be painful."

Tho-rey waves a wand in front of my face and around my head. I feel my brain changing. A tickling sensation inside my head, unlike any I have ever felt before accompanies this change. I feel my thoughts flowing more freely and am aware of multiple levels of thought at the same time. It's like being able to think about many more things at one time and not be distracted or let any of them interfere with each the other. I realize my vision is also improving and I am seeing more things in greater detail than I ever thought possible. Even my hearing and nervous system are more sensitive. All the signals they bring to the brain to process are being processed more efficiently. It's wonderful and exciting! Everyone could use this brain strengthening treatment!

"There, you are ready now."

"Wow. That is absolutely astonishing and remarkable. I can think more clearly and my entire sensory system is that much more efficient. Thank you!"

"Thank my sister. She is the one who authorized this treatment."

"Thank you Yal-hune."

"It was necessary. Even now there will be great difficulty in some of the data transfer and we will need to take it very slow."

Tho-rey motions me to follow him. We walk down a corridor that opens up into a very large room with a very large screen. On the screen is an overview of our galaxy as it looks from space. Not just a drawing or simulation - this is the real deal! The screen itself is unlike anything I have ever seen. It is not LCD and not a hologram, it is something even more precise - like a real, shrunken, 3D galaxy floating on the wall!

"The technology employed is a molecule shaper. Where your Liquid Crystal Display screens change hue and emit light based upon the signals received, our projection systems alter and organize various types of molecules, held in a field, so as to emit light in all sorts of wavelengths. Your human eyes perceive only about 40 percent of the detailed signals this type of screen emits. However, just like you get used to your 'high definition' displays, we get used to this type of display. And if you are exposed to it often enough it will become quite normal and unexciting for you as well."

"In other words, the more things change, the more they stay the same."

"Yes. Evolution and adaptation are synonyms."

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