Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Thoughts (Part 70)

I await Yal-hune's return and lounge in the living room. The decor of the house is unbelievable and for the first time I really feel like I am living in the future. Sure, at SDAI we have all the cutting edge stuff, from cloaking body armor to mach 7 stealth aircraft and technologies that were always decades ahead of the rest of the world - but with Yal-hune designing this home, the details and intelligence behind the layout take day-to-day living beyond the present and way into the future. I've seen 6370 - I know what man is capable of, but this is like already being centuries ahead of the way man has lived for the past sixty years. Let's face it, since 1950 and the advent of electrification, things have been in a rut. Couches, beds, tables and lamps - mixed up a bit, decorated differently and even the shapes change - but that's the basics of the home for the past 60 years - and actually much longer.

Much furniture that does not yet exist and has not yet been conceived here, is in this home. The design assists the dweller in many more ways than just provide a place to sleep, eat, bathe and rest - it is a learning center, a mind stimulator, a link to other people and other worlds, a sanctuary, a healing ward and much more.

The lighting is provided by charged panels that emit any color desired and also provide specific eye-assisting waves that are beneficial for the human eye. The environmental air is filtered for pollutants and precise levels of oxygen, nitrogen and the various other gases are provided and make breathing this fresh air pure heaven. And there is no television, Wii or Blueray player anywhere to be found. The electronic center here, Yal-hune has not let me use yet - but it is capable of contacting orbiting spacecraft, other planets - faster than I can use speed-dial on my cell phone.

Yes, it finally feels like the future I have worked so long and hard to provide for Earth. And now that its here - I feel guilty because others don't have it. It's no fun breathing this crisp air and knowing some family in a tenement is inhaling sewer fumes as they sleep somewhere, or that millions of kids are inhaling the smoke from their parents burning butts. It's no fun being able to read small print from halfway across the room because of subharmonic signals in the light which are custom designed for my eyes when in thousands of homes some kids are ruining their eyes next to a 40 watt bulb or some irritating fluorescent 'green' bulb. In the future no one ever switches out a light to live in darkness. Every room is always lit. No money is saved and none confuse darkness with conservation. Living in a time period where people choose to sleep in darkness is like traveling to the dark ages - pardon the pun.

I have to remember not to bias any of these things. I should not let others circumstances mar my own enjoyment of what Yal-hune has provided here. I must see the good with the bad. What i see as bad is often necessary for people's growth. When they are ready they will draw unto themselves these things - and much, much more.

So I kick back and enjoy Yal-hune's handiwork. Skuuinja is out, I don't know where and perhaps its just my old fatherly instincts kicking in, but I am concerned. My home has become the equivalent of Planet Earth's extraterrestrial clearinghouse and with Yal-hune I am not worried about her running around, Skuuinja, however, is a whole other kettle of fish. With her abilities and knowledge she could get into all sorts of mischief. I also tend to think that the overshadowers will be gunning for her and those she meets will quickly become targets. But if anyone knows how to handle them - she should.

I realize this has been a very unusual Christmas so far and my life is like a fun-house ride. Lying on this white couch I let all these thoughts travel through my mind. I think of the ceremony and wonder what changes it has wrought here on Earth. Knowing that these things are going on, makes me wonder just how much human history has been the result of alien projections of one kind or another.

"Much more than you would ever guess."


"Are you excited to see me or was that outburst just a synaptic crossfire?"

"I'm sorry. I was just lounging here thinking and I guess I was a feeling a bit lonely."

"Lonely? You don't know what lonely is. I could take you to millions of people's homes and apartments right now - all who feel miserable and alone. This holiday when everything shuts down, makes them feel that much worse and isolated."

"Yes, I know."

"The overshadowers often target and exploit these feelings of insecurity and use them to get their way and keep them imbalanced. They get them to drink or otherwise overindulge and are perfect candidates for overshadowing. The collective insecurity and loneliness creates a subharmonic carrier wave - like a low subwoofer signal which penetrates whole cities and magnifies these feelings of loneliness, insecurity, sadness and also the resultant escape mechanisms that they sponsor."

"Where were you?"

"Oh, back to twenty questions are we? What? Are you afraid I'm going to talk to your neighbors? 'Hi, I'm Skuuinja, your new extraterrestrial neighbor. I live with my ex-dad, well he was my dad in a previous life on another world, and his alien girlfriend, well she's over 1000 years old so she could be called womanfriend, and we live right here next door. Oh, and if anything strange goes on, like some evil alien criminals attacking the house, just close your curtains, stay indoors and try not to get caught by any stray force-teleport beams. It was so nice to meet you and that's a beautiful rock garden you have there!' Is that what you think I was doing?"

I have to laugh aloud at her performance. She acted it out very convincingly.

"No, I'm just worried about you. You're a bit of a wild card."

"A wild card? C'mon I can read your mind. You think I'm headstrong, willful and much more likely to get into trouble here on Earth. You think that I'm going to abuse my knowledge of things and exploit them while I'm here. And what's more you're afraid as heck that you'll fall in love with me, complicating your relationship with Yal-hune, all while making you feel like some dysfunctional person. Does that simplify what you're thinking? Oh and you think I'm cute when I'm agitated. Now you feel guilty again. Now you feel angry that I can read your thoughts as fast as you can think them! Now you're thinking up a suitable response. Ah, you're done - let's hear it."

"Dealing with you is not going to be easy. Let me try with you...you want to see me as completely divorced from my past life and hope by browbeating me you can avoid any exchange that reminds you of our old relationship. You are equally scared you are attracted to me, because you remember much more clearly our past life together and so it creeps you out that you find me attractive? Now you are thinking that this exchange we are having is in itself similar to the confrontations we used to have and that simultaneously amuses you and disturbs you. You...you..."

"C'mon continue...you were doing so well."

"That's not funny."

"It wasn't meant to be funny. If you go around reading my mind and I go around reading yours, those thoughts will come up eventually. You might as well get used to encountering them."

"I don't plan to read your thoughts. I want us to respect each others privacy of mind."

"Sorry, I don't do thought markers. Those things are all about deception and lies."

"You are saying Yal-hune and all the trillions of others on other worlds all use thought markers to lie and deceive?"

"No - but that's how they would be used here on Earth."

"Okay...so how do you propose we get along?"

"Brutal honesty. You lay it all out on the line and I will too."

"Brutal honesty is tough."

"I know. But once you start to live by it, you will see that your relationships change and become stronger."

"Or you end up alienating everyone you know and wind up alone."

"Try it with me. I like you. A lot. You already know that. If we are honest with each other we will find it much easier to get along and we will be that much closer."

"What did I miss?"

Yal-hune appears in her projection garment.

I think of how beautiful she is and Skuuinja is in my mind.

"Is beauty all you care about? You used to be deeper. Your humanity is more than skin deep I'm afraid."

She marches out of the living room and heads towards her room.

That's the first time since Ketta-nu-ma's speech that I've heard humanity uttered as a bad word and I don't like it. And her thoughts hurt. She pulls no punches and I am left reeling - analyzing my 'shallowness' and wondering if I now am a shallow person.

I sense Yal-hune is reviewing our conversation and I know she has the power to replay in her mind all that has transpired.

"Yes. You two will work out your differences."

"I hope so."

Yal-hune smiles with a cat that ate the canary grin, "I know so."

"Thoughts are dangerous things."

"Thoughts are every thing."

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